Why your email should use your personal domain not a generic provider address

Using your domain for your email address is professional and, equally important, allows your more flexibility in choosing where and with who your host your email accounts.

Do not underestimate a simple email address for it’s power of reflection on you and your personal or business brand.

Your email address is usually used everywhere; listed on your website and email signature, and probably all your printed marketing material as well including business cards and letterheads. Your email address may also be included on sign writing; which could be car signage, signage on your building, or any signs or banners you use for business expos, etc.

email_imageryYour email address will either make a good impression of you as a well rounded business, or cause people to wonder why you have a professional business but an outdated, sometimes untrusted email provider. Possibly you are even using a personal address such as ([email protected]), which will reflect badly on your business. You would be surprised how may job applications are dismissed because they use a similar personal email address when applying for a serious position. Consider this a valuable tip for anyone applying for a job - if you have a portfolio website, setup an email address using your portfolio website’s domain. Don’t use a personal, unprofessional email address if you're serious about making a professional impression and getting the job.

An domain email address advertises your website address.

Another reason for using a domain email address is to direct people to your website. Most people will know when they receive an email from, for example: ([email protected]) that Tony's website can be found at: www.carpartpeople.co.nz. Another handy hint is if you’re selling on a site such as Trademe, use your email address as your identification. On Trademe you cannot advertise yourself by including your website address, but if Tony’s username is ([email protected]), then viewers will know that he has a website and can see what the domain name is from his email address which uses his domain.

Your email address establishes credibility.

A professional email address will go a long way to establishing credibility in your industry. For example, Tom has a car towing business. He uses the email address: ([email protected]). His website is www.tomtowing.co.nz. He would be far better to use a domain email such as: ([email protected]), or ([email protected]), rather then the yahoo address. As another example, Anne runs an accounting business. Her email address is ([email protected]). Annes website is www.truthaccounting.com. Anne would be much wiser to use an email address such as; ([email protected]), or ([email protected]).

A domain email gives you freedom to choose your email provider and to move providers (or "clients") without having to change email address.

With whichever email provider you currently use, whether it’s Hotmail, Yahoo! or even Gmail, there is the possibility that you may not want to stay with them in future. They may close down, they may merge with another provider, they may start charging more than you’re prepared to pay for their service, there may be something better. Whatever the case if you want to move, you usually can’t. Unfortunately if you have an email address such as ([email protected]) you won’t be able to move that account, it’s locked with yahoo. It IS yahoo.

email_options_smartphoneWhat you should have is an email address that is as mobile as your cellphone number, meaning you can keep your same number but change providers as you choose. With a default email account that’s simply not possible, with an email account using your personal domain, it is.

Sure, some of these services may be accessible using other email clients (or ‘programs’) but you have a lot more options for importing and forwarding when you control your own domain. And you never have to email everyone to tell them to change your email address - ever again!

With the new .NZ domains, your email address can be even simpler!

Now that .NZ domains are available, your email address can be even simpler. Why have a .CO.NZ domain when you can just have a .NZ? One of the reasons that we now have .NZ domains is for more representative domain names, ie. many people have a .CO.NZ domain name even though they are not a business. You can have both or either, there is no limit to the number of domain names you can register.

Have you ever thought your email address might be a bit long? I have advised many of our clients who registered a domain name with us, to register an additional shorter domain name to use specifically for emails. For example (and yes, I’m making these examples up), Nicki at Mountain Climbing Guided Tours could register the domain: (mountainclimbinguidedtours.nz). That domain is going to create a huge email address, but it’s a must-have domain because it tells people exactly what her business is. Nicki could also register (mountainclimbingtours.nz) and/or (mcgt.nz) as shorter options. That last domain will make email accounts a breeze. Nicki can now have [email protected] as her email address. What happens here if she owns two domains is that Nicki’s website address can still be (mountainclimbingguidedtours.nz), with the additional domain (mcgt.co.nz) also pointing to the same website. We can setup an email forwarder so if she is emailed at ([email protected]) or ([email protected]) these emails will go to the same inbox. Simple right?

Email and technical support, email hosting, troubleshooting and peace of mind.

Here at Activate Design we can host your domain email account on our secure, New Zealand-based server. If you have a website hosted with us, then email hosting using the same domain becomes complimentary. How easy is that? Keep your website, emails and domain management all in one place and we have friendly, knowledgable staff here to help with setup, queries, ongoing support and assistance to ensure your brand is supported by secure, professional hosting services.

Visit www.activehost.co.nz for email setup and support.

We have a excellent support website providing assistance with email setups for a variety of email clients, including outlook, mac mail, webmail and more. Our support site also has guides on troubleshooting and how to use our website content management system, with which you can update your own website content and images independently.

Visit our ActiveHost Support Site for more information on website hosting and costs, to contact us for assistance, or if you’re an existing customer you can login to view and pay your hosting invoices, renew your domain names with credit card or internet banking, send support tickets for your website, and order new hosting or domain services.

If you have any queries about setting up a new email address, purchasing a new or shorter domain or a new .NZ domain, or anything other ID queries, we'd love to hear from you.

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