When do I need a logo?

Some people just starting out in business might 'test the waters' first with minimal investment - they might not get a professional logo right away. But it is hard to stand-out or look credible in the eyes of fickle markets with something that was whipped up with MS-word. If you're starting a business - then you must have reasonable belief you will succeed or you wouldn't be doing it. With that in mind - launching a business requires some level of investment and marketing. A proper logo design and brand ought to be at the forefront of this. It is an investment in the success of your business. 

Established businesses that have been trading for a while - sometimes a very long while!

If you notice that the quality of your existing logo and graphics does not match the quality of your products or services, then you should talk to us. 

What is your pricing based on?

There are x3 main factors which determine our pricing. Time: The amount of time we spend on the job, i.e. a heavily illustrated logo may take longer than a logo based only on type forms. Experience: We’ve designed hundreds of logos for all types of businesses over the past 18 years. We’ve learned valuable things along the way, sharpened our skills and have a proven portfolio of successful brands. Most people agree this is worth something. Market Value: We are a professional agency and have been around a long time. We are stable and proven. Other agencies at our level charge more than we do so we consider ourselves very reasonably priced for what we produce.

What if I don't like the design?

This is unlikely but we understand your concern. We hope that by looking through our portfolio, seeing the work we have done and talking to our logo designer  - that you feel confident that we are the right team for you. We’ve designed a lot of great logos for many award winning businesses, so our experience, we hope, will alleviate any fears you might have. We don’t just throw together a logo. We put in a lot of thought and effort and each aspect is carefully considered.

Remember: we will only show you a brand if we love it ourselves.

Some of the most successful logos we have designed are not what the customer initially thought they wanted. At times it can take a bit of courage to entrust in our experience to know what is going to work best in the market. After all, that is what you are paying us for. But for peace of mind we offer a design guarantee.

Our design guarantee: In the unlikely event you are not happy with the logo we have created - we will design you another logo at no extra cost! 

Can you just make me lots of logo options?

Over our time in the design industry we’ve found that providing lots of ‘logo options’ isn’t actually beneficial to our customers. 

We have designed successful brands for hundreds of companies across many industries over the past 18 years and part of the design cost is for our experience and guidance. Therefore we feel it is a a disservice to our customers to present many design options and hope that our client chooses the best one.

We only want you to have the best logo. 

When working to a fixed price, obviously there is a certain time limit to how long we can spend on a job. Should this amount of time be split in order to present various options - it actually means that LESS time is spent on each design. We would rather put 100% of our time into thinking, planning, communicating and creating only THE BEST concept to present to you. 

Our portfolio of work and our experience in the industry, we hope, ensures you can trust that we will do a great job and what we present to you will be something we can both stand behind and believe will be successful.

A good analogy would be choosing a restaurant. The chef is not likely to create several different meals and let you taste them all first before choosing and only paying for one of them.  

Will the logo work on anything?

Yes all our logos are designed using vector graphics which are scalable to any size without losing quality. They are also designed with consideration given to size, spacing and balance so they will look the best across a wide range of mediums; on-screen, in print, vehicle signage etc.

Good logos today have to be versatile with so many different usages. Sometimes a brand has to be so flexible it can move from a huge billboard down to a tiny icon on a mobile phone. 

Will I own the copyright to the logo?

Yes, once the logo has been paid in full you will have IP ownership over the final logo design.

What about trademarks?

We don't use generic online logo templates like cheaper companies do. We custom draw our own designs and lettering in order to stay on a unique path during the creation process.  Therefore to the best of our knowledge, the final deliverables will not infringe upon the IP rights of any third party. However, we do not conduct any type of IP clearance search, conducting a copyright, trademark, patent or design patent clearance search via a legal IP firm. 

Furthermore, we do not provide trademarks as that is something a lawyer must organize for you if required. You need to visit someone like Create IP to talk about protecting your logo with a trademark if you wish to do so. The cost varies significantly depending on how many categories and in how many countries you wish to apply for.

Business Logo Design NZ FAQs

Buisiness Logo Design Services NZ

Our design guarantee: In the unlikely event you are not happy with the logo we have created we will design you another logo at no extra cost!

our logo design process

Some clients come to us with an idea of what they want, others give us a ‘blank canvas’ and look to us for all the creative ideas. We listen, discuss and work directly with you to create something we will both be proud of.

However we will also be honest with you if we do not think that the idea is going to be successful so please do not be offended, that is part of what you are paying us for. We are very passionate about branding and want to be as proud of the logo as you are!

We do not pass you off to any middlemen, 'marketing experts' sales-reps or freelancers. You will deal directly with our experienced logo designer - Jon Tarr, who is also our creative director. See examples of his work.


We discuss your requirements in a free no-obligation branding meeting where we listen to all your requirements, find out about your business and your market and share knowledge about logo design with you. Good logo design is really solving a communication problem, so first we need to find out what it is your want to communicate - or what it is you ought to be communicating. 

We will then provide a quote for the logo project.

If the quote is accepted then we will send you an invoice, upon payment of which we commence with your logo design project.

Our logo designer usually spends quite a bit of time thinking about your project, brainstorming your situation and researching your market.

The time invested here is the critical difference between a professional agency like us - and cheap, crowd-sourced logo design shops.

Good logo design isn't about whipping up something generic, choosing a nice font - to display your company name nicely on a business card. Setting a name in a font does not make it a logo - anyone with a computer can do that (and the do!).

Good logo design is a graphic solution to a communication problem. A simple design that quietly and perfectly communicates what you are trying to say. A unique and memorable graphic that has an own-able, bespoke personality - reflecting who you are as a business.  

Initial sketches and ideas are put to paper, these concepts are whittled down. We try various type forms and elements and the best design concept begins to emerge into some more detailed ideas and sketches.

Eventually the strongest ideas are sketched up and scanned into our design software to be recreated in vector graphics which are scalable to any size without losing quality. From here the logo design really starts to form and various options are discarded through our careful consideration leaving the best concept to move forward with.

With the basic design concept complete we then submit the basic design for analysis with Trademark Vision, a global trade mark search company with whom we are registered. We test our design against registered trade marks within your industry to ensure we are on a unique track. We may go back to the sketchbook pending on results.

Once we are happy that our design passes the Trademark tests we finalize the logo proposal document and send it to you.

We discuss any tweaks or changes that you might like to see before the logo is approved. Once the balance of the job is paid the files are sent to you for your usage. We usually supply to you: .pdf file, .eps file, and several .jpeg files.

We can then move on to: websites and or any branded print materials that you might need.