What are Infographics and How are They Used?

infographicimageInfographics are a method of representing data and processes visually using graphic design in a way that engages the viewer and enables them digest complex sets of information more easily. Graphic and web designers integrate infographics as a form of web content as part of online marketing strategies. Infographics have gained tremendous popularity in recent years due to their fun, engaging and creative ability to convey information, engage with wide audiences, and their tendency to go viral. Infographics are therefore a huge asset to web designers, bloggers and web content providers.

An effectively designed infographic should do the following:

  • Display relevant, accurate, often complex, and interesting information
  • Enable the viewer to absorb this information readily and enjoy doing so.
  • Be so compelling that the viewer is likely to share

What are the uses of infographics?

Here are some of the top uses of infographics:

Used as a tool for recruiting

Infographics can be used by designers or any applicant on their curriculum vitaes in order to effectively present their careers and their specific skill sets by utilising a personalised design style during job applications. The employers have also adopted the reversed version of these infographics by advertising a vacancy or presenting their company profile to prospective candidates.

These types of infographics will summarise the required skill set of an ideal candidate while also giving all the important facts and features of the company. Web designers should have a creative mind in order to make the job vacancy and the company as a whole appealing to all the prospective candidates.

Presenting survey data

Infographics are used to represent the results of a survey. The raw data in the form of numbers can often overwhelm readers. Infographics therefore organise and compress the data into a form that will make it easily digestible by the target audience.

Explaining how something works

Infographics are used to represent complex ideas in a simplified format. They can also be used to reveal the mechanics behind how an object or process works.

An infographics designer can reduce complex ideas, data, and processes to their core elements and represent the relationships between these components using simplistic design. Viewers can then visualise how each of the components come together as part of the bigger picture.

Draw comparisons

Infographics can visually display similarities and differences in data sets and / or processes or concepts, enabling the viewer to easily draw comparisons.

Interesting facts

Infographics can be used in order to make facts that may otherwise be boring, more fun and interesting. The simplicity and the visual appeal of infographics bring facts to life by creating an interesting interpretation and representation of the facts that can engage with large audiences.

Provide Information to consumers

It is no secret that a customer wants to make informed decisions when it comes to making purchases. It is therefore up to the businesses to provide information about their products and services in a simple, clear and concise format to their customer. Designers should therefore utilise infographics to do exactly that.

In summary

Infographics are an invaluable tool that can and should be used in your internet marketing strategy. They condense information into a visually appealing, and easily digestible document. They have a range of benefits and can be used through a large variety of niches.

You would be amazed at the types of infographics out there! Wired.com have compiled a list of the top 13 infographics of 2013, while the team at Creative Bloq have created a list of the top 80.

Contact us today to get started with your own infographics campaign!

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This IS the Web Design Company you are looking for.

What impresses me about this company, as a humble employee, is the advice.

If you're already ranking well then there is no need to launch an SEO Campaign and we will can work with you to advise what will work for you - or what can be done at a later stage. We don't want you to come back to us with minimum results and say - "what did we do this for?"

The same applies if you're not ready to sell your products online. We can create a professionally designed effective online presence for your company. This initial cms website can start working towards establishing trust with your clients through providing valuable information and advice on your products and services. When you're ready to sell online we can make that happen.

We're here to work with you to ensure your website, your biggest form of marketing, effectively portrays your business. We will work with you to ensure you have a site that you can be proud to have representing your company 24/7.

Reduce Spam Prevent SpamSay "NO" to spam.

We get a lot of customers that ask us about emails and phone calls they've received to offer them SEO services, better rankings and website re-designs. That fact is - so do we!

On occasion we ask these companies; "do you know who we are and what we actually do?", simply because we do SEO and create websites ourselves. But in the blanket-marketing of contacts that we receive, the common theme seems to be that no, they don’t know what we do because they haven’t taken the time to find our what we do.

Blanket emails are a problem because they waste the time of the people receiving them. If you are thinking about having a website developed, redesigned, or to undertake an SEO campaign by a trusted New Zealand company who will not only do the work themselves with in-house designers and developers, but who will also host your website on a secure New Zealand-based server, give us a call.

We offer free no obligation quotes, and will find out about your business and the benefits you hope to achieve by having a strong and professional online presence. We’ll be able to offer suggestions and a solution to suit your needs and budget.

