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Restorative Elective Surgical Services (RESS) is a fully funded ACC initiative which supports those with knee injuries to access specific care 
from four different entities. They engaged us to design a logo for this programme as part of a website development project.  

jon tarr profile picJon Tarr - Design Commentary
RESS is a  joint venture between St Georges Hospital, Forte Health, Motus and the Surgeon’s Collective.

I represented this by designing four overlapping circles that flow like a 'pathway.' I felt that this shape works well to represent not only this — but also flexibility / mobility with regards to knee joints. 

RESS offers a modern, innovative approach and I also wanted to represent this via the typeface. I designed up some tech-esque lettering, a little bit futuristic / cutting-edge, which feels complimentary to the pathway symbol with it's bends, curves and straights. 

ress christchurch logo design sketch

logo design christchurch for RESS

Logo design christchurch for Ress

The parts work together in a flexible, versatile way. So the logo can be linear with the pathway mark, stacked vertically or the mark used by itself an icon, watermark or feature. This logo project also included branded print materials and a custom website which you can visit at ressjv.co.nz

logo design christchurch for Ress

website design christchurch for ress