How to transfer your Facebook Followers to a Subscriber List

Legally, there is no way to just take your whole follower list from Facebook and use if for your own marketing purposes. It simply can't be done.

So how do keep in touch with your 'followers' from Facebook, who obviously already like you and are interested in what you have to offer?

FBthumbSmlStep 1.

You need to have an alternate way of sending out information to your interested followers, and the best way to do this is by sending out a regular newsletter.   Due to the fact that Facebook have introduced fees you must pay to ensure your posts reach all your followers (otherwise they are only visiable to a small percentage of followers), and proven that sites such as this can be changable and unpredicable in the way you interact with them, many people are turning to other methods of having an online presence such as ;

Websites : a website is a must-have for business these days.

Contact us to have a custom-designed website created for your company, or to update your existing website to something stylish and modern.

Newsletters : what better way to regularly send out interesting and relevant information to your clients than an online newsletter?!

Some of the benefits of using our ActiveMail email marketing system;

  • This is a user-friendly newsletter system, so easy to use it will make newsletter creation a breeze!
  • We create a template / or templates for you, then you just choose the template you wish to use and easily upload your pictures, fill in the articles with your own words, send yourself a test newsletter if you wish, then send to your subscriber list. Easy.
  • Easily add links into your newsletters yourself.
  • Subscriber lists that are so easy to manage, you can even have multiple lists for ease-of-use. What could be simpler?


FBthumbSmlStep 2.

Pay for a post on Facebook so it's guaranteed to go to ALL followers. The sooner the better! With changes in progress all the time, who knows what future posting prices will be?! - get in quick while posting prices are relatively low.   Your post could be an interesting graphic to intice interest, with a link to the subscriber page on your newsletter where they are encouraged to fill in their name and email to enjoy your future newsletters.

I would advise to keep your Facebook page, it is free social media marketing unless you are paying for posts, then you can pay for a post every now and then to encourage subscribing to your newsletter.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your website or newsletter needs, we are happy to advise on the best solution for your business needs. Visit our ActiveMail Email Marketing System page for more information on this innovative newletter system.

Visit our Content Writing page, if you would like to utilise our creative writers for articles in your newsletter, or content for your website.


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The trouble with Facebook changability vs reliable Website stability

The advantages of having a website rather than relying on free social media sites such as Facebook, are becoming more and more clear with new information that has come to light this week.

Is the Facebook user audience is on the decline? A report released this week shows that some 61 percent of Facebook users had taken a break from using the site for at least two weeks for a variety of reasons; from taking a break from the screes of gossip, drama, and irrelevant information, to the fact that many people seem to have realised they have been spending too much time on the site, and need to re-think their time allocations. Privacy and security concerns on Social Media sites have also received plenty of media coverage of late.

This shift in user activity may be due to the new charges that were launched in late 2012, where you must pay for the priviledge of having your posts reach all of your followers, or otherwise be satisfied that only a percentage of your randomly chosen followers will be seeing any of your posts at all.

This introduction of charges also had another effect, causing users to realise that websites of this type can change without notice in the form of charges, display and formats, even how they operate. Facebook offers you no control over how you can utilise this marketing tool. It's a take-it or leave-it social media platform with little or no stability.

For those who have spent vast amounts of time setting up their business pages and marketing hot spots on Facebook, it has come as a huge disappointment that free social media sites cannot be relied upon to work as they previously have. We have people just like this come to us and we are able to create a client-friendly, editable website for them, as well as the ability to have a Blog streaming through their site, and a customised Email Marketing Newsletter to reach their target audience.

The time to have your own website is now. Facebook is a free media site that can still offer benefits, but not stability. I would encourage everyone currently advertising on Facebook to invest in their own website where your followers can find your permanent, reliable internet presence when they want it.

I say it is time to action your own website presence now because you want to encourage your Facebook audience to sign-up to your Newsletter, and you want to do this NOW before Facebook change their charges or conditions on the way you can advertise to your followers.

Contact us today to discuss your website needs and how we can conceptualise, design and build a stunning website that will best reflect your style, as well as offering easy-to-use editable features allowing you to control, change and add your own content at your own convenience.

See our Portfolio page for examples of our previous website design projects.

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Best Blogs of 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

On thinking of a new blog topic to write about for 2013, I was scrolling through some of our older blogs and realised what a wealth of free website, design and hosting information we have available to you!

For your interest I have highlighted some of the best and most informative blog topics below. If any of them interest you simply click on the heading to go directly to that post or scroll down through all of our posts to locate them, and read on!

Posts listed in order of most recent to older entries.