Don't get caught out by spam troopers

  • Ensure your design company do the work themselves, and don't outsource oversesas
  • Ensure your website will be hosted on a secure New Zealand based server
  • Ensure you will own your website and all content
  • Can you edit your website? It may be worth the extra cost in the long run to have a Content Management Website (CMS) this is simple for you to edit and keep updated.
  • Use a professional email address using your domain name, ie. admin@supertrooper.co.nz - this email address can forward to your usual email account, but looks a lot more professional on your website and printed stationary than an .xtra, .hotmail or .paradise account etc.
  • Find out if your design studio can be a one-stop shop for logo design and branding, website design, development and hosting, domain management and printing services to save you time and to ensure the continuity of your brand.

If you're thinking of having your website re-designed, would like advice on SEO or website hosting, or for any other queries relating to marketing your business, give the team at Activate Design a call today on 0800 30 8996, or email the team if convenient.

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Knowing what you want in a website

Website Information for New Projects

Can you change hosting when you choose? Or are you locked in to a plan? Do you own your website? What is a domain name and who owns the domain? There are so many things to know when deciding a website but really, it can be quite simple and I will try to explain it so;


Having a website created will involve these steps;

1. Spend time looking at other websites to see what you like. Have a look at websites in general, and websites in your industry.

See if there is anything that stands out for you, that you like, and any functionality that you would want on your own website. Doing this will give you a better idea of how your own website can surpass your competitors and give you a unique edge. This is something that any good creative agency would do anyway, but it gives you a chance to know what you want and be able to ask for exactly what you want.

Stepping Stones to Website Development

2. Talking to a creative design studio.

Meet with a representative from one or more design studios.

a. The Design Studio representative:

This person should have full knowledge of all I.T. innovation and be able to advise on the right website solution for you. Ensure they spark your enthusiasm about undertaking a website project because it is an investment that will need your input into the content, and your commitment to completion.

b. Future Costs for website changes: Keep in mind that there may be functionality on your website that you don't need right now, but that you may wish to include later. Ensure that these add-ons are possible with the website you will be getting, and what the cost of adding them on will be.

For example; you may wish to sell online in future, but for now a portfolio-type site would suit you best. How much to add a product database and payment functionality in future? You may wish to add small things at a later date, such as a link to a business Facebook page or a twitter feed, or you may want simple changes done such as removing or replacing an image or text.

You need to know how much your design agency will be charging you for any changes and additions once your website is up and running, and ensure you will receive a fair rate.

Strategy for Website Design

c. Website Hosting: Hosting is like paying for a carpark, it is paying for the space that a website takes up on a server. Ask how much will it hosting cost. Is it charged monthly or annually? It may be advisable to phone around if you're not sure what fair hosting prices should be.

Is your website going to be hosting on a secure New Zealand based server? If not, there could be delays in getting changes done if it's hosted somewhere overseas. It may also end up being much slower to load that a site that is hosted locally.

Can you move your website to another host provider when you choose, or are you locked into a contract? This may also be a deciding factor for what type of site you choose to go with as some websites have a centralised database and cannot be moved, but others are independent and can be moved easily. Check how much notice you need to give to move a site or cancel your hosting to allow yourself that flexibility.

A warning about ownership : a rare practice that you need to be very aware of is that some design agencies claim to own your written content and sometimes even images, if you have a site built with them. This means that even if you move your website they can take action against you if you continue to use what they see as their content. It's an unfair practice which is simply used to prevent you from ever moving your site, and it's a practice we strongly disagree with. Like your logo, your website is your investment and ownership of all content should belong to you. Limitations of shifting your hosting should only come down to the type of site that you have, thought they may include technical issues such as whether the new server that will host your website has the specifications to do so.

d. Domain Names: A domain name is like a signpost pointing to your website, for example our domain name is (activatedesign.co.nz). Your website won't be accessible without one, and it may be good to have all aspects of your website in one place.

Can the studio manage your domain name and how much do they charge for annual domain name renewal? A standard charge for a .co.nz domain name is $30+gst per year. Ensure you're getting a fair deal by phoning around if necessary.

This information should give you a starting point with which to know what questions to ask to ensure you're getting the best possible website for yourself. If you have any further questions you're welcome to contact us, or give us a call on 0800 30 8996.

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The best logo design

What is so important about a logo?

A logo is essential in any business, big or small, to provide a visual identity and as a recognisable symbol of your organisation.

