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Delve and Stratum is a Project Planning and Construction Project Control Management company.
They provide a unique range of services within the construction, civil and infrastructure industry across New Zealand. 

We were asked to design a memorable and classy brand for their growing company. 


jon tarr profile picJon Tarr - Design Commentary

Delve & Stratum are sometimes abbreviated to D&S. So I decided to look to design a monogram symbol which incorporates both of those letterforms. 

I sketched out various combinations of those letters looking for the right form. 

It wasn't enough just to have a singular flat shape — I wanted it to be simple but also complex the more you look at it. 

Their business is involves making complex things simple so a theme like that made sense to me. The cuts give the shape a looping, layered effect. 


Next was the wordmark itself.

I wanted the main version to be vertically stacked so that it could sit beside the symbol without being too long. 

delve & stratum logo design sketch

The letter forms needed to be cohesive with the shape of the symbol. So I reshaped the D and the S to have some visual continuity with that.
i.e. the serifs of the D, the angle and the tail of the S

The following letters received some similar treatment to the serifs, ends and angles to create something classy but not too complex.
I made some cuts to parts of the letters and particularly to the & which I wanted to be larger and more of a feature.
These cuts give the lettering some of the overlapping layering that the monogram has. 

delve & stratum logo design sketch

delve & stratum logo design

delve & stratum logo business card design

delve & stratum logo design presentation


“This is outstanding work Jon. I am very happy with this!! Many Thanks Aaron Hooper”
Aaron Hooper, Director - Delve&Stratum