Video has become one of the most effective marketing and communication tools online. Considering the short attention span of today's web users, there is simply no quicker and more effective way to communicate a message than video.

With video, you can engage, hold and educate a visitor in just 60 secs - which would otherwise take literally pages of readable text and static images to explain.

  • Video increases conversion rates.
  • Video boosts SEO of your site.
  • Animation engages and communicates.
  • Video is a powerful branding tool.
  • Animation simplifies complex messages.
  • Consumers perfer video content to reading.


Ok I’m convinced, but why use animation?

All video works well, but animated video works best. The motion of something being drawn on a whiteboard as someone is speaking holds attention and has a high level of engagement. Animation also allows for seamless branded elements such as charts and graphs, colours and themes to easily be incorporated. The simple lines, bright colours and constant movement holds a viewers attention in ways that traditional video can not. The communication and engagement level is faster, quicker and more effective through animation. Furthermore, the animation is more likely to get past viewers defenses to advertisements. Internet users have an increasingly low tolerance for adverts - but an animated video isn’t as likely to be associated as one.



Here is one we created to explain our website CMS. 

This is a complex message to explain and we couldn't successfully do it through just text and images. It would be pages of content that nobody would read.

Or had we used actual video footage of someone at a computer trying to explain it - the result would be long, boring and un-engaging.


Activate Design offers engaging and professionally-made animated videos in Christchurch. Our video production process is backed by our combined expertise in creative design, graphic design, and user experience expertise to deliver effective messages using this popular medium.


Video Animation Packages: