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With a nationwide print network running our online systems we can design AND supply all your business printing.

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Every business needs printed marketing materials. We design and supply a huge range of print products to our clients. Using our print service as part of our overall brand management is a consistent and effcient way to operate your print needs.

We aim to keep our pricing very competitive and we run a highly efficient, cost-effective service to our clients.

Below are just some examples of our most popular products, contact us with your quantities for a quote. Unlike some other printing companies, we don’t charge sneaky 'download fees' or 'reordering fees.’

Printing samples

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We design everything to our specifications and ensure a high quality, cost effective product. We design and supply print materials and run a print management service for businesses of all sizes including some nationwide organisations. Even to some clients in Australia! We just make the whole process so easy and efficient.

Activate is committed to keeping New Zealand clean & green. We use some of the latest print technologies using only vegetable based inks. Where possible, our jobs are grouped on common lay sheets to increase economies of scale and minimise wasted materials. Where digital processes are used, we recycle all toner canisters and waste toner. All our stock is commercially recyclable and made from 100% sustainable resources. Locally printed and packed in New Zealand. The majority of our paper stocks come from Spicers Paper NZ. Spicers is renowned as being NZ's most environmentally friendly paper merchant with a Enviro-Mark Gold Certification under New Zealand's leading environmental management certification programme. They were the first supplier in New Zealand to get a PEFC and FSC chain-of-custody accreditation.
Our other paper merchant is BJBall Papers who are also FSC and PEFC approved.