christchurch logo design for Coffeys tourism property brokers

Coffeys Tourism

Property Brokers

Our brief was to design a bold, modern and unique brand for Coffeys Tourism Property Brokers. Our design was to be an obvious progression of their historical identity. Yet designed with the ‘essence’ of; the following keywords: New Zealand; Property / Land / Landscape; Investment, Trade / Brokerage.

Coffeys Tourism Property Brokers Custom Logo Design

This was their historical logo which they were no longer happy with, but didn't want to leave completely. 

We identified that the curved serifs on the lettering had become an iconic part of the brand. But the slab-serif type no longer suits modern uses on tiny web adverts and mobile browser windows.

The size and placement of the graphic takes up over 40% of the overall logo. Causing imbalance and readability issues.

The graphic is also too complex and tries to do too much.

Coffeys Tourism Property Brokers Logo Design

Our concept images included New Zealand scenes, mountains, Koru shapes. A rising sun symbolises a new day - an event horizon - a future investment - the gleam of gold! Coffeys is the only firm in NZ dealing exlusively with tourism property. So the logo needed a New Zealand landscape feel to it. It needed to say New Zealand, tourism scenery and monetary investment. All in a simple and versatile logo.

Coffeys Tourism Property Brokers Creative Logo Design

I redesigned the type from scratch. Removing the slab-serifs for a simplier, bolder and modern look. But I emphasised the curved, ‘koru’ serifs on the C and the Y. This retained a sense of brand continuity from the old logo.

To catch the eye, I designed a simple, abstract graphic to compliment the type. A mountain silhouette cut over a golden circle. Like a bite out of a gold coin. Symbolic of two key themes; Landscape - the sun rising over mountains, a common feature of NZ tourism scenery. And to a lesser extent: Investment - buying and selling value graph / chart.

christchurch logo design for Coffeys tourism property brokers

The result is a simple, bold, eye-catching and memorable logo. Which scales nicely on a full range of digital devices and is produced consistently in print media. The logo has a New Zealand feel, it is corporate but friendly. A nod to their past. The simple graphic shape attracts the eye.

The mountain scape rises and falls like the investment market. The rising sun of the buyer is the setting sun of the seller.

Coffeys Tourism Property Brokers Brand Logo Design

“WOW! What a great change this will be. I think its clean, refreshing and forward looking.” “We have enjoyed working with you.  Having a reliable company such as yours in support is very comforting. You are very quick to respond and do an excellent job, congratulations.”

- Kelyvn Coffey 
Coffeys Tourism Property Brokers


Designed by Jon Tarr at Activate