Connecting Groups With Websites

We were recently contacted by a Christchurch-based creative organisation who were struggling with online resources that were limiting member access, updates and involvement. Here is their story and the solution that gave them everything they needed, simply and cost-effectively.

Is it okay that I only have a Blog for my Business or Organisation?

This is the question were were asked initially. The organisation was only using a Blog to reach all members of their group. This was working well for a time, except that the link to the blog needed to be manually emailed to every person each time a new Blog was added. If there was any update to the information contained in the Blog, all members had to be emailed again.

Emailing the link to the Blog was also risking the possibility of the member's email account being blacklisted, especially as the member list increases. Large amounts of bulk email being sent from one email address raises warning flags and may result in your email as been marked as a spam source.

In this case also, the link to the Blog - it's actual address - was very long and complicated. Once the group members had visited the Blog and deleted the email, they found they could not find the Blog again! Without easy access to an online reference of the groups events, members simply could not find out what was going on, and could not contact anyone except by phone/email to find out. This was putting a lot of pressure on the one person who was the main contact at that time.

Having a business Blog is a fantastic way of reaching your target audience, as well as attracting attention from the wider public. The trick of it is - where is your blog located? Is it easy for new and existing members or customers to find it online? Or do you need to email a blog link direct to each contact, every time you post a new blog? Would it make more sense to have your Blog available through your website, making it is simple to locate while drawing people to visit your website more often? And when they visit, you have more opportunity to advertise and advise on additional information, events and more.

Beautiful young woman reading from her ipad while enjoying her cappuccino at a coffee shopThe Solution For This Organisation Was A Website

By creating a cost-effective website for this organisation, we created for them a permanent home for their group.

The website provided the following advantages for all members:

  • A Website is easy to find: Members of the organisation could always find the website to check anytime for updates and changes to events. The website became a great and easy reference to direct potential members too, for more information.
  • It's so simple to contact people through a website: Members and non-members could easily contact the right people through the website contact form, and using clearly layed-out contact details supplied on the website. This is perfect for a website for a craft organisation or non-profit organisation to keep in touch online, without lots of phone calls back and forth.
  • Social Media traffic has a permanent place to call home. With a website, people who heard about this group from their Facebook page and Blog now had a place where they can go to find ALL of the information they want. Have you ever tried to find contact details and opening hours on a Facebook page? It's not fun.
  • The website content and images are editable by the group. The website was created in our unique cms (content management system) which is straightforward and simple to edit for all users. Having a website they could edit meant that the members could update their own information without incurring extra costs for changes. We also provided assistance with our Content Writing Service, to have well written and effective targeted content to ensure good initial rankings. Images and content could be changed independently, and the number of pages they could add to reflect their growing organisation was unlimited. In addition we offer Photography Services wherever required.
  • Members can choose who has admin access. This meant they can decide within the group who will be responsible for updating the website - ie. information and events. This could be several people not just one, rather than everybody - to keep things manageable.
  • Additional functionality could be added anytime. As the group came to rely on having a website, and to reference it for each event, it was the next logical step to add Calendar functionality. The organisation came to us for a way of listing upcoming events in a simple way, and we discussed the option of linking a Google Calendar into their website, but ended up creating a new calendar that is unique to them, directly on their new website.
  • A website that can be viewed on all devices. We coded the website 'responsive' to cater to the new generation of members who used their mobile phones and iPads to go online, rather than a desktop computer. What is a responsive website? A responsive website is a website that has been coded using a 'responsive framework'. A responsive website will automatically restructure it's layout and text size based on the size of the screen it is being viewed on. This means that regardless of the device they are using, members of the group and outside viewers will have the best possible experience viewing the site. This is great if you want to show someone your new site while out and about or at meetings, on your mobile device.

If you have a small craft group, non-profit organisation or are a sole trader or business and you are relying on Facebook, Twitter, a Blog or other social media just to keep in touch, then you are probably not reaching all of your members, or letting the general public know about you to encourage future members!

Contact Us to find out about the process of having an editable content management system to open up your organisation more effectively to all.

We also offer Graphic Design and Printing Services for all your complimentary print requirements such as members forms, docket books, letterheads, membership cards, business cards, promotional bookmarks and postcards, posters and more.

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