Smartphone Apps

At Activate Design we design and develop custom applications for popular smart devices;
Apple iPhone and iPad and Android smartphones.

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This metro bus application was developed by Activate Design. It provides real time bus tracking to your smartphone, bus schedules, routes and more. We developed this application for Connexionz, an international real time passenger information, and intelligent transportation systems company based in California, Virginia and here in Christchurch, New Zealand!

Activate Design has a firm understanding of the application design and development process and can help you maximise the opportunities this new exciting media has to offer your business.

Our specialist team consists of graphic designers, creative thinkers, and senior software developers, and we've developed dozens of commercially successful applications selling globally.

Our existing applications have had hundreds of thousands of downloads across many countries. We have a proven record of delivering successful applications.

Activate Design is focused on offering as many worthwhile marketing services to your business as possible. One area which is taking the marketing world by storm is applications for 'smart phones' and other media rich devices. These include Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices as well as all current Google Android devices.

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This Help Application was developed by Activate Design. We developed the functionality to be able to call Emergency Services straight from the app as it automatically updates the emergency contact lines when you travel abroad. The Application finds and provides location and contact details for important services such as hospitals, doctors, dentists and pharmacies.

There are several smartphones available in today's marketplace worth considering for application development. Unfortunately, they do not all share the same operating system. Therefore an application made for the iPhone won't work on a Google Android phone, and an Android application won't work on a Blackberry.

Although we can make applications for all of them, and could reuse the actual content to some degree, essentially they would all be separate projects and require different code infrastructure and potentially even different designs to take advantage of the unique form factor and hardware configuration of each type of phone.

The most popular platforms for mobile applications are currently Apple iOS and Google Android. We would recommend developing your application for both of these platforms if you want your application to be available to the majority of smartphone users.