A logo is critical for business success through brand-recognition. Think coca-cola. Everyone knows that particular colour red and that swirly script that we associate with one of the most well branded soft drinks on the market.

CokaCola Logo DesignHaving a strong logo and brand like this one means that we don't have to think on a conscious level, "what does this represent?", we can automatically locate this brand at a glance.

This is the kind of brand recognition that is possible when you have a strong brand to launch into the market place through signage and advertising. People will come to recognise your brand at a glance, and the more they see it, the more you will be remembered as the "go to" company for your particular product or service.


The Infamous $100,000 logo design

Next Logo DesignMany design companies will offer you a fixed price and one option for your logo. We do not. An infamous example of the 'fixed price one option logo design' is the NeXT Logo designed by Paul Rand at a cost to Steve Jobs of $100,000.

Steve Jobs has this memorable comment regarding working with Paul Rand; “I asked him if he would come up with a few options, and he said, ‘No, I will solve your problem for you and you will pay me. You don’t have to use the solution. If you want options go talk to other people.’”

Unfortunately there are still companies that work this way, which is fine if their concept works well for your company. But if not - then you have just paid a large sum for a logo that you will probably feel obliged to use because of your investment in both time and money.


How is creating a logo design with Activate Design different?

At Activate Design logos are our passion, and we would prefer to work with you to create a logo that exceeds your expectations. We do this by listening to you, by offering your choices and by listening to your feedback.

We do not outsource your design work.  Our experienced designers will meet with your to discuss your needs. We then research your market to create a unique concept that will make you stand out from the crowd. The research is important to us because you need to be different.

For example if we were doing a logo for your new soft drink company, it would be prudent to avoid a certain shade of red, and any similar swirly fonts that may relate to existing well known brands. Logo design is not just about creating something visually pleasing, it's about doing the research to back it up. About providing a design solution that meets the ongoing marketing needs of your company and being able to provide the reasons why it will work not and for the long term.


What should a logo mean to me?

A logo is something that you should be proud to include on building and car signage, on company clothing and stationary. Your logo needs to be a unique and recognisable representation of you, and your products and services.

Activate logo design examplesBoth of these logos visually represent the business that they stand for.

For more examples of our logo designs, visit our Portfolio Page.

Shaggy Bones Bakery logo: representing a bakery specialising in all natural dog treats.

Advanced Applicators logo: representing a service driven company established to distribute and install a range of Passive Fire Protection products.

A logo is something that proceeds you in business. In this way your company logo will either be lifting your potential customers expectations of you or it may be working against you, projecting a negative image. The latter can often occur if your logo resembles a similar brand, if your logo does not relate well to your company, or if is unattractive or uses outdated fonts or simply and outdated design.


Is changing your logo a good idea?

If you have a strong logo then yes, you could use it indefinitely BUT, what is good to remember is that a high percentage of the most well recognised companies have evolved alongside their logo. Companies such as Microsoft and Coca-Cola, Shell, McDonalds and Apple have continued to refresh or recreate their brand to keep up with modern styles and ideas.

We offer re-branding, to give your logo new life. Re-branding can be very effective, and you can choose to launch a complete new design, or keep some aspect of your design so it is still recognisable; this may be a shape or colour that is consistent in your old and new logo designs. Ask us about design and brand refresh, to add new life to your company profile and launch your company from a fresh new platform of modern creativity and professionalism.

Apple Logo DesignLogo left: Apple logo 1976 Middle: Apple's logo 1976-1998 Logo right: Apple's current logo.

Contact us to discuss a new logo and brand, or a logo refresh for your company today.

Click here for our Logo Design Packages.

Click here to view our Logo Portfolio.

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Send Your Newsletters With ActiveMail

ActiveMail is your simple newsletter solution for sending beautifully designed emails to your customers.


Do you need more regular contact with your clients?

  • Do you have list of clients that you don't keep in contact with?
  • Would you like an easy way to let your contacts know about your latest news?
  • Would you like to create your own separate clients lists in one system, to provide relevant information to the right group of people?
  • Would you like to promote your projects, products and experience.


At Activate Design we have a unique ActiveMail system that allows you to easily setup contact lists and create beautifully designed newsletters to send to your clients.

Our ActiveMail system will let your customers easily unsubscribe, should they wish to, without the worry of your newsletters sending spam or becoming an annoyance.

