A website interaction has three components - visual, content, and contact.

A visitor to your website will typically know within about 3 seconds whether they should be on your site or not. A few glimpses at your images and headings will either entice them to read more or send them on their way.

But before a user even arrives at your site, your pages must first be discoverable by search engines, and this is why it's important to have copy that is not only descriptive of your product or service but is also written in a way that enables search engines to understand clearly the what the page is about, so they know what keywords you'd like it to rank for. 

Your SEO Copywriter in Christchurch...

Our team specialise in translating your company information into insightful and interesting content directed at grabbing attention and tempting your potential client base into finding what you have to offer, as well as informing search engines what keywords your pages are targeting. 

Our SEO Copywriting Services include:

  • Web pages that describe your core products and services
  • Online and offline newsletter content
  • Specific keyword-rich landing pages for SEO
  • Blogs, posts, tweets
  • Press releases and articles

Our team is ready to discuss your specific needs and help you identify the best strategy to bring your SEO copywriting campaign strategy to life!

Contact us today to get the ball rolling, or learn more about our SEO services here.