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Activate Queenstown is a focused division of Activate Design; We dream, draw, design and develop a smart range of websites specifically for the Queenstown market. We bring a different level of affordability and professionalism that is not easily found in the Southern Lakes area. 

Our custom-developed Content-Management-System is proving to be popular for easy self-governing of web content. 

Unlike other systems, ours has been developed from a customer's point of view, not a developer's! It simply couldn't be easier to use. 

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Through our involvement with Queenstown we understand the complexities of the marketplace and the reliance on tourism. Businesses need to have attractive, informative and easy to navigate websites. Websites that load quickly, rank well in search engines and are optimized for mobile devices.

Queenstown is a constantly changing environment so it really helps to have a professional team like ours who are always available with the technical skills required for web support.

  • Fast loading and high ranking websites. 
  • Attractive, informative and easy to use. 
  • Booking system integrations.
  • Responsive, mobile optimised. 
  • Professional support available 24/7.