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Why do you need a website for your business?

This is a good question that opens up a multitude of reasons why a business without a website, in these times, is at a distinct disadvantage. Don’t be left behind in today’s thriving online business and social media applications - contact us at Activate Design where we make website development for your company, group or just yourself, an enjoyable and smoothly efficient process. You may even find some new enthusiasm for what you do simply by opening your world to us so we can show your talent to the world.

Traditionally, products and services have only been accessible between normal business hours, usually 9 -5. As you now know, business has expanded it’s hours to being accessible anytime, all the time. This is simply what we, as consumers, expect! Instant accessibility, clear readily available information and where possible, products and services that can either be purchased in the instant we desire them, or arranged to be utilised at a time that suits us. Anything less than that and we know we can find what we want elsewhere. This is the new standard that businesses need to rise too to be competitive, and it takes a lot of combined skill, efficiency and passion for what we do, to be the people that lift businesses to this level. And we can. It is why we have been here for so long, and why we will continue to be here.

As well as instant accessibility, your website will give potential clients an opportunity to find you that they otherwise might not. Personal visits to your company location require time and effort that only those who know where you are, or happen to be in the area you are in, are likely to visit you. For everyone else - and this may include those throughout the world - finding the product and services that you offer will be something they find online. So then, there is a whole pool of potential customers that those who do not have a website, are missing out on. And the quantity of those who will come across your website will be far, far greater than those who stroll past your shop.

Other advertising means will never amount to the same accessibility as having your own site. An advert in a magazine will only appear for so long, as with a newspaper advert or a TV commercial. These things are finite. A website will be there as long as you want it to be, which should be as long as you are in business. It is of great benefit to keep your website updated, but as long as you have an online presence - you have as good as a sales team working for you 24/7.

A final advantage I will mention here would be on-going sales. A customer visits your store, they like what they see but they leave without making a purchase. At any point in the future should they then wish to make a purchase, find out more information, or contact you for any queries - they have instant access through your website. If they had to come all the way back to your store to do so - would they? Or would they find a similar company online and take their business elsewhere. Can you take that chance? We don’t think you should have to. We offer a professional website design and hosting service to ensure you cover all your bases, presenting your business as a wider scope through which customers can view you.

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