Sometimes out-of-the-box software just doesn’t cut it. But with today's technology - nearly anything is possible!

Perhaps you have an idea for an app or perhaps you need your website to do something it doesn’t currently - either way we can discuss, design and develop it for you right here at Activate.

We are a design agency with a software development team. This sets us apart from other software development companies as we provide a seamless cohesion from the design and planning stages through to development and completion of the project. And unlike other design agencies our development team is right here in our Christchurch office - not overseas!

app development christchurch
  • Apple and Android Smartphone applications.
  • Custom analytic tracking and reporting.
  • Custom web integrations.
  • Internal systems and staff portals.
  • Comprehensive web functionality.
  • Design and development cohesion.

web-based software development examples

Scottech Logo
Scottech is the largest privately owned provider of environmental monitoring equipment and services in New Zealand.

We have developed a huge range of software solutions for them to accelerate their business.

Time Recording System.
Smartphone interface to log in and record comprehensive information on jobs. Such as time spent, materials and resources used. Travel time, breaks, task completion status. This includes a digital calendar board so staff can view who has been assigned specific jobs.
- Admin staff can view these entries, mark as transferred to back office systems such as payroll. Generate a variety of reports based on time and travel. Add / suspend / remove staff, vehicles and time codes and edit the calendar board.

CRM and Enquiry Tracker.
Client list and potentials who have placed enquiries along with their contact details. Enquiry details such as the type of job and who received it, who it has been assigned to, supporting resources and current job status. Enquiries can be filtered and comprehensive reports exported based on a great many criteria.

Issues Tracker.
An internal system for tracking job issues such as who the issue was identified by, the source, details of the issue  and details of corrective actions taken. These can be updated until the issue is marked closed. Reports based on date and issue status can be run and exported. Staff can only view issues they are assigned / associated with.

Braziers Logo
Braziers is one of New Zealand's largest property management companies.

We have developed a lot of custom web software to make their listing operations very efficient via their website.

Custom Integrations with Trademe and publishing properties to these sites using respective APIs.

Custom User Accounts System Individual staff can login and access their listings yet not have access to unrelated sections of the site. Different factions of the business can access different areas of the site.

Custom Mailing Lists Sign up forms on the website feed into a system which performs hourly checks for freshly listed rentals and notifies subscribed customers when one matches their requirements.

Website Features Comprehensive functionality developed for property listings. Such as; A preview system to see how the listing will appear on the live site, and the ability to output property information to a variety of .pdf templates for emails and flyer printing. Other web features include: Customised smartphone version of the website which has streamlined navigation and utilises AJAX to reduce loading times. An xml export of properties remotely accessed by one of their internal systems for synchronisation purposes. Collecting information from sales agents and generating consistent looking marketing documents via a web interface.