We can create an attractive Newsletter template for you so that every newsletter you create has your own unique ‘look’. See newsletter examples below;

Email Newsletter Examples




Once you have a template, creating your newsletter is very simple. Your unique template will have areas for your images and text to be inserted, and you may have more than one template to give you more options on how many articles you wish to send on each newsletter.

As per sample below, this shows editing of the main newsletter article, by simply clicking a small "edit" button in that area. The photos work the same.

You are able to see the final newsletter before you send it, and you are able to send as many test newsletters to yourself or workmates as you choose, to ensure you are happy with it before it goes out.

ActiveMail Email Newsletter Editor


Newsletters create loyalty. Having a newsletter that you can send out monthly, or when you have news or events to promote is a wonderful marketing tool and the best way of ensuring good communication between yourself and your customers.

With professional newsletters for your small or large business, you can keep your customers in touch with all things related to your business.

Here are some ideas for your newsletters;

  • Additional services
  • Free quotes or free upgrades
  • Resources related to your business
  • Articles of interest
  • Announcements such as moving premises
  • Upcoming events
  • Invitations

A newsletter is the perfect compliment to your website as it is the best way to give people a reason to return to your site. Your website should be your online one stop shop, providing all your information to new and existing customers 24-7, and if you are keeping it updated with new images and information, then you will be earning good rankings, and encouraging new people to visit.

Use your newsletters to entice people to visit your website, where they can see related products or services that they otherwise may not know about. Here are a few ideas for newsletter topics to entice people to visit your website;

  • Offering newsletter articles that draw people back to your website for "the full story"
  • Mentioning new events with a link back to your website to see more images
  • Having a link to your website to signup for a free trial or voucher
  • Talk about events or holidays that they can book for on your site

Get in touch with us to have your own newsletter system as a valuable tool for the promotion of your business, and for the interest of your customers. And remember, if you have a Facebook page then now is the time to invite your Facebook audience to sign up to your newsletter. That way, in the midst of the changing tide of how Facebook operates, you will always have that valuable list of customers who are genuinely interested about the products and services you provide.

Contact us if you would like to find out more information about ActiveMail newsletter system, or give us a call on 0800 30 8996.

If you would like to signup to our newsletter click here and fill in your details underneath the contact form for monthly news, marketing tips and special offers.

Follow this link for more information, and to view our ActiveMail Newsletter Pricing.

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Mobile Website ~ recent development

New Mobile Website for Harris Mountains Heli-Ski

~ the ultimate experience for skiers and boarders, transporting you to untouched powder-kissed paradise.

Harris Mountain Heli-Ski Mobile Website Images

A Mobile Website is a copy of your website that has been re-focused to offer only the most important aspects of your business, reducing loading time and streamlining the viewer experience.

Important aspects may be contact details, a map of your location, and items for sale / open hours / menu / booking info etc. For more information on ensuring your website is easily on all devices, visit our page on Mobile Website Development.

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5 best ways to begin working with your Design Agency

Your website is a valuable investment in your business.

Have a website created is a commitment in time and money, and it can be hard to keep up the enthusiasm and momentum required to see a project through to completion in a timely manner.

Project Steps for Website Development

What can I do to speed up a website project?

Website design and development can be a relatively quick process, sometimes happening in a matter of weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. But for this to happen your design agency will need good communication with you to keep the project moving.

Here are 5 tips to get you started and keep you moving forward in your website project, as well as how to get a head start so that you keep momentum going. Keep in mind it is much easier to jump into it and keep working on it regularly, than it is to stop and try to get back to it later.


Best Tips on Getting Your Website Project Started Efficiently

1.    Look at other websites in your Industry Your design agency have a lot of experience in knowing what design and functionality will suit your particular type of business. What will help you to have more input into your particular website project is to look at similar industry websites and see what else is out there. A little time spent researching what is already online in your industry and locality will empower you to have more input into the planning and development of your project.

2.    Take note of what it is about your favourite websites that you like We all have websites that we visit regularly, it may be of benefit for you to note down what you like about your favourite websites. It may be the way it's written, it may be the page names or the images on display, or even the colour scheme used. Knowing what you like will help you better communicate with your agency what you want for your own website.

3.    Start your content writing early You have decided to proceed with your site after talking with an agency, so you should now know what pages are initially being created for your website.

Keep in mind that with good CMS websites you should be able to easily and independently add or remove pages later, so for now you can concentrate on gathering content for the pages you know you have to start with.

