Logo design for Wilcox & King

Wilcox & King

Purveyors of Artisan Gifts

We were approached to design a logo for high-end gift company; Wilcox & King. 

The brief was that it needed to be a classy, stylish, timeless logo design. Simple, elegant and also work well in a gold-foil on their gift packaging. 

Logo design sketches for Wilcox & King

I decided some bespoke, crafted initials would give the logo some class and pedigree. Like what might be on the letterhead from a historic, aristocratic English family. But this raised questions as to how to treat the ampersand. It wasn't going to look right if there was two ampersands; 'W&K Wilcox & King.' Nor would it look right if it was 'W&K Wilcox and King.'

So I decided to combine the letterforms WK so that together they were a W and a K, no need for an ampersand here. Avoiding this was preferred as I felt a fancy & symbol was too common, too typical, for this kind of logo. 

logo design work for Wilcox & King

I tried many different formats, lengths and angles. Eventually applying some small serifs to help define each letterform. This would also give the logo a bit of age and timelessness. 

This would also sit nicely alongside the modern, sans-serif type for the Wilcox & King. I paid special attention to the X & K, making sure that the K was similar in structure to the K in the initials, whist also mirroring the angles of the X. I felt that this particular part was a focus point and this was a subtle but important aspect to get right. 

Logo design work for Wilcox & King

I often will print out all the options so that I can consider them from different angles and distances. Sometimes this will reveal things that aren't as obvious on a computer screen. 

I knew that the logo was going to be gold-foiled on their packaging so decisions were made with this in mind. Cutting out the thicker parts of the WK initials would give the logo more lines for a more crafted, engraved look I knew would look great with a foil.

Designed by Jon Tarr at Activate