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The main goal in having a website is good communication. Good communication through website design is what we do here at Activate Design, based in Christchurch. We understand that communication is the main reason for having a website at all. Your customers need to connect to you, and you to them, and in today’s society websites are the first place a client will look for a business or service they require. Our job is to ensure your online presence remains in perfect working order, to offer upgrades, S.E.O., and a variety of website support services to ensure you get the most from your website.

We have a great team of Canterbury web designers, graphic designers and web developers who specialise in their own areas of website design and creation, and we combine our knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Content Management, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Graphic Design and Content Writing, to create informative and professional websites for customers in the Canterbury region, and a variety of business from North Island to South Island wide.

The elements of great website design go beyond the pages that make up the basic layout of a website. A lot more web traffic directed to your site can come through “Landing Pages”.

Landing pages are pages of content consisting of keyword-rich text, that provide additional entry points to your site. What makes these pages different from the rest of your existing website is that they can stretch out and grow like branches on a tree, without cluttering up your website layout. Most “landing pages” are not accessible through a site, or if they are they would usually be linked via a text link in your content, rather than tabs on your site navigation. This is simply because they are written in such a way as to be aimed at the search engines, rather than educating your clients - which is a secondary function.

With landing pages, you can have as many as you like - we would recommend each page be kept to a single topic and elaborated on from there. To understand how this works it is helpful to know how search engines work; Search Engines are constantly evolving - and by that I mean, being upgraded. The people behind the code are learning from experience and applying smarter techniques to the functionality of their search engine programs. Many of the techniques to alert search engines to your website content that have worked in the past do not work today, such as alternative spelling of words. Search Engines have evolved to more complex strategies - and we are constantly evolving our own processes to ensure we use techniques that ensure a search engine recognises what it is you provide, and can connect you to the people who are searching for you online. This constant evolution of how we streamline your content means we are ahead of the market in website development. Someone who was good at S.E.O. years ago may not be up with the play in today’s evolution of processes.

By adding multiple landing pages to your website, you are increasing the chances that a search engine will find you and recognise that you are what a web surfer is looking for, to make the connection. The effectiveness of landing pages will depend on the content, and here at Activate Design we have experienced copy writers who recognise that just being a good writer is not enough, but being a good writer combined with a knowledge of S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimisation), means we write effective, keyword-rich, targeted content that will greatly enhance your ratings with search engines and visibility to web surfers. To do this we can speak with you over the phone to gain some insight into your company, meet with you at your convenience, or simply research what it is that you do to write some unique, clever content for your site.

To further explain landing pages, I will use the example of a store that makes and sells leather boots. If we created a website for them it may have a home page, then linked to this would be the main pages for say, product information, contact information, and company information. That may be all that is needed for the site to effectively communicate what they do, and to showcase the products and services they provide, keeping the menus clear and not cluttered, and the site clean and tidy. However, there may not be a lot of combined content on these pages, so to attract more traffic to the site we could offer the addition of landing pages.

Using this example we could do a landing page on the leather used to make the boots - including lots of keywords related to leather, caring for leather, the process of creating leather, and adding anything that people may be searching for that would link them to that site. We could do another page on shoe laces, and another on shoe soles, adding the keywords related to that topic and extending the net that will draw in potential online clients.

Writing keyword content is not just about adding keywords.

Search engines have evolved to such an extent that we could not write repetitive keyword-rich text, or repetitive text at all, in fact your site would be penalised for this.

For example ;

“We use a variety of leather to produce leather boots. Our leather is a rich leather worked by hand using leather tools and leather products, and we use many kinds of leather and leather solvents to achieve this.”

