Logo design christchurch for Making Trax

Making Trax

Inclusive Tourism New Zealand

Making Trax is a unique NZ tourism company offering outdoor adventures for the disabled. Jezza Williams, CEO and professional adventure guide, engaged us to design a brand for his ambitious idea after becoming a C5 tetraplegic in a freak accident canyoning in the Swiss Alps. He told us he wanted something that has action and movement. Think 'monster energy drink' he said. It had to be a bright, strong, New Zealand adventure spots brand. 

Making Trax Logo Design

My concept was to design a symbol that encompassed these elements and I wanted it to be fairly obvious what it is about. Part of Jezza's ambition was to challenge what it means to be disabled. I decided to design a new version of the universal disabled symbol, one that was bold, energetic, powerful and defiant.

Making Trax Brand Logo Design

My idea was to use the koru as a symbol of New Zealand, to make up the wheelchair. This would provide action and movement - and also identify with New Zealand nature and outdoors. I designed the head to be tilted back, chin up with a fist-pump raised in defiance. I was careful to keep it really simple and not to complicated. "The raised fist is a symbol of solidarity and support. It is also used as a salute to express unity, strength, defiance." - Wikipedia

logo design for making trax christchurch

The type design I made jagged, edgy and raw - it needed to look carved, scratched and scribbled, done quickly - like someone in a rush because they are about to jump out of a plane or raft down a river! Monster energy drink green would make the backdrop that would also be given the same treatment - a circular swirl to mimic wheel movement. 

logo design christchurch for making trax

This logo was designed to be versatile so it could be used in different ways for various purposes. The Trax Seal of Approval version is provided to other outdoor companies who have improved their operations to become more adaptable and inclusive for different levels of physical ability. 

logo design for making trax christchurch

Making Trax is an inspiring story of kiwi innovation and ingenuity that we are proud to have been a part of. They create all kinds of ingenious equipment to allow the impossible to be possible. Despite having no function in his hands or from upper chest down, Jezza made the first solo coastal flight in Christchurch in his own Making Trax buggy earlier this year. (see article)

Making Trax NZ Tourism Company Logo Design

"Our Makingtrax logo designed by Jon from Activate, represents what our company is about as New Zealand's Adaptive Adventure Travel Specialists & Inclusive Tourism Experts. It shows action and energy with culture through the koru. It stands out and is very easily recognised. We use the logo on all our media and also as a "seal of approval" for adventure tourism companies to display representing their support of Inclusive Tourism.
We absolutely love our logo it represents Makingtrax perfectly."

- Jezza Williams CEO Makingtrax

Designed by Jon Tarr at Activate