At Activate, we offer our ActiveMail email system - specially designed to make keeping in touch with your client base easier through this incredibly user-friendly email system. You will be surprised just how simple and fun it is to run your own email marketing campaigns.

Here’s what you can expect from ActiveMail and our email marketing services:

  • We create custom templates unique to your business, such as email newsletters
  • Impress your clients with beautiful, custom-designed email newsletters sent directly from your company.
  • Easily import your contact list or multiple lists and they will be saved clearly for use anytime.
  • Setup multiple client lists for so you can send out specific information, products or services targeted to them.
  • Create multiple email campaigns and save each of them as drafts until they're ready to send.
  • Multiple campaigns can be created and saved easily as drafts so you can work on them over time.
  • Add links to direct people to specific pages or products on your website, or to email specific people.
  • View a range of real-time statistics from each campaign, such as viewing what is most of interest to your customers.



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ActiveMail is a great alternative to the many email marketing campaign systems available today, most of which can be very difficult and frustrating to use, with ugly templates and hard-to-decipher navigation.

There is no quicker, easier or smarter way to keep in contact with your client base. Yes, there are many newsletter marketing platforms on the market but none as easy to manage or clearly accessible as ActiveMail.

We make the process of sending targeted email campaigns to your clients easy and enjoyable.

Contact us today to get you set up.