Logo design Christchurch for Pioneer Construction



Pioneer Construction is well-established residential building company operating throughout the South Island. Originally known by a different company name -  they rebranded in 2017 as Pioneer. We were engaged to design a compelling, unique and memorable logo and identity for their business. 

Logo design christchurch

We decided that a flag symbol would work well to capture the ‘pioneering spirit’ wrapped around a hammer as the symbol of construction and building. For the type, we wanted to design bold, modern sans-serif lettering not rustic, wild-west typeface..  - but perhaps we could include a small addition to the R in a modern way. 

Logo design Christchurch for Pioneer Construction

From there we designed several different hammers and flags - moving towards a final shape that would work well. We custom designed the type to suit give the end of the R a bit of a swash as a point of difference, add some movement to mirror the flag, and connect with the pioneering typography from the past.

Logo design christchurch for pioneer construction

Pioneer Construction had asked if we could also design a mascot to compliment their brand. Jon, our brand designer, came up with a simple pioneering character holding the hammer and flag - leaning forward with his hat on. 

Pioneer Construction Business Logo Design

We didn't want it to be too complicated, we used the light and negative spaces to make up the elements including his high-vis vest. The result was a neat character that could be used in just 1 or 2 colours. 

logo design christchurch for pioneer construction

We followed up our logo design with some nice satin laminated business cards. The flag continues to be used in a variety of ways as part of the Pioneer Construction. 

logo design christchurch for pioneer construction

The pioneer flag is on the hammer as part of the logo, it's carried by the character and used by itself in place of a bullet point. 

Pioneer Construction Brand Logo Design

" Hi Jon, we are very happy with the design for our company logo and are very happy with where you’re going with the concept, so let’s keep with it."

- Jarrod Chappell
Pioneer Construction Ltd


Designed by Jon Tarr at Activate