logo design for the propeller swim school in christchurch


Swim School

Propeller Swim School, a subsidiary of Aquacare NZ, is a new innovative company which has opened up in Wigram, Christchurch. 
Wigram has deep historical ties to aerospace and many local businesses link to this in someway, hence the name.

They asked us to design a unique, fun identity that references Wigram in some way (with the Propeller name) and also connects with water and swimming. 

Propeller Swim School business logo design nz

My initial sketches came up with an idea to incorporate a propeller made of two fish. Therefore referencing moving / propelling through water, identifying with the name Propeller Swim School and giving a nod to the Wigram location and it's aerospace identity. 

We also came up with the tagline: Turning Beginners Into Swimmers. Which we felt was a great fit. 

logo design for the propeller swim school in christchurch

From the logo design I created a unique identity so use on all their materials. Letterheads, promotional flyers, business cards and a responsive website were all part of the project. 

Propeller Swim School Brand Logo Design

"We have been ‘mulling over’ the design of the logo and have come to the conclusion ...that we love it! I believe the logo design looks just about perfect. The by-line ‘turning beginners into swimmers’ is a winner! We all think it is a great and catchy phrase so pat on the back to you!"

- Jaime Rapley
Aquacare Water Treatments


Designed by Jon Tarr at Activate