In browsing this text, search engines would recognise the keyword ‘leather’ is in there, but also that the content is less informative and more repetitive. If you write keyword rich context it has to make sense. Search engines cannot read and understand the text, they do not know what the words mean, but among other methods they work on statistics such as “bounce rates”. A bounce rate is how many people click on your site and then click (or bounce) right back out again, which gives an indication as to whether your content or article has any worth. Using the example of the text above, browsers would recognise this as repitive jargon and click right out again, so the bounce rate would become very high, and reflect negatively on your site. If your keyword rich content was more informative, balanced with keywords and commonly searched-for terms, the bounce rate would be far less. The amount of time a browser spends on your page reading your text, and whether or not they click through to your main website, all matter and are recorded. These are the statistics that search engines will include in their evaluation of your website and the rating it gives you, directly affecting the online traffic that finds, peruses and uses your website.

As mentioned earlier, landing pages can be hidden from all access, other than being the initial site that internet users will click through to after being directed by a search engine. From that page they can click through to your website, and will not be able access that landing page again, except via Google or another search engine - unless you specifically want to give them access to these pages from your site, which may be best achieved using text links rather than adding pages to your menu and complicating your site. Landing pages allow your site to remain simple and clear, then like the branches of a tree, landing pages can be added indefinately, and work best when targeted to a specific topic, as in the example for leather.

Landing pages can be added over an extended period and don’t have to be done all at once. We could do a new landing page for your site every week or month, we are happy to work within your time frame and budget.

Contact us to add landing pages to your site and to write clever content for website and any advertising material you need. Give us the opportunity to ensure you make the most of your online presence, we are here to assist in keeping your site up-to-date and interesting, and encourage you to give us a call for any quotes, queries or website-enhancing advice.

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Website and Server Security for Christchurch, New Zealand Businesses Online

The amount of websites being hacked is rising dramatically. Website hackers are able to install software onto websites that can get your site banned from Google and expose your information to cyber criminals. Choosing an appropriate website hosting provider should be a top priority for anyone looking to get a website up and running or moved to a more secure hosting facility.

One question that is being asked more than any other; Is is safe to host my website overseas? Overseas website hosting can sometimes offer low prices, and this is usually their website targeted marketing strategy, but often these lower prices are a reflection of lower standards of quality and more importantly, website security.

If you are looking to host your website overseas then one of the challenges you are sure to face is the difficulty of website support. If the hosting is provided in another country there may arise challenges in communication, language-barriers, misunderstandings, and the challenge of changing your website hosting to another hosting provider - which has been problematic for many website owners in the past. The speed of your website will also be a factor, the closer to the server your clients are, then the faster access they will have to their site.

If you are now thinking of changing your website hosting from an overseas company back to a New Zealand company, we have a few tips for you to keep in mind ;

  • Keep your existing website hosting account open until you have completed the changeover. This will ensure that your website and any email accounts will still be active during the changeover.
  • Have a back-up of your website information and files. This could be a problem if all the website files are located with a website hosting company overseas.
  • Once you have changed to a new website hosting provider, you can make the necessary domain name changes, or if you have switched to a company like us, we would do this for you.

Here’s a couple things to be aware of that can become traps for website owners ;

  • Don’t fall for gimmics like the promise of free Domain names - domain names are not free. When you register for a domain name a registration fee is required by the domain registry, which gives you the right to use the domain name for the duration of the term you have registered for. Choose a company that can provide website hosting and also take responsibility for your domain name renewal - without which your site would go down.
  • Don’t believe a company who promises unlimited storage space. No web hosting company can provide this, there is always a limit to the space available but customers don’t, in actuality, need a huge amount of disk space.
  • Don’t compromise your site getting cheaper hosting by putting up with ads plastered throughout your site. Sites with click-through adverts are the most targeted by hackers, and the adverts are a distraction and aversion for potential clients, unless they have some relevancy to the context.

At Activate Design our websites are hosted on our own secure server in a secure data centre and we employ industry-standard security measures to protect customer information from misuse, damage, disaster and/or the alteration of content. This includes 128-bit security encryption and the our use of a secure server. Our hosting server is located in a 24-hour alarmed and monitored secure area, and we have recently launched ActiveHost - as subsidiary of Activate Design Ltd., offering hosting and domain registration services as a dedicated business unit.