Some of your initial website pages may be ; ◦    Home page - requiring an introduction ◦    About us page - with a bit more indepth info about you or the business ◦    History page - information on how your business got to where it is today ◦    How-to page - information on how your products / services work ◦    Team page - information on your team and their specialist skills ◦    Products / Services page - information specific to your products and services ◦    Gallery page - images of your products or services in action ◦    Contact page - contact information and a map to your premises

4.    Utilise the Agencys' Content Writing Services If your design agency has a content writing service, use their expertise to get your content written in a way that is targeted to the web.

Keep in mind that you can start on your own content, and then take what you have written to an experienced content writer, and get them to look it over and provide any advice or further content.

See our Content Writing Page for more information on creating effective website content.

5.    Make a firm decision on each stage of your website that requires your approval. Once you have decided to go ahead with a website, there are several times when your Design Agency will be waiting on your go-ahead.

You would be well advised not to put off deciding whether you are ready to proceed to the next step, as a delay will result in a distancing from the project for both parties. A design agency waiting to hear from you for over a week may have no choice but to give other projects your slot for the next phase of development, ultimately extending the completion date of your own website project. I would encourage you to get in touch with your design agency if at any stage you are unsure of where your project is at, or how long things should optimally take. Good communication will make the difference between your website project taking weeks or months.

A good experience working with your chosen agency will build trust and peace of mind for dealing them in future if you choose to have them host your website and manage your domains as well as make any changes to your website that you may want to have done in future.

Visit this link for more information on our website process, and you're welcome to take a look at our website portfolio for recent examples of our clients' completed website projects.

Contact us to discuss undertaking a website project for your company, and for a free quote on a site that is right for you.

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Guidelines for a new website project

Help with planning a new website project - where to start.

When undertaking a new website project there are some questions you can ask yourself to make your path to success clearer, and to ensure you know the steps that need to be taken. 

We will work with you to create a website that answers all of your clients' questions before they even have to ask. Every company deserves a website that represents them, their team, and their products and services in the best possible light. Make it simple for your clients to find you, and to find exactly what they want.

Website development meeting website project meeting

Questions to ask about your website project.

  1. What is the advantage of my products / services over my competitors? You may offer better quality products, faster service, or a more diverse team to provide a wider range of solutions.
  2. How will my target audience be searching for me? Is your customer base likely to be looking for your from a home or business computer, or could they be travelling and using a mobile device, or both? You may need a 'responsive' website to work on all devices, or a more dedicated Mobile Website to cater specifically to your Mobile-savvy audience in addition to, or instead of, a standard CMS website.
  3. Do I want to sell online? You may need to look at having an eCommerce website for online sales, and one that you can easily use. Too many eCommerce systems have been developed for Programmer use and are not client-friendly. We have our own WEP system we have developed specifically to make it easier for clients to manage their own website content.
  4. Or do I want an online portfolio? Your website can become a place that provides further information about your products and services, and gives your business a contact point while showcasing your company as a well established and legitimate place of business. Either way there is still some planning to do how to best promote your online presence...
  5. What specific benefits do our customers receive? You can include information on how you best meet the needs of your customers, or perhaps, why your loyal customers keep returning to you.
  6. What examples of previous successful projects can we offer? Do you have photos of previous jobs you have done, products you have developed, or in-store displays that best showcase your work? Do you have customer testimonials of how your work has satisfied your clients? People love to be assured that what they are getting has exceeded the expectations of your previous customers.
  7. What can we offer online? What you can offer online through images and testimonials is legitimacy that you know your industry and can offer top quality products and excellent service, but there is so much more you could offer ;
    • Free downloads for more information or software.
    • Online booking for tours, rentals or accommodation.
    • Special deals or vouchers just for visiting your website.
    • Online support with instant messaging, or a contact form for more convenience in getting in touch with you.
    • A map and clear instructions/images to help people locate you.
    • Images of your premises, so when they arrive the surrounding are familiar and make your customers feel more comfortable.
    • Staff Profiles, so your customers can feel like they know you.

Taking the first steps towards a website project.

It's those first steps that will be most important in your website project, and they are knowing what you want and how you want to be represented. My advice to you would be to look around. Find our more information on Website Design. Take a look at what others in your industry are doing. Take a look at design for specific industries, for example; Graphic Design for the Hospitality Industry, and Graphic Design for the Construction Industry. Look at a whole bunch of websites to see what you like in the way of design and layout, and in the pages that they have listed.

