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What you will learn in this e-course

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Week 1 Making your website work.
Week 2 Increase traffic to your website.
Week 3 Creating content that sells.
Week 4 Writing the right content.
Week 5 Three social media platforms that sell.
Week 6 Do your research.
Week 7 Using facebook as a marketing tool.
Week 8 Keeping in contact.
Week 9 Tell the right story at the right time.
Week 10 Help customers make the ‘buy’ decision.
Week 11 Define your business.
Week 12 Matching your product to its’ market.
Week 13 Beat the competition.
Week 14 Use the power of testimonials.
Week 15 Offline marketing.
Week 16 Make sure the price is right.
Week 17 Connect with your community.
Week 18 Why online marketing is the future.
Week 19 The wrap-up.
Week 20 The Activate Special Offer.

OUR COURSE contributors include the following WEB MARKETING GURUS

Brian Hughes

Integrity Marketing & Consulting
  • How to improve your ranking in local search results with Google Business.
  • How to improve your ranking with local content.
  • How to engage with your community.

Neil Patel

  • How to make your blogs perform better.
  • How to use social media as a sales and service tool.
  • How to boost your online presence.

Bernadette Jiwa

  • How to tell the right story about your product.
  • How to talk when your customers are listening.
  • How to measure the right data.

Ryan Deiss

  • How to create a statement of value.
  • How to know what your business is about.
  • How to deal with competition.

Amy Porterfield

  • How to create Sales Pages that really work!
  • How to grow a profitable Facebook group.
  • How to use testimonials in your marketing.

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