We would like to instil confidence in our secure, New Zealand based hosting servers, and uniquely secure CMS platform which we have developed and evolved over the past five years. There are a lot of CMS platforms out there, ours is unique because it has been created by us, exclusively for our client base, and as it is not publicly available there are no viruses for it.

Benefits of using Activate Design for your website hosting service ;

  • Maintain fast loading speeds for New Zealand and Australian based audiences.
  • Keep your website content and customer data safe.
  • Get alerted to suspicious activity.
  • Be able to back up your website and be able to easily restore it.
  • Avoid getting blacklisted by search engines.
  • Avoid your customers inadvertently downloading and running malicious files from your website if it gets infected.
  • Avoid malicious files such as viruses, trojans, spyware etc. from completely compromising your website, requiring a complete rebuild.
  • Avoid viruses out there that are programmed to disrupt the service and operation of websites, and to collect information, such as customers sensitive data that can lead to loss of privacy, enable unauthorised access, and cause major disruption.
  • Be easily able to update your website using our C.M.S. (Content Management System).
  • Have control to be able to edit content / add products yourself.
  • Establish a high rank on search engines using our S.E.O. Services.

We offer our services both nationwide and overseas, so please feel free to contact us regarding the secure hosting of your website, at our trusted and experienced website design & development, hosting, graphic design and print management company. Take a look at our web design portfolio here.

If you have a website that has been hacked then you know the consequences of not ensuring your site is safely located on a secure server. If your website is hacked it can be non-operational for a long periods of time while it is either shifted to a new server or requires a complete re-build on a safer CMS (Content Management System) platform. Prevent this from happening by choosing a reputable, experienced company for your secure, trusted web hosting, design and development.

The unfortunate truth of online crime, is that websites are the most common place hackers will target. Contact us to discuss how we can create and maintain the highest level of security for your website, today.

For more information on securely hosting your website, visit our ActiveHost page.

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Graphic Design for Printing and Website Challenges

We’re not a printing company that does websites.                                                                         We’re not a website company that does print.        

We are a Graphic Design Agency that has been doing both website design and development and graphic design and printing, since our launch in 2003.

We have so much combined experience in both related industries that we can smoothly design for both mediums and fully understand the requirements and difficulties of both.

As an example, we would design a logo primarily for print - and then that logo can be converted for website use. The reason for this is that print requires a very high resolution (usually vector image - which retains it’s quality at any size), whereas web requires a much smaller resolution as it will be viewed on a screen. Print is a hard medium for quality control, and special care must be taken to have correctly sized, excellent quality images because it is very easy to spot a drop in quality and inconsistency on the printed page.

When you start with a small graphic and wish to re-size, especially an graphic that is low resolution, the process of re-sizing is not always the right one. When you re-size an graphic, all you will achieve is a stretching of the graphic. The resolution of an graphic is based on the number of pixels contained in the graphic, so when increasing the graphic size, this process will not create new pixels, it will only increase the size of the pixels in your existing graphic by stretching them. The best way to ensure your graphics for print are of excellent high quality is to ensure you have large graphics to start with. Graphics for print need to be around 300dpi (dots per inch), and compared to images for on-screen viewing these need to be only 72dpi.

How this translates into website design and graphic design for print, is that if you have your marketing material designed simply for the web - and you to translate your marketing medium into print, all your graphics will look blurry or blocky, giving a bad presentation of your business. At Activate Design we have a clear knowledge of these processes, and can work with you to design either for website-only, or for print-only, or with the foresight to design for both mediums, starting with higher-resolution graphics and logos at print specification, then creating smaller, optimised versions of these graphics and logos for use on your website or online newsletter mediums.

To help those in the know, here’s some information on the two main types of graphic images;

Bitmap Graphics These are also known as raster images and are made up of pixels - tiny dots of individual colours that make up the image, like a photograph. It is hard to resize this image type without sacrificing image quality. When you downsize an image of this type you are essentially throwing away pixels. When you enlarge an image the software has to try to create new pixels, by estimating the colour values of the new pixels based on surrounding pixels. This process is known as ‘interpolation’, and is not an ideal process, often resulting in a blurry image. The best way to handle bitmap images is to start with the largest image possible and downside it for each required application.

