Branding and Logo Design

Activate has over a decade of professional experience designing
brands for successful businesses from all industry sectors.

Branding is highly critical for success in today's busy market place. Your logo will be at the forefront as to whether your business is noticed, whether it is considered and whether it is remembered.

Your brand says a lot more than just your business name. It should capture the essence of what your business is about and what sort of business you are. Branding is a lot more complicated than what some people think as it is not easy to convey the values, industry, personality and professionalism of your business in a simple and attractive logo.

You should be proud of your company brand and feel good about it every time you see it. When people see a quality logo they instinctively know that your business takes itself seriously and is both professional and successful.

Just like yourself, you dress appropriately for your workplace and so should your business.

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We do not outsource your design work. You deal directly with the designer.

Our experienced designers will listen to what your business needs.

We just love logos and treat each logo project like our own.

Where to go for a Logo?

There are a lot of design places offering ridiculous logo deals. Offers such as: 'Free Logo Designs with Business-Cards' 'Logo's in 30 Minutes' '10 Logos for $20' and the like should all be avoided. Professional branding is an investment in the success of your business. It is a serious business and anyone offering deals like these are not serious about professional branding. Consider the points below:

1. How much real experience do they have? Using photoshop doesn't count as experience.

2. Are they making your brand scalable so that it will look just as good on the side of a building as on the side of a pen? - Complicated highlights and drop shadows won't scale nicely across these distances.

3. How will your logo look in a single colour print, or as a photocopy or scan? Drop shadows, excessive fades and bevel effects will not look good.

4. Is your logo going to be in vector format? If it's given to you in pixels you are in trouble. Vector is scalable.. pixels are not. If your pixel based logo only fits nicely onto a business card size print then that is the size it is staying!

5. Is your logo going to be simple in colour form? Having lots of colours in a logo might look cool on screen.. but printing 10,000 letterheads in full colour is going to cost more than 1 & 2 colour jobs.

6. Have they used Pantone colours? If so will they provide you with a CMYK colour conversion for digital printing and RGB colour conversion for your website?

7. What sort of market research will the designer make before creating your logo? Will it associate you with your industry yet separate you from your competitors?

8. Will the designer be around in the future to help your incorporate this logo into all your future requirements? Or just leave you, files in hand, to find someone else to convert the logo into a web format, etc.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about, and without even considering the aesthetics of brand development!

But relax because creating your logo is an exciting time. For new businesses it's a thrill to see the face of your business for the first time and be confident that you can enter the market place with a logo design that won't let you down.

Activate Design has many years of experience creating logo designs for successful businesses across all industry sectors. Many of our design clients have become multi-award winning businesses in their field.

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