  • How Much Should I Be Paying For Website Hosting? - an informative look at important aspects of website hosting and points to consider when looking for a reliable website hosting company.
  • Update Your Browser - offering some very encouraging information as to why keeping your browser updated is of benefit, and links for where to go to get updates.
  • Modern Marketing vs Traditional Marketing - offering both established and new ideas for marketing your business.
  • Is Your Website Climbing With Sales Or Sliding Downhill? - this post offers some great insights into looking at the purpose of having a website, and is a good checklist for you to see if your website is working for you.
  • Christchurch Website Design Process - excellent information detailing the process of website creation, letting you know exactly what to expect, and prompting ideas for focusing your website on your target market.
  • Activemail - Our Simple Email Marketing System - if you've ever wanted to send out regular emails to your clients, our ActiveMail system is one of the easiest to use. How do we know? Well, we use it ourselves of course. Read this post for more information on this excellent, online email marketing system.
  • Website Landing Pages - providing clear information on how 'landing pages' on your website can generate and encourage new traffic to your website. This is just one of the S.E.O. (Seasrch Engine Optimisation) services that we offer.
  • Website And Server Security - good information to know about the hosting of your website and the importance of ensuring your site is hosted on a secure New Zealand based server.
  • Graphic Design For Printing And Website Challenges - this post offers a variety of free design information, especially targeted at those who wish to create some of their own graphics to include on a website or for print, and details the requirements of both media.
  • Website Search Engine Optimisation - interesting introductory information on a variety of SEO services we have available.
  • Get Online: The Problem With Free Websites - this is as great post for anyone tempted by "free" offers, read on to know just what you could be getting yourself into.

We hope the information provided in our posts is both interesting and informative, and we encourage you to contact us if you would like any further information on any of the topics we write about, or for any other queries regarding website creation, graphic design, digital printing and offset printing, or any of our other services like iPhone or iPad apps and SEO services.

We wish you all the best for a successful and productive 2013 !!

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Surviving the Facebook conspiracy - the truth behind Facebook


- the truth behind Facebook and the new fees for posting

Facebook has been and will continue to be, a great source of free marketing for businesses. But as some of us have just learned the hard way, Facebook as an alternative to your own website is a mistake.

As you will now be aware, Facebook has just recently added fees to their site, so that for your posts to reach all of your fans you are now required to pay-per-post, otherwise only about 1/4 of your fans are even seeing your posts at all.

Facebook can still be used as a source of free media, but the reality is that the rug can be pulled out from under you again at any time. You have very few rights when using Facebook and no input as to what fees or changes may arise in future. Additionally your posts are not going to reach all your fans unless you pay whatever amount Facebook deems necessary. But why do we think we should have control over something that is by nature, a free resource? Perhaps we have been naive to think that social media would remain free, as no other advertising method has.

This new pay-per-post feature is being called Facebook's "Promoted Posts" feature, and comes at a cost dependent on the amount of recipients you wish to post to.  This same feature is available to individual users who use Facebook as a non-related media source, offering to make your posts available to your whole friend list rather than just the small percentage that now receives your updates. Ironically these new charges come at a time when Facebook's shares have dropped dramatically, and right on the heels of what some might call their "IPO disaster", and subsequently there has been a lot of speculation on the timing and reasons behind these new fees.

Although Facebook have been clear on what these this new pay-per-post feature offers, they have not stated WHY we are now being charged for something that has been a free resource for so long. I believe that in making these changes many loyal Facebook users are now waiting for a Facebook alternative so they can once again enjoy the openness of free Social Media with more stability and less surprises. The lesson we must take away from this experience is that in future there will be NO GUARANTEES that Social Media sites such as Facebook will not flip the coin on their processes, fees, and your rights as a user.


Here's what we suggest; if you have spent copious amounts of time arranging your Facebook page to just how you want it, attracting hundreds or thousands of fans - then like so many others you will be feeling the frustration of these new Facebook fees while your posts will only be reaching a very small percentage of your fans.

What we advise is taking advantage of those fans who are already interested in you, and enticing them over to your website. Don't have a website? Then Contact Us today and we will talk you through the process, and get your started on having your own permanent place in the world of online marketing.

Enticing people to your website may require that yes, you need to pay for a post or two on Facebook, to ensure you get the message out to ALL of your fans; that they can now visit your website and be guaranteed to see all of what you have to offer, not to mention that having a website increases the legitimacy of your business, and offers up your website as a permanent port in the storm of online advertising.

• Talk to us about creating a website for you. We are passionate about building websites, mobile website, iPhone or iPad applications and a larger range of online marketing tools to help you promote your products and services. See our Website Portfolio Page for examples of our website design excellence.

