logo design for Dalyn software wellington

Dalyn Software


Here is an example of our New Business Launch Package for Dalyn Software; a database development company based in Wellington.

Our package includes:
• Logo design
• Custom made, responsive website
• Tutorial on website editing
• Domain name registration 
• 6 months web and email hosting
• Business card design and print 

Logo design for Dalyn Software Wellington

My approach was to design some simple, sharp-looking lettering. The uniqueness of the shape, the symmetry, balance and the spacing all play a factor so that a logo looks like an actual brand and not just a name written out with a font on a computer.

After drawing a few different letter shapes, I settled on ones which can show as much overall symmetry as possible. The Y shape is an inverted reflection of the A. The white space between the A and the L is equally mirrored between the Y and the N. There are equal angles and radius points through-out.

logo design for Dalyn Software

The result just looks 'tech' — as one would expect from a software company. 

The addition of the line provides a visual element which can be rotated to support a linear version. 
I wanted the logo to be flexible in this regard so it can optimise to different online spaces better.

The circle inside the A came about as I was trying to workout if the A should have a cross bar or not.
With one added I felt like the logo lost something. With one removed it looked a bit cliché.

Logo design for Dalyn Software wellington

The circle builds in the A shape, adds something unique and different, provides an eye-catching focal point and a brand element which can carry beyond the logo. Such as bullet points on the back of their business card, the spheres are used through-out the web design etc. 

The logo reverses out well on a dark blue background.

logo design for Dalyn Software Wellington

Our New Business Launch Package includes a professional website, custom designed specifically for the business and the brand — not some generic Wordpress template. 

Visit dalyn.co.nz

Logo design for Dalyn Software Wellington

Our websites all utilise our web-editing software for simple and easy-to-use management of their website. Unlike most CMS options out there, ours is designed and developed specifically for our customers to actually be able to use!

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Logo design for Dalyn Software wellington

The humble business card; 
useful little squares of branding opportunity. No re-brand is complete without some stylish business cards.
Our package includes card design and setup — and we even print them too!

Thus providing a seamless look and feel between the logo, the website and print media.  

"Hi Jon, thanks for your work.  It looks great. We have had very positive feedback from some of our clients and friends as well. The new business cards have arrived – they have turned out great! Thanks everyone for our package. The final result is fantastic and we have appreciated your patience with our requests and the speed of turnaround.”

- David Emerson
Dalyn Software


Designed by Jon Tarr at Activate