Main Characteristics of Raster Graphics;

  • Pixels are in a grid format.
  • The quality of a bitmap image depends on the resolution.
  • Resizing for a large graphic reduces the quality.


Vector Graphics These graphics are made up lines and curves, shapes with easily editable characteristics like outlines colours and fills. Fonts are the most well known vector graphics. They consist of single, easily scalable objects. A vector graphic can be modified without changing the quality, and is a very flexible format in the way you can use ‘controlling handles’ in design software to stretch out, move and change an object. This format is not suitable for photo-type images as they are made up of solid areas of colour.

Main Characteristics of Vector Graphics;

  • Easily re-sizable.
  • Clean lines.
  • Resoution independent.
  • Can easily be converted to bitmap.

We can design your logo, business image, stationary and convert this into an online medium. Visit the Graphic Design page at for more information on graphic design, and some introductory prices. View our Website Page for information on our cost effective CMS or eCommerce or websites.

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Website Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.) in Christchurch New Zealand

Got A Website But Want To Increase Enquiries And Sales? To do that you need more traffic, and to get more traffic you need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Here is a brief overview of what SEO is. To find out more visit the SEO page on our website

What Is Search Engine Optimisation, Or S.E.O? The term SEO covers a wide variety of processes to optimise your website, and we do this to allow a search engine to more efficiently index your website, which will increase traffic through your website and in turn, increase your ‘conversion rates’ on your website. Each optimisation is industry-specific and requires a tailored campaign and some very dynamic thinking. It is a process of tweak and measure to achieve results, which is why we strongly recommend it as an on-going process to achieve the best results for you website.

What Does S.E.O. Involve? SEO is not specific to one task, but includes many different methods of literally - optimising the information on your website so that search engines, such as Google, can see exactly what it is that you offer, in effect - pointing your target market directly to you. It is also a means of increasing your search engine rankings, and by this I mean whether a search engine places you on the first page of their ‘search results’ or the fortieth.

What Are Conversion Rates? Driving people to your site is only half of the process, once they are there, you want them to do something, buy something or contact you. The number of people that do this called your ‘conversion rate’. A successful website owner will pro-actively market their website and develop an on-going SEO strategy to increase rankings, increase traffic and increase conversion rates. We can help you achieve this.

How Much Bang For Your Buck? It is near impossible to create one website SEO Package that will suit everybody, because first you need a website, up and running, that we can measure your traffic against. We need to track and measure the areas in which your site is not performing as well as it could, and where we can improve your visibility to your potential clients. Here at Activate Design we have created three packages that we believe will offer various levels of website optimisation - Silver, Gold and Platinum. The differences between them are simply the amount of services we offer in each package, because as mentioned, there are many, many ways of optimising a website, some of which I will explain here to give you an insight into the kind of work involved ;

H1 And H2 Tags - these are the headings used on your site. If these heading are graphics, or part of an animation sequence, chances are that the search engines cannot even see them. Headings are an opportunity to utilise keywords as your websites’ unique signposts, that are being overlooked. Image Alt Tags - where an image loads can be underlayed with descriptive text that includes important keywords for both the search engines to read, and incase your image doesn’t load, there is still a chance to show some information. Another benefit of Alt Tags is for where new technology comes in, where website surfers with visual impairments can now use modern software that enables them to hear the description of an image, instead of view it. To view a full list of SEO techniques visit our SEO Prices & Packages page at Activate Design.

How Do Search Engines Work? The way search engines used to work is to only scan the ‘Metatags’ of your website. Metatags are descriptions or keywords in the background workings of your website, not visable on your website, that explain what you do. Because these metatags depended on the honesty of the person writing them, they were not very reliable, and so search engines have had to evolve to scan through ALL the information on your site. The search engines do not see your images, they do not see graphic content, they scan through the code that your site is made up of. A large aspect of optimising your website is optimising the code on your site, and the difference between an older website consisting of pages and pages of code, and a newer site consisting of say, one page of code, written far more efficiently, can mean the ease or difficulty for a search engine to index your site and rank it well, or badly.

