Why Your Website Needs SEO Now More Than Ever

seo and web design

If you have a business and you have a website, then you’ve probably heard about SEO and how important it is. SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation, is a group of techniques and best practices that aim to help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Essentially, modern SEO is how search engines—primarily Google—keep their results fair. If your website works hard to provide helpful content to users, then your page/s will show up on top or at least on the first page. For this reason alone, you should definitely invest in good website SEO services, who can help you with the three main components of SEO: on-page, off-page, and technical.

On-page is what you do on your own website, such as writing SEO-friendly content and optimizing images. Off-page SEO, on the other hand, refers to anything done on other websites such as link building to improve your authority. Finally, technical SEO involves optimising website load speed and configuring your website to ensure that search engines can crawl and index it without any issues.

If you aren’t doing all of the above for your business website yet, then it’s time to do so. Through good SEO, your business can enjoy a heap of benefits:

It Improves Your Visibility

The internet can be full of clutter, especially with more and more businesses popping up. In New Zealand alone, there are more than 550,000 enterprises as of February 2020, a 1.7 percent increase from the previous year.

Now imagine even just half of those 550,000+ enterprises each having a website. How will your own appear in search results? How will your target audience know about you when they likely won’t be clicking past the first SERPs?

With good SEO, your visibility dramatically increases. This means that more potential customers will see your content, visit your website, and make a purchase or inquiry.  

It Builds Credibility

As previously mentioned, hundreds of thousands of internet users barely click on the second or third results pages of search engines. That’s because it’s implied that those on the first SERP are the trustworthy ones. The customer’s thinking is that, because the search engine ranked these specific pages higher, then they must be authorities on the subject they’re searching for.

Through the help of good SEO, you will continue to improve your rankings, building your credibility and increasing your relevance to the audience.

It Increases Web Traffic

One of the direct effects of improved visibility and credibility of your website is increased website traffic, which further increases your exposure and awareness.. This is certainly beneficial, particularly for e-commerce sites. After all, how will customers avail your products and services if they don’t know that your business exists?

Do note that the surge in traffic may not all be relevant visits at first. However, as long as you keep doing SEO the right way, a big chunk of your traffic will soon be composed of potential customers and repeat visitors

It Helps You Get to Know Your Customers

As the number of visitors to your website increases, the data you have about your customers will become more robust and reliable. As a result, you can get a clearer glimpse of their likes, their online habits, and their behaviour on your site. You can then use this data to create more appealing, relevant content.

As a business owner, it’s important for you to get to know your customers. If you’re aware of their likes, their online habits, and their behaviour on your site, you can continuously provide what they want, resulting in customer satisfaction and ultimately fosters loyalty.

The data you derive from your website can also be used to address your customer’s pain points. For example, if you notice that people tend to abandon their carts right when they’re about to choose a payment method, perhaps you can add more options. This improvement in customer experience can translate to improvement in credibility.

It Improves Customer Experience

Customers love helpful sites that are quick to load and easy to navigate. With proper SEO, you can accommodate all of these and more. That’s because most, if not all, SEO best practices are geared towards improving the customer experience. These include mobile optimisation, faster loading speeds, and relevant, non-duplicate content. 

Technology evolves incredibly quickly nowadays and the way people use technology evolves with it. That’s why SEO must be an ongoing endeavour. You can’t just do it for a few months and then completely forget about it later on. This will lower your rankings and can even push you beyond the second or third SERP. The key here is doing SEO right and doing it consistently. This way, you can climb to the top of search engine rankings and stay there.

Ultimately, SEO is something that all businesses should be doing. That’s because with good SEO, everybody wins.