• Apply your Facebook Marketing skills and enthusiasm to your website. Take what you have learned about marketing through free Social Media sites, along with your enthusiasm about connecting with your client base, and let us work with you to take advantage of and improve, these marketing methods.

• Offer something to entice your Facebook Fans to your website. You will likely need something more than just "visit my website" to transfer your Facebook fans to your website. Some sort of offer, teaser or sweetener may provide the necessary motivation to encourage them to follow you. A printable voucher or similar special may be just the ticket to pulling all your Facebook fans through to your website, and we can work with you to find just the right Pied Piper to lead your fans directly to you.

• Keep posting via a newsletter. Encourage your fans to 'subscribe' to your newsletter. We have a fabulous newsletter system called "ActiveMail" that is so easy to use you probably won't even believe me till you see it! We create a newsletter template for you, working with you to get the look and layout that suits you, so you can add your own articles and images and send out to your clients as often as you wish.

• Keep posting via a Blog on your website. Keep up your posts hourly, daily, whenever you wish by having your own blog on your site. We will show you how to create keyword-rich text that search engines can pickup on to both generate more traffic and keep the interest of your current fan base.

• Stream your Twitter feed through your site. Again using keywords and moments of interest, fed through your site, to stream your fans back to you. Twitter is enjoying a boom while many of us are Tweeting about all kinds of business events and activities from open days to new product launches, keeping our client base up to date and INVOLVED.


• Legitimise your business and run your business properly with your own website. Let's face it, running your business solely through Facebook, TradeMe, or any other such free Social Media site does not generate faith in your legitimacy as a business. People are taking a "risk" on you, and customers are more likely to believe in your value and reliability if you have a website with clear communication on who you are, where you are, and how to contact you in the event that sales do not go smoothly.

• You have more control over the look of your site. You make the decisions on what you want in a website, and we will show you the options available to you, and guide you along the way. Our goal is for you to have a site that you're proud of.

• You are not at the mercy of "fad" Social Media sites. If a site becomes unpopular, stop using it. Generate interest that will direct back to your own website from your own site, or from a different Social Media site. In that way you will remain up-to-date, and will not be at the mercy of sites that have become greedy or unpopular by investing all your time posting on sites people no longer visit.

• You have control of the features you wish to have available to your fans and clients. We have many options available such as creating a Mobile-friendly version of your website, portfolio pages, eCommerce sites for selling your products online, full editable access for you the client, our ActiveMail email system and more!

• Be aware of the costs of creating and hosting your own website. We will layout exactly what's involved in having your own site, with no surprise charges or changes that may leap out at you in future such as what you may experience from Social Media sites turned greedy.

• You can have a website that YOU can edit yourself. Your website will be more editable than Facebook in that you can have access to the whole content and can make changes to the information displayed at any time, or our friendly team can update the site for you at your convenience. Training on editing your site is included in our website packages.

• Facebook is not under your control. Whereas your own website would be, and the Activate Design team is here to offer full support for your ongoing website needs.

• Anything you post to Facebook belongs to Facebook - in that they can use your images for their own marketing, as you gave them permission to do so when you signed up. This is not so when having your own site. Your website will be SECURE and all your files remain your own.

There has been many successful business stories come out of the free marketing that is available on Social Media sites such as Facebook, so we know that online marketing works. What is now frustrating for so many of us, is that the time and effort that you have put into making Social Media work for you, can so easily be taken away by corporate decision making beyond your control.

I like think of it like this, anchor yourself with a website of your own, where content remains in your control and where you can rely on it always being there. Where you can change or edit, refresh or re-brand, add and remove products and alter pricing at your own convenience, and have the peace of mind that the website is YOURS.

Once securely anchored with your own website then by all means, go sailing in the sea of Social Media, utilising Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blog, UTube, and any other sites that take your fancy - knowing as you do so no matter what may change on those sites, the interest you are working to generate will be diverting back to your permanent website. Your website becomes your lighthouse in the storm of constantly changing Social Media.

Lighthouse Storm Banner




Visit our Website Portfolio page for examples of our website creativity and production experience.

CONTACT US to discuss having a new website created, updating your existing website, or leading your current Facebook fans over to your website.

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Modern Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Modern Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Print is not dead. Just to put that statement right there, out in front.

At Activate Design we are web designers and web developers, we make software applications for iPhones and iPads and even iPhone versions of websites and iPad versions of websites. We know the technology because we develop the technology and THROUGH this technology the marketing of your company is accessible, FAST, available on a variety of platforms and EASILY UPDATEABLE!

But is all this technology better than traditional marketing methods?

I think to answer that question we need to look at how our consumers shop for the products and services that they need. But I can tell you this, our graphic designer is kept VERY busy creating flyers, brochures, business cards and banners for local Christchurch business and many other business around New Zealand. Print is very much alive and kicking.


