Logo design for Sea 2 Sky Christchurch


Drone Filming

Sea 2 Sky is a videography business utilising drone video equipment. We were engaged to design a brand which that would stand out and communicate this in a simple and memorable way. 

We studied various drone shapes to work out an angle that would be easiest to understand. Drones come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and on some angles they are quite thin. We didn't want to design a logo which relied on thin, spindly parts. So it was decided that a top-down view would work best - and the 4-circle rotor shape would be the most obvious at a glance. We wanted to create a clever monogram logo which said; FILM and DRONES. We realised that the conventional film reel cut outs could incorporate the drone shape. 

This idea underwent many iterations to find the right balance between these two elements. At a glance we wanted the viewer to notice the traditional film reel and know exactly what it was. Filming is, after all - the key part of the business to communicate. The drone shape would be a secondary element to identify - likely prompted by the words; drone filming in the logotype. 

Logo design for Sea 2 Sky Christchurch

The logotype presented the next challenge. Sea 2 Sky provided very evenly balanced lettering and we wanted to keep everything as balanced as possible and it was vital that the 'drone filming' tagline was incorporated in a way that did not upset this. To mimic and balance the 'drone filming' lettering, we added a series of segment strips flickering across the opposing corner - giving the impression of running film or timeline keyframes. 

Special attention was given to various element of the type, enhancing parts so that it would be more easily read from a distance - or smaller size. 

Logo design for Sea 2 Sky Christchurch

The result is an interesting an communicative monogram. It is versatile in that the Sea 2 Sky logotype can be sized and positioned independent of the graphic. 

Logo design for Sea 2 Sky Christchurch

"Hi Jon
Really liking the way things have progressed. We are very happy with the logo. Appreciate the end product and the effort gone in, I agree a fantastic logo.
Kind regards."

Steve Robertson
- Sea2Sky Drone Filming


Designed by Jon Tarr at Activate