logo design for delve & stratum


Planning and Advisory

Delve and Stratum is a Project Planning and Construction Project Control Management company. They provide a unique range of services within the construction, civil and infrastructure industry across New Zealand. 

We were asked to design an interesting and classy brand for their growing company. 

logo design for delve & stratum

Delve & Stratum are sometimes abbreviated to D&S. So I decided to look to design a symbol which incorporates both of those letterforms. 

I sketched out various combinations of those letters looking for the right form. 

It wasn't enough just to have a singular flat shape — I wanted it to be simple but more complex the more you look at it. 

Their business is involves making complex things simple so a theme like that made sense to me. The cuts give the shape a looping, layered effect. 

logo design for delve & stratum

Next was the wordmark itself.

I wanted the main version to be vertically stacked so that it could sit beside the symbol without being too long. 

The letter forms needed to be cohesive with the shape of the symbol. So I reshaped the D and the S to have some visual continuity with that. i.e. the serifs of the D, the angle and the tail of the S. 

The following letters received some similar treatment to the serifs, ends and angles to create something classy but not too complex. I made some cuts to parts of the letters and particularly to the & which I wanted to be larger and more of a feature. These cuts give the lettering some of the overlapping layering that the symbol has. 

logo design for delve & stratum

I think the result is a well balanced, classy, professional looking logo. 

It is interesting to look at, simple, unique and memorable. 

logo design for delve & stratum

I always like to build in some versatility where possible. Logos today need to be able to suit all sorts of different areas. 

So I created a linear version for long narrow areas which can be used with or without the symbol, which can be sized to suit. 

And the symbol as a standard alone icon along with their DandS web address. 

logo design for delve & stratum

This was followed up with some branded stationery materials. 

These products bring in some brand styles such as the specific typefaces and their black & white colour-way to create a consistent look from their business cards to their website. 

logo design

“This is outstanding work Jon. I am very happy with this!! Many Thanks Aaron Hooper”
- Aaron Hooper, Director.


Designed by Jon Tarr at Activate