1. Radio Ads. People still listen to the radio and radio advertising still works.

2. TV Adverts. Most of us still watch some television, so that method of advertising remains relevant.

3. Circulars. Most of us still receive circulars, so print will continue to have this edge on marketing for as long as we can put up it filling up our letterboxes.

4. Flyers. We still like to pick up a flyer when it takes our interest, so printing is ever popular. By this I do not refer to circulars, but the brochures we see available in our salons, our coffee shops, our art shops, video rental stores, even our hardware stores. The printing of flyers will endure because it is less "in your face" than television or radio advertising - which is harder to ignore and therefore MORE ANNOYING. Advertising by the use of flyers retains a customers sense of privacy, allowing them to browse products/services in their own time, and offering them something free that they can take away with them. Also giving you the chance to add your website address, physical address, contact details and other information to further tempt them to you. If a brochure is done right, a customer may pin it to their wall or stick it on a fridge - which is a sure sign that YOUR PRINT MARKETING IS A SUCCESS!

5. Business cards. You don't have a business card? Contact us quick! Business cards are a tool that will forever endure, and whether you believe me or not you should have business cards on you right now! You never know when someone you meet will want to grab your details in a second - after all, handing over a card takes a second of your time, it takes a lot longer to add a note or contact into a cellphone!


1. Websites. For an increasing number of us, the internet is the FIRST place we check to find products, services, contact numbers, business trading hours, maps, and a whole lot more. If it were up to me, websites would be on the top of the marketing methods list. You've just got to have one these days, because if you don't - your competitors sure will, and you've lost customers before you even knew they were looking for you.

2. eCommerce Websites. In addition to just having a website, selling from your website (as in, having an eCommerce website) is just taking the convenience that one step further. Having a personable website is pushing your potential even higher! And what I mean by personable is that you need to let your customers know that there is a person there, behind the scenes - in case anything goes wrong with a sale, and just so they know who they are dealing with. For me, one of the off-putting thing about eCommerce sites is that there are no names or faces for me to associate the business with. It's like doing business with a machine! And what happens if the machine breaks? You need to sell your products online but just as importantly, you need to sell you, your business, and the sense that your business, products and services can be TRUSTED. Trust me on this.

3. Video advertising through websites / youtube. What better way to show how to use your products, to demonstrate your knowledge, to add interest to a product or service, to direct people to your site, to make people laugh (or cry) and share your video with others than to get our snazzy team to create a short video to showcase your awesomeness. Just saying, there's a lot of untapped potential there... How would your company benefit from a short video? Take a look at our Website Video page for more info.

4. Facebook and Twitter. With both of these marketing platforms, the technology is continually developing to make this FREE marketing worthwhile for your business. Adding these as links to your site is also of benefit, and nowdays you can even stream your tweets through your site - very appealing if done right. (We can do it right - contact us today.)

Now let's take a wee stroll into ;


strolling... strolling...

1. Downloadable Coupons - coupons can now be downloaded or sent to cellphones. This negates the need for a printed coupon and means a customer can simply show a coupon from their phone to get a discount. Companies are getting ahead of this technology by creating online vouchers to send to their clients.

2. iPhone websites / iPad websites / Mobile sites - these are reduced versions of your website that we can create, so that your customers can easily view your website on their own portable technology, encouraging sales and visits and marketing your products.

3. eCommerce websites / websites selling products online - in the realms of convenience eCommerce sites are growing ever more popular. From used goods to beauty products to ordering your groceries, the popularity of buying online is a growth industry so if this is something your business has the potential to do - contact us today so we can work with you to create an eCommerce site for you.

These are just a few things that are going to have an impact on how we shop and whom we choose to buy from. Are you ahead of the game? Are you keeping up? Would you like to contact us to talk about how we can put a rocket pack on your company and boost you into the technology age? Sound like fun? It sure does to us because marketing through BOTH traditional and modern technology is what we do... is what we do darn well.

Even if this is all new to you, give us a call to discuss the future of your business. As well as marketing we can refresh or rebrand your business, design your stationary, offer an EASY TO USE email marketing system so you can contact your client base, we can design, develop and host a website for you, we can do almost anything given a chance! We have the team, the passion and enthusiasm and the skill - now we just need YOU!

See our Graphic Design Portfolio and our Website Portfolio for further proof of how awesome we are.. in case you're not yet convinced.

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Is your website climbing with sales and visitor numbers or sliding downhill?

Does your website fit the purpose for which it is intended? Having a website for your business, whether large or small, these days is a must.

Has your website gotten out of hand? Has it grown beyond it’s intended purpose and lost its clarity and effectiveness?

