4 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Web Designer 

graphic designing

Quality web design is a powerful tool that any business can use to better connect with and provide a positive experience for customers and prospects alike.

When done well, it can convert a casual browser into a valuable customer. However, some businesses still balk at the idea of paying for professional web design. If this sounds like you, read on for a few reasons why you might want to leave your website in the hands of an expert.

#1: Good design attracts more customers

In many ways, maintaining a retail website isn’t that different from running a physical store. To make sales and become a profitable business, you need to attract customers. Brick-and-mortar establishments do this by investing significantly in visuals. After all, visuals draw people in from the street. An eye-catching window display can entice a passer-by to slow down and admire it. It also gives that person an idea of what awaits them inside, thus enticing them to enter the shop. 

Visual appeal is even more important for a website for essentially the same reason: most customers use their eyes to interface with a site for the entirety of a potential transaction. Hiring a graphic design and print services company can give your site the same professional sheen as a well-executed store façade. 

#2: Web designers can make the browsing experience more user-friendly

Good web design isn’t just about making a website pretty. Quality design work also involves improving a website’s overall usability, which has a direct impact on minimising user frustration.

A well-designed website should make it easy for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for, whether that’s information about a product or your business’s contact details.

In addition to being easily navigable, it should also load quickly. Research conducted by American content delivery network Akamai shows that 53% of users abandon visits to a website if a page takes longer than three seconds to load on mobile.

Finally, the website should also be responsive across both desktop and mobile devices. Sites that are not mobile-friendly lose out on a significant percentage of users who use their smartphones and tablets to make online purchases.

#3: Good design improves recall

We’ve already talked about how it can be used to make a first impression enticing enough to convince a casual user to continue browsing the offerings.

Good web design also involves creating a consistent experience for the user, which helps build trust and improves brand recall. 

Take Facebook as an example. Both the website and the mobile app use the same dominant shade of blue. It’s become a recognisable enough trademark that when we see that same shade of blue against a white background, many of us would recognise it instantly, even subconsciously as Facebook colours.

A good graphic designer can create an aesthetic that suits your business and apply it across your website, logo, letterhead, in-store experience and anywhere else your customers interact with your brand. 

#4: Good design projects your credibility 

Online, the adage about not judging a book by its cover is flawed by default.

Users only often have the cover to go on, and 75% of them can make judgments about the credibility of your business just from the way your website is presented. 

A website that looks outdated gives the impression that whoever is running it isn’t up with the play and inaccurate or poorly-researched content can make users question your products or doubt the legitimacy of your business. 


In closing, paying for professional web design might feel like a significant investment at first, but it is one that will eventually pay for itself. With a well-designed website, you can showcase your brand’s spirit, creativity and legitimacy while differentiating you from your competitors.