A good website will usually have these standard pages;

  • Home page
  • About us page
  • Gallery page
  • Contact page

Dependent on your business, you could look at having dedicated website pages for;

  • Products page
  • Equipment page
  • Services page
  • Team page
  • History page

If you are a restaurant you may want to look at having a full menu page, and a downloadable version of your menu. If you're in the industrial sector you may want a page on new equipment for sale, and a separate page for used equipment. We can help advise you on the best way to display and promote yourself, making navigating your website an easy and enjoyable experience.

For easy viewing items can be separated into categories. For example, a costume hire shop may wish to showcase their items under 'masquerade', 'country' and 'gothic'. Separating items into categories can make it much easier for your customers to find what they want, and an easy site to view is going to keep people coming back.

There are standard features of websites that make it easier for people to navigate through your website, and these are things we can discuss with you in more details in a website planning meeting.

Some of these features may include;

  • A Search Bar - to enable quicker results for specific requirements
  • Navigation Footer Links - so people can have a better overview of what's on your site, and to avoid a 'lost in space' feeling.
  • Legal Information - including t&c's or guarantees associated with your products and services.
  • Instructions - on how to use an item, how to order an item, or information on special features.
  • Instructional Videos - links to instructional videos on your website are a great reference point for your customers, and will keep them coming back, as well as referring friends to your site to view your clips.

Take the time to browse the internet and note down things that catch your eye, or sites that were simple and enjoyable to view. View our Activate Portfolio for the most recent website design and development projects we have undertaken, and CONTACT US to discuss how we can create a website that will be like an online branch of your business, working 24 hours to ensure your customers can find you, and see exactly how you can meet and exceed their expectations.

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Gain The Advantage With A Mobile Website

There are plenty of businesses in specific industries that would greatly benefit from having a mobile version of their website. It may be that these businesses have not yet realised just what a great benefit having a mobile website is to the growing number of people who are browsing the internet on their mobile devices.Housemart mobile website nz shred mobile website aviva mobile website

As Shown Above: Responsive Websites

Housemart.co.nz - this property management company choose to have a responsive website for the ease of their customers, some of whom will be using their mobile device to browse their website while physically visiting properties.

NZShred.co.nz - this skate, surf and street clothing store found that a responsive site best suits their customers who may local and shopping around, or among the bulk of season tourists who can view their range and location via their website on a mobile device.

avivafamilies.org.nz - instead of limiting the support that Aviva Families offer, to those browsing their site on their home computer, this company choose a responsive website so they can offer their expert family support to anyone, anywhere, with a site that is simple to view and navigate at home or on a mobile device.




I have chosen the following industries that would greatly benefit from having a mobile version of their website, based on the fact that a high percentage of people looking for these particular businesses are likely to be looking for them while browsing on a mobile device - be it a phone, tablet or iPad. People looking for these businesses are likely to be on the move rather than be sitting at a home computer.

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Takeaway businesses, ie. fish & chips / pizzerias / bakeries
  • Sports facilities – fitness centres / swimming pools
  • Dentists
  • Beauty Salons / Day Spas
  • Hair dressers
  • Auto services


Local people who are out and about may decide on the spur of the moment to visit a hairdresser, beauty salon or even a gym or swimming pool, and rather than go home to look on a computer they may want to book an appointment, get in contact, or simply find the opening hours or contact details of a business while out and about and browsing on their mobile device.

After all, deciding in the moment to get your hair done, or visit a gym, is the freedom that we enjoy from not having to always plan ahead, and the internet is the key to finding our location of choice through the flexibility of viewing a mobile website. And then there’s those unexpected times when you’re on the move and a friend urgently calls and says “can you pickup my son/daughter from school?” You want to look for their schools' website on your phone and quickly find the schools location and contact details. Are you making it easy for people to find you?



As a tourist in a new town, you may want to find a café or restaurant that serves a particular dish, so you will be browsing on your mobile device for a local takeaway such as fish n’ chips, indian, chinese or even pizza while you explore the town. Alternatively you may be looking for a local bar or restaurant to dine in, and want to find out their opening hours and the meals they have available.

As a traveller you may have a call from a friend; "plane's been delayed, we have a free day! Where can we go snowboarding, hire gear and find transport, and what hours are they available? Can we book online right now?" People want the ability to find this information quickly and efficiently.

