Christchurch Logo design for Track Industries



Track Industries is a specialist machining and engineering firm. Operating in Christchurch for more than 30 years they engaged us to design a new logo for their firm. They asked for a bold, sharp looking design that could be used for Track Industries and their various divisions. 

Track Brand and Logo Design Services NZ

Our initial plan was to design some sharp looking type - which each letter cut down to a most simplistic form. This gives the lettering a solid, machined like quality. We experimented with various cuts and placements of the letters. Eventually deciding to run a couple of lines across the top and bottom, a bit like a track. 

Christchurch logo design for Track Industries

Once we had the main shape drawn up - it was down to keeping everything aligned with machine like precision. Reflective angles, equal spacing and symmetry wherever possible. 

Logo design Christchurch for Track Industries

We designed the Track logotype to stand as an unique and easily identifiable shape - with a changeable line underneath for Industries, Machining - Engineering, Pumps - Irrigation. These could be displayed in various colour formats whilst still being obviously part of the same firm. 

Track Industries Brand and Logo Design Services NZ
Logo design christchurch for track industries
Track Industries Logo design

"Impressions are good Jon -  your design which has been well received by my team."

"Thank you Jon - I have to say the more I see of the logo the more I like it!"

- Richard Jenman
General Manager
Track Industries

Designed by Jon Tarr at Activate