At Active Design we live and breathe good website design. We know what works and what doesn’t. We have the skills and experience to create beautiful, attractive looking websites, and we know the workings behind website creation and the ways and means to increase traffic to your site. We know how to write clever, keyword-rich content to ensure the people who are looking for you make that connection. We are always creating new websites as well as upgrading older sites to keep things fresh and new. We are passionate about what we do and can whip your website into better shape!

Has your website lost if effectiveness and purpose?

Contact our friendly team here at Activate to re-focus your site on it’s true purpose – to provide awareness of the products and services you provide, to offer your contact information and company information clearly and quickly, and to increase sales for your company. Don't put up with a stale website! Let us cook up new website design to satisfy any business style and taste.

Not sure if your website is performing at it’s best? Have a look at these questions to see if your website comes up to scratch or whether it needs some attention. Have a think about the job your website is doing for you; has it gotten old and out of date? Can it be revived or is it time to refresh, rebrand, and launch yourself into the competitive ranks of modern website business? Take a look at our online website design portfolio for some refreshing website design ideas.

  • Would you choose your business with only your website as an introduction? That's a good question, if I do say so myself. This may prompt you to have a look at some of your competitors websites to see where you stand. Does your site reflect who you are as a business, and at the same time being welcoming and clearly informative? And fast - don't forget fast! Website browsing is now the #1 place to find businesses because it is the quickest! Does your site keep up to speed with the others or crawl along, causing your visitors to back right out again rather than wait for graphics, etc, to load? Take a look at our website portfolio for examples.
  • Does you site introduce your company clearly? Is your company name is recognisable and clear? Are your contact details easily visable and up to date? Does your website shout; This Is Us!!? For me personally, diving into a site to find the contact details is usually the reason I'm there, and if a site is clean, clear and easy to read, I might stay a while to read more. Can you grab the attention and curiosity of your fast-browsing website audience?
  • Is there clear navigation to enable quick access to your information? If your website is, for example, for a garden centre, can I find out about lawn maintenance from a menu button or will I leave disappointed, having navigated through screes of irrelevant information? We can add clever content and split your information up into pages, making the right information quick and easy to locate.
  •  Is your logo immediately visible – and of good quality? A pixelated or low resolution logo says more about your company than you probably want to know. It's not good. When presenting your company present everything as professionally and consistently as possible to give the best possible impression. Contact us right now if your logo does not project the high standards of your business! Visit our online logo design portfolio to see examples of our logo design and marketing.
  •  Has your website been proof-read and thoroughly checked for errors? Industry professionals cannot afford even the smallest mistake on their site – after all, if the attention to detail isn’t there on your own website, how do we know you will lift your standards for a customer? If your site is error-free, you are showing your standards are already high, and this will sell your professionalism and follow-through to your customer. Your website reflects how you feel about your own business, and by association, how you feel about other people’s business. Contact me today to proof read every inch of your website, and to create new, refreshing content for your site - error free!
  •  Does your website use Flash? Flash is now old technology. Steve Jobs made certain of that. Flash is no longer compatible with many platforms and though it may look cool when viewing on your computer – what does it look like on an iPad or iPhone? These platforms are becoming more common, and so fast it's hard to keep up with! We would be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss how to make your website effective on all platforms. We can even create targeted versions of your website that devices such as iPhones can auto-detect, and will access - rather than trying to load your main site. Technology is getting very clever but don't worry, we're pretty clever too.
  •  Does your site have images that detract from or enhance the content? Your website images are there to grab attention, to show in seconds what you can offer. They are there to impress, to show off, and to lead to the content that you really want the customer to read. Are they working for you or against you? Are they relevant or distracting?
  • Does your site have video clips? Done right, video clips are a great way to educate and catch the interest of web surfers that perhaps aren’t interested in reading your content. Is your video ready to play when a web surfer clicks on it? Does it play automatically, often annoying the person who has just entered your site and often causing them to bounce right out again. Same goes for background website music – no, no and no. See our video for website page for more information on taking advantage of promoting and educating through video for web.
  • Does your site have a main focal point? Do you know what people see first? Where does the eye of the viewer travel after landing on that first point? Is your website designed in such a way as to offer information in the best order or does a website surfer get lost in the maze of your online information.

Are you going to call us yet?

Here's the number just in case: 0800 30 8996.

Website content is often overlooked in favour of the design and layout of a site. As most of us know, the look of a website is the first decider for a web surfer, to see whether or not they can clearly read and understand the information shown. A clutter of information and pop-up advertising may cause web surfers to bounce right back out of a website in favour of a cleaner, more accessible and easy to navigate site.

