Graphic Design Christchurch

With Activate Design in Christchurch you can have confidence in budgeting for the graphic, logo and website design and advertising components of your business. Free consultations, advice and quotes are provided before any work is commenced. All design work is done by our own team and is not out-sourced to another company here or overseas. You are in good hands with Activate, we have a lot of design experience and we know what we are doing.

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Graphic Design for Print

We have graphic designers who specialise in print design. Graphic design for printed material is totally different from graphic design for websites. Sure, design principles may apply across all forms of graphic design but preparing a design which will look good in a print campaign is very different to preparing a design solely for viewing on-screen. Graphic effects which look good ‘on-screen’ do not often replicate well with ink on paper. But more importantly, setting up a file for print requires a lot of pre-press knowledge that most web-designers just don’t know about. Because we are print providers ourselves, we know how to prepare print designs correctly so you get a great result. We know critical aspects of print design; resolution, trapping, bleed, safe-margins, text-paths, ink-percentages, imposition, dies, foil-blocks, spot-colours.. all foreign words to a website designer.

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Graphic Design for Web

We have graphic designers who specialise in designing smart, modern, functional websites.
As mentioned above, designing for web is different to print and you won’t get the results you desire by going to a printing company who ‘dabbles with websites’.
Our web designers have the essential knowledge for producing fantastic looking websites; web-standards, CSS, page-flow, user-experience, interaction, loading-times, browser-renders, monitor and resolution differences, web-font-kits, contrast, mobile-compatibility.. all foreign aspects to a print designer.

Graphic Design for Logos

We have graphic designers who specialise in logo design.
Logo design is very subjective. Everyone has different tastes. But the function of logos still remains the same for all. The most successful logos are simple, unique and memorable. Logos should instantly portray the nature of what they represent. We have designed hundreds of logos for all types of very successful businesses and organisations.

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Graphic Design For Events

Events will always need graphic design. Posters, flyers, web graphics. All successful events need a good graphic designer for promotional material. Activate Design has been producing graphic design for events for a long time. For bands, clubs, dj's, bars, restaurants, gigs, parties, balls, shows.. we've designed event promotions for some of the previous decades most memorable events.

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Advertisement Design

Fast, efficient, effective advertisements.
We can design and create advertisement designs and campaigns for any business in any sector. We are adept at designing adverts quickly for publications, books, magazines and journals both for print and online media. Our designers have produced advertisements for a variety of larger companies such as Fairfax, ACP-media and Multi-Media Publishing.

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Graphic Design for Signage

Creative and consistent signage design.
With a photo of your fleet vehicle (or building!) we can design your signage so that it is creative, clean, concise and inline with your brand.

Signwriting itself is a precise trade skill best left to the experts. However, a design concept is required which is where we come in.
Most signwriters do not know about brand consistency or creative design aesthetics.
THAT is best left to us.