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stand out from the crowd with some sharp illustration design as part of your branding

The most appealing thing about adding an element of illustration to your logo or brand, brochures or newsletters, is that an illustration can be totally unique. Never fear that you are using images other companies have been recycling for years, or clipart that just never looks professional enough, with an illustration you are guaranteed a unique piece of artwork to use in printing or online, and something new that has not been seen before.

Some of our most effective logo designs have started out as illustrations, enhanced by modern design techniques, and culminating in a strong design that can be instantly associated with a company brand.

Logo Illustration Process - Revival Bar
  • For company logos and branding campaigns
  • Printed media; cards, brochures, flyers, posters
  • Signage displays or vehicle signage
  • Website graphics
  • A special character to showcase your brand or product
Akaroa French Connection Logo
Logo Illustration Process - Better Kitchens

If your desire is to launch yourself into the market as a unique and individual business, consider having us create some quality illustrations, or perhaps a clever mix of illustration and digital design, to start you off in a direction unique to your company alone.

Our graphic designers and illustrators are itching to apply their design skills to the benefit of your business, giving you your own unique artwork, and a style to call your own.

Give us a call to discuss how we can combine illustration and design for your company, logo and brand.

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