Web Design and Development Services

For Christchurch Web Design experts look no further than Activate Design. Every serious business needs a website and an online presence through search engine rankings. Activate Design specialises in smart, modern, affordable web design for businesses of all sizes. If you are thinking about a website be sure to talk to us before making ANY decision. We are among the best web designers Christchurch has to offer. We know how to make a website.

There are a lot of pathways you can take online and many potential pitfalls most business owners simply are not aware of. We see ourselves as ‘the good guys’ in the web-industry versus the evil hordes of web-companies who over-charge and under-deliver to a very uninformed market. We want to help educate you so you can get the most out of a website investment and avoid setting yourself up for an online disaster.

  • Custom designed websites priced to suit most budgets.
  • Easy to use, online shopping websites from $2500+gst
  • Custom website functionality development
  • SEO to increase search rankings
  • Secure managed hosting, domain and email services
  • Professional, friendly, on-going website support
  • Responsive websites for mobile devices
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Our Website Designs

We design smart, clean, functional and responsive websites.
Web design requires attention to detail beyond just static graphics. We focus our website designs into two main areas, design form and design function. The design form is the appearance of the site, so when users arrive to a website they get an initial impression. Not only does this impression need to be a good one, we want the user to know the type of business you are, and the industry you are in. We also focus on the function of the design. This includes where elements sit on the page to provide good page flow and a clean user experience. We want people to find what they are looking for easily and maximize your ‘conversion rate’, which is the rate at which your visitors ‘take-action’ ie. contact you or purchase your products. For the best website design Christchurch has to offer you're in the right place.

Our Web Design Process - what is involved in getting a new website?

In our website design and development process we will work in partnership with you to achieve exactly what you require within your budget.

Website Design Christchurch - Initial Meeting

STAGE 1 - Initial Meeting
We will chat with you to discuss your website, this can be in our board room, as a skype meeting, or at your preferred location. We will discuss design and functionality requirements. In this discussion we will cover with you:

  • What you want the website to achieve
  • Your ideas and preferred designs
  • General menu structure and number of initial pages needed
  • Additional functions you require; newsletter system, blog/news system, featured items etc
  • Time frames and budget
  • Hosting and email requirements
Website Design Christchurch - Quote

STAGE 2 - Quote
After the initial meeting we will prepare a quote for your website which will be emailed to you with a break down of costs. On approval of this quote and a 50% deposit received we will proceed with your project.

Website Design Christchurch - Content

STAGE 3 - Content
Before we can design your site, we need to know what you would like to have on it. Having content for your site before we start gives you a better design and makes the entire process more efficient.
An initial navigation menu list from you (pages) and the content to go in these pages is required. If you have trouble writing content for your site we can do it for you through our comprehensive content writing service. This will be a additional cost if it was not included in your quote. If you have images for your site these should be given to us, or we will source photographs and images from stock sources for you. You can change these yourself later using the content management system.

Website Design Christchurch - Design

STAGE 4 - Design
Our designer will prepare a website design for you. This usually consists of a few pages of your site uploaded to a temporary domain for your viewing only. This design will be a demo of your new website appearance, there will be no functionality at this point. Typically, content will be 'placeholder text' and 'placeholder images' indicating the general layout and appearance of your site. Upon approval of the design by you, we will proceed to the development phase of your site. This usually takes a couple of weeks depending on size of project. During this time it is advised that you provide us with your content text for the pages and any images required.

Website Design Christchurch - Development

STAGE 5 - Development
Our website developers will develop your new design into a content management system (cms), set up the navigation and layout, and populate the site. If required, we will setup a hosting account for you and setup your email accounts. This may require a scheduled date to 'switch over' from your current host to our servers. We will contact you about this to provide a seamless transition.

Website Design Christchurch - Going Live

STAGE 6 - Going live with your new site
Once you have looked over the site and are happy then it is time to 'go live' with your new website! Remember that the content management system allows you to edit and grow the content of your site at your own pace. So you do not need to worry if you haven't finished preparing ALL the content of your site. Get it live with the basic pages complete so you can start getting the enquiries / sales coming in asap. Then simply turn on new pages as and when they are ready!

Website Design Christchurch - Completion

You will be invoiced at this point for the balance of your website. It is advised to schedule a free meeting with us where we will walk you through how to edit your own content. Our CMS is so easy-to-use often this is a fairly brief meeting of around 30 minutes and can even be done over the phone. We can also look after content and future website changes for you. This will incur small fees charged on a time basis.


Please note that in the case that your website is completed on our end - but isn't live on client request, the balance of the site will be invoiced.