Once you've grabbed a web surfer's attention through your mind-blowingly well designed website (click here for examples of such), your information needs to have a similar impact. Website content that is clearly written, key-word rich, and written by someone with a knowledge of all the aspects of your business that you wish to showcase, and a good knowledge of how search engines work to target those little suckers, then we simply ensure it is broken down into bite-sized little pieces and listed under clear navigation.

There are certain other factors that make a website effective, see our S.E.O. Services page on how to increase traffic and, by effect, sales to your website.

We'd also like to encourage you to get in touch with us, have a cup of tea and a bit of a sit down while we discuss how we can utilise our design skills, copy writing talents, developer skills, print and marketing capacity, programming cleverness, proof reading savvy (have I forgotten anything?), focusing on making your website get back to climbing up that hill in it's constant job to get ahead of the race and bring you the attention and recognition your business deserves.

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Christchurch Website Design Process

The Process of Having a Website Created

Having a website created can be a daunting concept for some people, so I have tried here to simplify the process for those who have not had a website or online presence before; a beginners guide to websites, website design and web hosting. We create Christchurch websites and websites for the Canterbury region, as we are a website company based in Christchurch. We can also work with you to create a website for companies New Zealand wide, utilising the many forms of communication available to keep in touch and arrange online meetings.

STAGE 1 - INITIAL MEETING. What to expect when discussing the initial concept ;

Website Basic Concept : By all means if you have an idea of the design concept for your website make some notes to bring to the first meeting. It’s a great idea to have a look at other websites to see what you like and don’t like about whats around. Note down any features that catch your eye, even colours that stand out. Having an idea of what you want gives us a head start at meeting your requirements, and can speed up the planning process.

Website Content : At a first meeting we are finding out the products and services you have to offer and how to advertise them online in the best possible light. We are working out the aspects of what you do and perhaps sketching out some major topics which would later become separate pages on a website. Splitting information up into chapters or tabs is a good way to clarify what you do, and is much less confusing for your clients as they can jump to a particular topic rather than have to scan through all your information to find what they need.

Your Online Target Audience : We need to find out who your target audience are, and the best way to showcase your products and services in a way that best advertises your ability to meet their needs. Your online target market will directly influence the design and the language of your website, and the look and feel of the design and content management is how we achieve this.

Are you aiming at families with children? Industry professionals? Companies in the Canterbury region or the rest of New Zealand? Are you aiming your web content to those who already know about your area of industry, or introducing your profession or product as a new concept that needs a higher level of introduction and explanation? Corporate or industrial, professional or casual, these factors will play a part in making sure your website appeals to the right kind of target market.

Time Frame And Budget : At this first meeting we would be asking about your time frame and your budget. Do you have any events coming up for which you need your site to be ready for? Are you involved in any convention or event where you would want to be handing out your website address to gain new business? This could extend into our printing service whereby you may need business cards or flyers printed for a specific event. Having a time frame and a budget is a good thing to think about when extending your business into an online platform.

Domains, Website Hosting and Email : Firstly, a domain name. Do you have one? If not we would need to discuss an appropriate name for your site to get the process started. A domain name is an essential part of having a website as it is the signpost that directs people to your site. Having a domain name involves an annual registration fee of around $30.00, which we can arrange for you. Planning forward for when your website is ready to go online, we will offer you secure website hosting service, on our own New Zealand based server, with the ability to offer you secure email accounts to match your website at our website design christchurch company.

STAGE 2 - QUOTE After running through these initial concepts and working out the best way to meet your business needs, we would provide you with a quote, which will be emailed to you with a break-down of the costs involved. On approval of the quote and a 50% deposit we would proceed with your project.

STAGE 3 - DESIGN With great enthusiasm for a new web project we dive into your website preparation. We put the new site up on a temporary domain for viewing only, without all the working parts such as roll-over button changes or click-through links just yet. Typically we place ‘placeholder’ text and images, to indicate the layout and style of the design, and we can temporarily add an ‘under construction’ page to your real domain, so you won’t miss out on clients finding you in the meantime. When the initial stages of layout come together we welcome you to view the concept creation in its temporary domain location.

Be Involved In The Process : At your own pace you can be involved in the website design process, let us know of any changes of layout and design as the site evolves, and providing us with your context text and any images you wish to include, and we're convenient to contact for website design in Christchurch. We can source images for you, and also offer a copy writing service if you want us to apply our skills in this area. Writing copy for web is a service we offer if you are unsure how to promote yourself in writing. We can chat with you over the phone or arrange a meeting to gain the knowledge of what you do, and turn that into clever, detailed information for your customers to gain insight into your business. Usually splitting this offer into chapters or ‘tabs’ on your website, to give customers easy access to the information they require. The design phase of your site usually takes several weeks, dependent on the size and requirements of your site.

STAGE 4 - DEVELOPMENT Once we have a layout and style that best communicates to your potential and existing clients your unique business identity, then our website developer integrates your design into a content management system (C.M.S.). We get graphic aspects of your site working so all the navigation buttons work and any moving banners or video content and links are active, and it’s all put together into a polished working website. At this stage we add any email accounts that you have requested.

STAGE 5 - CONTENT LOADING Once the site is on a working platform, we load the graphic aspects of your site - text and images, into the C.M.S. and schedule a ‘switch over’ date to smoothly transition your site to our live hosting service, or your chosen provider.

COMPLETION At this final stage we invoice you for the remainder of the agreed quote for your website. We recommend a scheduled meeting for some training on how to log-in and edit your unique content (which some our sites can be built to allow), and get your familiar with the content management system. Alternatively we can manage your content and any future updates for you, if you prefer just to phone or email us with future alterations. This service will incur small fees charged on a time basis only.

SUMMARY These days if you don’t have an online presence you are missing out a lot of potential business. At Activate we want to give you the chance to connect to those who are looking for you online, because people will go online first to find a business or service they require. It is faster, easier, and all around more convenient to find what you are looking for online by web surfing, than it is to look on a map or in a phone book. So here’s a quick summary of main points to think about, before contacting us to assist with your website creation :

  • What are your unique products and services that you wish to market online?
  • Who are your target market?
  • Do you have an idea of time frame?
  • Do you have a budget?
  • What domain name would best signpost your website?
  • Would you like us to manage the registration of your domain name?
  • Would you like us to host your website?
  • Would you like an email account or accounts to accompany your website?
  • When would it suit you to arrange an initial meeting?

From there on we will provide a quote, create a design concept, manage any changes required, develop the site foundation, then add the content and the email or hosting services as requested, and you are up and running!

For more information or to arrange a meeting and begin the process or having a website designed in Christchurch, please feel free to give us a call, or send us an email. Your may wish to view our online website portfolio, to gain an idea of the our unique design quality and creativity. Call us today to make an appointment to meet with the team at our Christchurch Website Design Company.

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ActiveMail - our simple email marketing system.

Send beautifully designed email newsletters to your customers by utilising our clear and simple email marketing software system.

In choosing this service we can create a unique template or templates for your company, including your logo and brand, company colours, and any features to ensure your newsletter is recognized as your own. Then with the click of a few buttons you can create your own unique newsletter, easily add links to your website or links to your email contact, and add images to suit.

Another unique feature of ActiveMail is that your newsletters can be saved as drafts. This means you can have newsletters on the go until you are ready to send them, perhaps building them up slowly with products of interest or events as they happen.

Once you have chosen to send your newsletter you can utilize the powerful analytic tools of this program. These tools allow you to see many statistics of each email campaign, for example, how many people have opened your email, how many have followed links and which links were most popular, as well as being able to see how many unsubscribed, and how many forwarded your email to a friend. This statistical information can be very handy in knowing which areas of your business are generating the most interest, which products or services are the most popular and what people are recommending or would like more information about.

This feedback our newsletter system can offer you will help focus your company, your website content, and your business structure to meet the needs and interests of your client base, all the while encouraging their input and welcoming their responses to what is offered, and perhaps most importantly - keeping the lines of communication open. An accessible company is a very desirable one to work with. A company you never hear from usually leads to loss of sales and clients looking elsewhere. Email marketing will encourage brand loyalty to you and your company through better communication.

Keep in contact with your client base today by giving us a call to discuss creating a beautiful email template for you through out ActiveMail system. You will be pleasantly surprised just how easy it is to create informative, stylish and beautifully presented newsletters offering your services to the world.

ActiveMail was originally created as a solution to the many and varied email campaign systems available today, some of which can be very difficult and frustrating to use, with ugly templates and hard-to-decipher navigation. Yes there are many email systems on the market but none as easy to manage or clearly accessible as ActiveMail, our unique email marketing software system.

ActiveMail make the process of sending targeted email campaigns to your clients, one that is easy and enjoyable. Contact us about ActiveMail today.

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Graphic Design for Printing and Website Challenges

We’re not a printing company that does websites.                                                                         We’re not a website company that does print.        

We are a Graphic Design Agency that has been doing both website design and development and graphic design and printing, since our launch in 2003.

We have so much combined experience in both related industries that we can smoothly design for both mediums and fully understand the requirements and difficulties of both.

