Logo design in Christchurch for Trenches Restaurant



Trenches Restaurant is located in the new R.S.A building in Christchurch. After the earthquakes, the R.S.A was rebuilt as a brand new building, with a brand new restaurant and they wanted a brand new identity to go with it. Our challenge was that they wanted something that felt positive, that said it was a 'fun family restaurant' moving away from R.S.A stereotypes. 

Trenches Family Restaurant Brand

The challenge was that it still had to identify with the R.S.A and the associated themes including the name Trenches. The brand had to attract a newer, younger audience - but without putting off the traditional crowd. 

Trenches Family Restaurant Brand Logo Design

We studied some war-era advertisements and products and thought that would be a good angle to take with the brand design. We planned to design an aged, stamp-like logo with a soldier character wrapped in a Trenches banner. 

Trenches Brand Logo Design

Our design concept centred around this happy soldier character - together with the appropriate tag-line 'a bit of alright from home.'

logo design for trenches restaurant in christchurch

We designed several versions before settling on one that ticked all the boxes. Allowing us to advertise the main points of Trenches; a place to go for a drink, a restaurant and a place to cater for events. The logo could be used as a single colour or watermark as well as a coloured version with or without a background. 

menu design and logo design for trenches restaurant in christchurch

We followed up the logo design by producing some folded menus featuring their new identity along with themed food offerings such as 'Quarter Masters Brekkie with hash brown and bacon reinforcements.'

Logo design for Trenches in Christchurch

"I love the new logo design. I think it's a perfect for the new identity at Trenches."

- Nigel O'Connor
Operations Manager
Trenches Restaurant


Designed by Jon Tarr at Activate