Your car breaks down and you're on the road. Is there a mechanic with a mobile website where I can find their information and get help? Is there a motel nearby?

Does your website provide this information to a mobile device in a format specific to this kind of browsing? Trying to browse a normal website on a mobile device is frustrating and time-consuming and requires a lot of scrolling around the page.

Housemart Mobile Websites


Shown Above: Responsive site vs Regular website on a Mobile

ABOVE LEFT: The image above shows what the whole Housemart website would view like on a mobile device. It clearly does not fit the format and will require a lot of zooming in and scrolling around the page to find what the information you need.

ABOVE RIGHT: This image show the responsive housemart.co.nz website as it would auto-resize to fit the mobile phone format. This information is much easier to view, and navigating the site to find select information is simple.



A Mobile Website is a version of your website specifically created to make it easier to find the most important information quickly and clearly. If your competition has a mobile site and you don't, you're at a disadvantage because mobile browsing is becoming the norm, and people are looking for sites on their mobiles that are simple and straightforward.

For more information on mobile websites, see our Mobile Website page. Browsing the internet is about speed and efficiency, and if a site looks too complex then people will exit right out again to find a site that more clearly offers what they are looking for.

In the competitive world of online marketing, we need to anticipate what our target market are looking for, and ensure we are providing that information in the easiert format possible.

Contact us to discuss having a Mobile Website created for your business, today.

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Christchurch Website Design

Welcome to Activate Design

Activate Design is your local website and graphic design company, producing top quality websites, as well as graphic design, logos and branding, smartphone applications and mobile websites.

king tiger logo design logo development

Example of logo design for King Tiger. For more logo examples visit our Portfolio Page.

What your local Website Design company can offer

We have a great team of specialists at our Christchurch office on Durham Street. Our team is comprised of programmer and server specialists, graphic designers, website designers, development experts, friendly office staff, and everything in between.

We have an excellent automated host-management system called ActiveHost, which regularly manages our clients' website hosting at a very, very competitive rate. With our ActiveHost system our clients can log-in to view their hosting invoices, manage their domain or search for new domains, and more.


An example of recent Christchurch website design for local accounting company

This website was recently created for Clarity Accounting in Christchurch, who provide personal financial organisation and business planning. Clarity needed a site that could present large amounts of information in a way that was simple enough to view, in a website that was thorough, yet easy to navigate. The design was created to compliment the Clarity Accounting logo and incorporate the brand that we had previously created for them.

clarity accountants website design

For more examples of our recent website design, see our Website Portfolio.

The results of a new or refreshed brand

Many of our customers have found that with a newly designed brand or logo, or even refreshing their old logo and launching it into the Christchurch marketplace, this gives them a stronger and more recognisable presence in Christchurch. For more information visit this page for Logo Design Packages.

A logo refresh could mean that you wish to keep an aspect of your existing logo, so there is a part of it that can connect to a new, more recognisable logo. For our designers, this sometimes means using an existing colour scheme or perhaps a font structure that transfers into a fresh new design.


The results of having an easy to use website

The results of having a website that is clean and clear and simple to navigate are that you don't have to worry about it. You can relax knowing their is a home base for your company that is offering your products, services, address and contact details, and information about your company 24-7. Like having a secretary that never sleeps, your website showcases your company and experience, and allows enquiries to reach you through your website contact form at any time.

In a world that is becoming busier by the second, a lot of us don't have time to shop around for what we want by visiting stores, we simply look online for what's available. We find what we want, then the hours that store is open, and much like a typical Kiwi bloke in a mall we go straight in for what we're after and straight back out again.


Gaining brand loyalty through good website design

The trick of it is that once a web surfer has found your site, as a result of something specific that they are looking for, then you have their attention and the opportunity to offer your wider selection of products and services. To hold their attention on your website, your site needs to be very clean, clear, well designed, easy to navigate and informative.

To be found online you need a website that is a good introduction and representation of your business. Content must be presented in a way that will appeal to both viewer and search engines, and the site needs to be simple and uncluttered, while also being inviting and specific to what you do. This can be achieved by our experienced Christchurch website team, using relevant imagery, concise content writing and more.

Contact Us to discuss having a new website designed and developed, a new logo designed or an existing logo refreshed. If you're in the Christchurch area we can visit you at your premises or you are welcome to make an appointment to visit us at our Christchurch Activate Design office at 336 Durham Street.

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