Another way of thinking about how and why a search engine indexes or scans through your website, is that it’s about incentivsing websites to clean up the website, to encourage progress and the continued internet evolution. If you think of a search engine as grading each website it indexes - like a points system where a search engine is going to give you say, 2 points for clear headings, 5 points for the ease and efficiency that it could actually view your website’s information, but several demerit points for any mistakes in the coding, and demit points for an excessive amount of code to search through. I can’t say exactly how they work, as each search engine has it’s own way of grading the information that it is scanning, or more correctly - indexing, and these processes are constantly evolving.

What Are Some Examples Of SEO? Genie Clean is a website client of ours who chose the SEO Silver Package for 1 month. The results he gained from one month alone were fantastic, and the client was more than happy with our service and the new business that resulted in the increased traffic through his site. In the four keyword topics that this client choose to optimise, three ended up on the first page of search engine results and the fourth on the second page, which is excellent.

Another website we have recently provided SEO services for is Heavy Diesel Parts & Services (HDPS). They also went with our SEO Silver Package, resulting in their selected key terms all showing up as first page results. To clarify - as a jump in result placements their key search terms jumped 24, 55, and even 76 placements to be included on the first page of results. This means that previously if you searched for terms such as “caltex lubricants”, you would have had to scroll through pages and pages of results before you came across them, now they are on the first page of results, and lets face it, very few people scroll through pages and pages of results, they usually select from the first ten, which is where HDPS are now ranking.

To put it clearly Having a nice website is only half of the process, SEO is the driving force behind getting traffic through your site. It’s about numbers and rankings, and we’re the people to see.

Search engine optimisation is a extraordinary field of expertise. To perform well in google searches it is a total combination of a large variety of factors. If anyone tells you ‘it’s all about meta-tags’ or ‘it’s all about back-links’ then they are kidding you. We know the magic behind SEO and if you are serious about wanting a high-ranking website then you need to talk to us.





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Video Production for Websites in Christchurch New Zealand

We can give your website a unique hook by creating a cutting-edge custom full HD video for your website. Check out our website for packages that include filming, editing, map animation, titles, logo animation, web upload, web optimisation and graphic construction.

Videos are filmed in full HD and are web optimised. No extra video hosting fees, and our videos are easily embedded to your website. Adding a video to your website not only adds interest to your website, getting your potential customer to stay longer while watching you video, it can also give you increases traffic and online presence.

Our videos are not limited to websites, we can create video for TV commercials and even retail display systems. Our cutting edge videos can isolate and target your market, while presenting your business in crystal clear High-definition. We also create eye-catching, attractive motion graphic videos of your products and load them onto a looping system to display on your instore televisions. The tactical placement of your video screening is ideal for bringing in foot-traffic into your store, all the while presenting your store as a cutting edge, professional outlet.

While you're here on our website, check out our websites-videos page. We're the people to see for your website design and web development, logo design, branding and website hosting. Contact us today.

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Get Online: The Problem With Free Websites

Get Online for Free

Every now and then we see another genius internet business plan - "Lets give away free websites!" The idea is a simple one: Lure people in by offering them free websites so you can quickly grow a large base of hosting customers that are locked into paying you. Often we've been asked what we think about the strategy of 'free websites.' Especially since we are also a hosting company, would it not make business sense for us to offer free websites as well?

From our point of view, giving away something for nothing has never been a good business strategy. We are only interested in businesses who are serious about success and I don't know of a single successful website business that started out as a 'free template.' The old saying 'there are no free lunches' is as relevant online as ever. You need to ask yourself: Why is it free? What are they really wanting in return? If you can't answer those questions then rest assured you are giving them something, you just don't know what it is yet.

