New Business Launch Pack

Launch your business on the right foot with this
discounted combo offer for branding, printing and web.

When you are starting a business you are going to need:

• A company logo. You need one to attract attention and recognition of your business. People are unlikely to take your business seriously if you do not have a professional logo. If you are serious about growing a successful business, proper branding is a wise investment.

• Business cards. The humble business card with your branded details on it. You always need some. Even if you are launching a web based business, you’re still likely to meet people and tell them about it. And they will say; ‘Sounds interesting - have you got a card?’ It’s the way business is done. You don’t want to be that person scribbling down your details on a scrap of paper.

• A website. These days everyone needs one and if you want to be taken seriously then it should be a professional site, not some freebie wix template.

Logo design and web design for new business

We do not outsource your design work. You deal directly with the designer.

Our experienced designers will listen to what your business needs.

We just love logos and treat each logo project like our own.

Crusader Homes Logo Design business card printing - crusader homes Crusader Homes Web Design Sample

An Investment

You must believe in the success potential of your business otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it. Therefore you should be giving it the best shot you can. Bumbling along with a $5 clip-art logo and a free website template and then wondering why your business isn’t swimming along is like dabbling your toes in the shallow end by the steps, afraid of getting wet. These standard items; a logo, branded material and a professional online presence should be seen as an investment in the success of your business - not as a costly expense for which you will see no return.

Our Offer

To help you get started we are offering a special discounted rate:

Professional logo design

Business card design and file setup

x500 deluxe business cards printed

CMS website design and development

Website optimised for mobile devices

x1 years NZ domain name registration

x6 months website hosting and email setup

Package price: $4500+gst

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