As an example, we would design a logo primarily for print - and then that logo can be converted for website use. The reason for this is that print requires a very high resolution (usually vector image - which retains it’s quality at any size), whereas web requires a much smaller resolution as it will be viewed on a screen. Print is a hard medium for quality control, and special care must be taken to have correctly sized, excellent quality images because it is very easy to spot a drop in quality and inconsistency on the printed page.

When you start with a small graphic and wish to re-size, especially an graphic that is low resolution, the process of re-sizing is not always the right one. When you re-size an graphic, all you will achieve is a stretching of the graphic. The resolution of an graphic is based on the number of pixels contained in the graphic, so when increasing the graphic size, this process will not create new pixels, it will only increase the size of the pixels in your existing graphic by stretching them. The best way to ensure your graphics for print are of excellent high quality is to ensure you have large graphics to start with. Graphics for print need to be around 300dpi (dots per inch), and compared to images for on-screen viewing these need to be only 72dpi.

How this translates into website design and graphic design for print, is that if you have your marketing material designed simply for the web - and you to translate your marketing medium into print, all your graphics will look blurry or blocky, giving a bad presentation of your business. At Activate Design we have a clear knowledge of these processes, and can work with you to design either for website-only, or for print-only, or with the foresight to design for both mediums, starting with higher-resolution graphics and logos at print specification, then creating smaller, optimised versions of these graphics and logos for use on your website or online newsletter mediums.

To help those in the know, here’s some information on the two main types of graphic images;

Bitmap Graphics Axes Raster GraphicsThese are also known as raster images and are made up of pixels - tiny dots of individual colours that make up the image, like a photograph. It is hard to resize this image type without sacrificing image quality. When you downsize an image of this type you are essentially throwing away pixels. When you enlarge an image the software has to try to create new pixels, by estimating the colour values of the new pixels based on surrounding pixels. This process is known as ‘interpolation’, and is not an ideal process, often resulting in a blurry image. The best way to handle bitmap images is to start with the largest image possible and downside it for each required application.

Main Characteristics of Raster Graphics;

  • Pixels are in a grid format.
  • The quality of a bitmap image depends on the resolution.
  • Resizing for a large graphic reduces the quality.


Vector Graphics Axes Vector GraphicsThese graphics are made up lines and curves, shapes with easily editable characteristics like outlines colours and fills. Fonts are the most well known vector graphics. They consist of single, easily scalable objects. A vector graphic can be modified without changing the quality, and is a very flexible format in the way you can use ‘controlling handles’ in design software to stretch out, move and change an object. This format is not suitable for photo-type images as they are made up of solid areas of colour.

Main Characteristics of Vector Graphics;

  • Easily re-sizable.
  • Clean lines.
  • Resoution independent.
  • Can easily be converted to bitmap.

We can design your logo, business image, stationary and convert this into an online medium. Visit the Graphic Design page at for more information on graphic design, and some introductory prices. View our Website Page for information on our cost effective CMS or eCommerce or websites.

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Branding Colours and Graphic Design for Christchurch New Zealand

Changing the colour of your branding can be a bold step. But you need to first ask yourself if you want to select a new colour or modify the existing look by adding a colour. This is based on the principal of whether or not you want customers to associate the old with the new, keeping with your traditional look or launching into a new business persona.

For example; you could have an existing car company that uses yellow in it’s logo and stationary - do you want to update the colour and refresh your brand by moving to a yellow and blue combination? Or completely start over and go with a green? Making this choice will be making a statement about your business. Are you wanting to blast off in a new direction and make a bold new decision about the look of your company, or keep with your existing look and feel while updating and letting your clients know you are changing with the times?

Branding is something we are here to assist with, but not a business decision that that should be taken lightly. We advise you to think very carefully about the colours that best represent you and the products and services you offer, and we will use our expertise to assist this decision and update your identity through design and creative innovation.

If you are a product-based company, do your products have colour and brand connection? This is an area where your consumers will make unconscious choices on which brands they buy, based on colour effectively communicating with a brand. An example of this would be if you were a toothpaste producer - your consumers would expect a blue or a green colour, perhaps with a highlight of yellow or orange. They would not react well to brown, red or black packaging as those colours do not associate well with toothpaste in the minds of consumers. This is a tricky situation, in which your product needs to stand out from it’s competition, but also must maintain a colour - brand connection.

In a similar fashion you would not use blue or green to package a bread product - but there are always exceptions to the rule. As we control the process from design to print, we understand the print processes that are involved in creating your brand and packaging, and as such we can assist with innovations in design, colour and investing some new life into your business and the image you wish to portray to your consumers.

Contact us to discuss investing new life into your company, products, branding and printed stationary and signage. We are graphic designers, web designers, and print specialists with years of experience in helping new zealand business grow.

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