If you signup for a free website template you will compromise on a combination of the following:

• Generic template layout. When you are choosing a website template, how many other people are choosing exactly the same site? They might be called 'custom websites' but there is often very little that is custom about them, apart from choosing a background colour and uploading your logo into the banner. That isn't 'custom.' Internet users are increasingly savvy and can smell an el-cheapo website a mile away - not good if you want to be taken seriously.

• Inability to add new functionality; membership areas, image display sliders, product features, video, interactive elements etc.

• Little control over the layout. You'd better really like that template because there is no changing it down the track, unless you want to start over.

• Most search engines ignore them! What is the point in having a website if you have no traffic and can't do a SEO campaign to get any traffic because you are on a free template structure?

• You don't own the site. You can't host it elsewhere. You can't back it up. You can't upgrade it.

• Hidden on going costs. Be very careful how much the on-going hosting costs are going to be. Whenever I look at free website companies it's often very difficult to actually find out how much the hosting costs are! They don't tell you, or they offer you 12 months free and then it will just be a small monthly cost. You need to know what it's going to cost and shop around to see if that price is actually a fair price considering the point above.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to free websites. In the end it is your choice and many people simply do not know enough about websites to make an informed decision. They simply see a working website, not too different from their competitors, and it's free! They saved themselves maybe $1000. Many of these people come to us a year or two later saying: 'The free website idea was a silly thing to do - I just didn't really know.. I thought since it was free that it couldn't hurt.'  If you are serious about the success of your business then forget about $5 logos and free websites. Or give the free thing a go and we'll talk to you in a years time.

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Branding Colours and Graphic Design for Christchurch New Zealand

Changing the colour of your branding can be a bold step. But you need to first ask yourself if you want to select a new colour or modify the existing look by adding a colour. This is based on the principal of whether or not you want customers to associate the old with the new, keeping with your traditional look or launching into a new business persona.

For example; you could have an existing car company that uses yellow in it’s logo and stationary - do you want to update the colour and refresh your brand by moving to a yellow and blue combination? Or completely start over and go with a green? Making this choice will be making a statement about your business. Are you wanting to blast off in a new direction and make a bold new decision about the look of your company, or keep with your existing look and feel while updating and letting your clients know you are changing with the times?

Branding is something we are here to assist with, but not a business decision that that should be taken lightly. We advise you to think very carefully about the colours that best represent you and the products and services you offer, and we will use our expertise to assist this decision and update your identity through design and creative innovation.

If you are a product-based company, do your products have colour and brand connection? This is an area where your consumers will make unconscious choices on which brands they buy, based on colour effectively communicating with a brand. An example of this would be if you were a toothpaste producer - your consumers would expect a blue or a green colour, perhaps with a highlight of yellow or orange. They would not react well to brown, red or black packaging as those colours do not associate well with toothpaste in the minds of consumers. This is a tricky situation, in which your product needs to stand out from it’s competition, but also must maintain a colour - brand connection.

In a similar fashion you would not use blue or green to package a bread product - but there are always exceptions to the rule. As we control the process from design to print, we understand the print processes that are involved in creating your brand and packaging, and as such we can assist with innovations in design, colour and investing some new life into your business and the image you wish to portray to your consumers.

Contact us to discuss investing new life into your company, products, branding and printed stationary and signage. We are graphic designers, web designers, and print specialists with years of experience in helping new zealand business grow.

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Graphic Design and Website Design for Successful Business in Christchurch!

We want to help small to medium sized businesses open their doors to compete with corporate identities. We have both the technology and the design skills, coupled with our positive and friendly team attitude, to work with you in successfully marketing your products and services in the great ocean of opportunity that is - the internet.

We are Graphic Designers, Website Developers, Print Specialists. Some of us are practically technical geniuses! - and can create iPhone Applications and iPad Applications to give you the edge to stay ahead of modern trends. Why limit your business and your potential points of contact to just a business card?

