Logo design for Southern Cutting Technology


Southern Cutting Technology

SCT is the distributor for Sandvik Coromant, HGT and Dormer Pramet cutting tools in New Zealand. As part of a website development project we were asked to design a logo they could use going forward for their company. 

logo design sketch for SCT

Given the nature of their work I immediately knew I wanted to design something sharp and angular. Something that looked like it might have been made with the enthusiastic use of a CNC router.

With that said I always want to avoid any use of faux 'effects' - Often if I am asked to make something look 'metallic' or '3D' I explain that the base logo should be simple and if they want the logo to look like metal then cut it out of metal for real. 

Logo design for SCT

My goal was to have a lot of lines, as even as possible to each other - to create something interesting to look at. 
Of course it still had to be readable as SCT. The T was the tricky part to make work without introducing unwanted gaps. This was solved by switching to lowercase styling. 

Finishing up the design as a computer graphic - I ended up reducing the lean angle so that it would balance easier when in use. 
Lean angle is a great way to give a feeling of movement, but too much makes it difficult to balance out and look right. 

brand identity for SCT

Several variations of the logo were also designed to suit different placements. 
The lines and angles providing a useful platform on which to build a brand identity.

logo design for SCT
logo design for SCT

The end result is a unique and memorable logo which is clearly identifiable with their industry and association with cutting tools for metal work. 



Designed by Jon Tarr at Activate