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We love making logos! And as such, we treat each logo project like our own.


A good logo design is not just about fancy fonts and colours. To create a memorable brand, you need a professional, custom logo design that communicates your message. It has to uniquely stand out while reflecting your brand identity.


Christchurch businesses turn to us to develop their logo. We have honed our expertise through years of experience, careful study, and close collaboration with our clients. We do not outsource your design project. You deal directly with our highly experienced brand designer.


9 Reasons Why Activate Design is the Best Logo Designer in Christchurch


#1 We have over 15 years of experience doing logo design in NZ and have catered to several brands across a variety of industries in Christchurch.

#2 We never outsource our logo design work. Instead, we maintain direct communication and collaboration with you. By working closely with our in-house team, we can solve your specific requirements and quickly understand your brand values and aesthetics that must be integrated into your logo.

#3 Jon Tarr is our creative director and you can liaise directly him! No middleman, no miscommunication. Jon lives and breathes web and logo design and has been designing for companies across NZ for 15 years. His articles on branding have been published by global tech publications like Smashing Magazine. Check out his work.

#4 We are registered in Trademark Vision - a global trademark company. Our logo design team ensures our work is unique against all registered trademarks in your industry. Not all design agencies take this step in their overall design process.

#5 We believe in the innate creativity of the human mind. Every logo design work of ours starts with a pencil and paper. We sketch our logo studies by hand before translating into its digital format in a computer.

#6 Activate Design is a professional branding agency that knows a brand is not an expense. It is an investment you make for the success of your business. Our creative team ensures our logo design work is on-brand and reflects the true sentiments of your business.

#7 We know how brands should be created to work as well in print media as it should on-screen, an important distinction to make as the two are radically different. This means we know what Pantone inks need to be used for print and signage that will match your online colour scheme.

#8 All our logo files are made with vector graphics. This allows your logo to be scaled to any size and is applicable to any medium like print, web, signage, clothing, etc.

#9 As we are print, web, and app developers ourselves, we have the ability to produce your logo that can be displayed across all mediums. This ensures that all your marketing assets are brand-consistent.

We put a great deal of thought, analysis, and creativity in every logo design project that we do. We can explain every element that is part of your logo, as well as the reason why we used it. We only submit logo design work that we truly love ourselves.

If you would like to define your own unique brand with an outstanding logo, contact us here, or use the form below:


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