Yes, the business card is still an essential tool which we believe will never be outdated, but it’s still only a prompt, a teaser, a handy little must-have item to encourage your potential clients and current contacts to dig a little deeper. Beyond the business card is your online presence - and if you’re not there, if you’re not instantly accessible, that will be it for some people. They will find someone who is.

We’re impatient people us modern folk, and businesses today must cater to that need and step up to accommodate modern clientele and their modern expectations. You must be instantly accessible, offer clear concise information about what you do, what you offer, when you are open and what hours you are open, and how to contact you - both through email and direct contact if needed.

A website allows your business to be accessible 24/7 - removing the usual limitations of traditional business. Yes, you certainly may not answer your phone in the small hours, but your website will be dutifully working for you - offering information, showing the quality of your products and services and promoting, promoting, promoting.

Give us a call - peruse the rest of our website! Our doors are open and we are here to open your doors to the world - through website design and website development, graphic design, logo design, branding, printing, social media (including creating a facebook or other social media presence), and we even offer secure and fast website hosting.

We are all that you need to promote yourself and all that you could want to make the experience an enjoyable one. Contact us today to discuss your many options and let us help you put out the welcome mat.

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Window shopping on websites

For a customer, website shopping is like going to a store. They will browse for a bit, skim the first bit of written information available, and grab whatever catches their eye - perhaps dashing into a changing room for a quick try.

This is much like browsing websites in that your potential customer will skim your page, flick over your text for the highlights of information they find relevant, and perhaps click on any links that catch their eye and perhaps dash through to your linked pages for more information.

This means you need a clear main website page with easily accessible information, clear readily available information - or highlights of your information where a person can glean the more important factors and sale points of how you can benefit them. Next you need graphics to portray the quality of what you provide, with clearly labelled links to show easy access through to more detailed information and perhaps further imagery - keeping all information clear and concise on your website.

At Activate Design we live and breathe the principals of good website design. We have a fantastic mix of experts in our web development team ; with graphic designers, web developers, printing experts and iPad and iPhone App developers, we can create a website for you that you’ll be proud of. We also can handle your printed stationary in the form of business cards, business stationary and any other printing needs. It's what we do. It's what we love. Contact us today!

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What Do You Mean You Don't Have a Website?

If you own a business in today’s modern, technology-driven world, people expect you to have a website. Simple fact.

A business without a website is the exception and in our techno-conscious society we can be put-out by not having instant access to a companies’ information, quickly and efficiently, from their website. I’ll tell you that it frustrates me when I am stopped in my tracks while internet surfing to compare product prices, by a company that either has no website to speak of, or does not have relevant, up-to-date information on their products and services. Those companies are simply missing out as consumers bypass them on their way to find companies with open and instant information.

It can seem a major challenge to have a website created, for those who are unfamiliar with the process, and that’s where we rise to the challenge of assisting the move into creating an online presence for businesses and individuals alike. We can work with you to create a website; an internet catalog or e-commerce site. An e-commerce site being, by definition, a website developed to allow businesses to sell products over the internet to customers, whereas an internet catalogue could simply be an online portfolio to advertise what you have to offer.

At Activate Design we specialise in Website Design and Website Development, working alongside you, the client, to create something both visually attention-grabbing and functional. We can turn our skills to logo design or a re-creation of your existing logo, to give your company a spring-board start in 2012 with a fresh look and a tighter focus on how you wish to be perceived by your customers and industry competitors alike. We don't just do websites! Come and see us for your printing needs as we are a versatile company that can arrange both Offset and Digital printing, can assist with finding the right solution for your business stationary needs – from business cards to letterheads, compliments slips, and promotional material. We can take you through the process right from design and creation, to printing and finishing.

Speaking of which, this is a great time of year to get your promotional printing and products out there and start promoting yourself! Think about creating a calendar that will advertise your business for you all year, or greeting cards to say thank you for business in 2011 and to generate new business that will launch you toward more sales and get you known!

The possibilities are endless once the creative minds at Activate Design get a chance to do what we do best – we are the idea factory for promoting your skills, products and services, so contact us today – this week – NOW! And get your business on the right track for 2012.

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