Top 5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Consider Mobile Apps

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If you’re a small business owner, chances are you benefit from technology more than larger enterprises. You probably use online accounting apps like Xero to manage your invoicing and accounts, social media platforms to market and promote your business and cloud services like Dropbox for file transfers and storage.

Mobility will be important to you—with smartphones and laptops, you can operate your business anywhere, anytime. So doesn’t it make sense to provide your customers with this same convenience through your very own small business mobile app?

Here are the five solid reasons why mobile app development should be on your ‘to -do’ list in 2018:

1. You’re in Control

When promoting your business on social media, you have less control over what your potential clients will see. Sure they might see your targeted ad on social media—right next to your competitor’s ad. A mobile app allows you to market directly without the ‘noise’ and distractions.

2. App Usage is Increasing

There’s no argument—desktop is out and mobile is in. This means your traditional website is less likely to be the first ‘port of call’ for your potential clients. A recent study by Research firm comScore showed that millennials spend 90 hours a month on mobile apps.

3. A Complete Solution

A mobile app covers all aspects of the business transaction: marketing & promotion through in-app notifications, product and contact information, point-of-sale and customer loyalty (e.g. a points scheme or QR code scan). Best of all, a well-performing app will remain on your customer’s device long after the sale, encouraging repeat business.

4. Your Best Employee

Imagine having a staff member who continually brings in new business, works 24 hours a day, always provides accurate information and actively encourages the sale? A mobile app could be your new best ‘employee’. For many small businesses, taking on extra staff can be a huge gamble, but a mobile app can provide a similar ROI with less risk and more potential for growth.

5. It’s Easier Now.

Mobile app development is a mature industry now and coding tools like HTML5 and Javascript make it highly accessible. New API’s make it easier than ever to build sophisticated features into mobile apps, such as Geo-targeting, which enables you to send special offers to clients based on location.

A mobile app for your small business also demonstrates a commitment to providing your clients with a better sales experience and after-sales service. You need to be where your customers ‘are’ and today that undoubtedly means mobile. Once you’ve made the decision to develop a mobile app (good for you!), the next step is to partner with established professionals in the mobile app development space.

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