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Adventure Guide is the largest, most comprehensive resource of South Island adventure routes, 4x4 tracks, vehicle accessible campsites, huts, points of interest and fuel stations. 
The website performs a wide range of functions for this resource and integrates with an App allowing users to navigate any of the routes completely offline as long as they have GPS!

Adventure Guide’s Josh Martin spent the 15 years riding over 350,000 km around the South Island, GPX logging and documenting all the noteworthy
South Island routes for this project before engaging Activate to help bring his ideas to reality.


Activate Design profile picDeveloper Notes
The Adventure Guide Navigator app contains over 1,000 adventure routes and 4X4 tracks in the South Island – from scenic tarmac roads through to challenging grade 5 tracks. The Adventure Guide Navigator App comes preloaded with everything, ready to go. This includes an offline topographic map, plus all the routes, campsites, remote huts, fuel stations, and points of interest.

This is a true offline navigation app, allowing users to navigate anywhere in the South Island without an internet connection. The app has been designed specifically for vehicle navigation, featuring large zoom in and zoom out functions, plus the simplicity of one touch navigation.

The project allows adventurers to discover access to remote locations. Plan a trip with detailed information and then navigate it accurately. Developing such an app to work remotely and accurately down to the metre, relying solely on GPS co-ordinates was a fair challenge to accomplish! 


adventure guide nz app development

Central to the project was the design and development of a custom website platform to perform; 
User Roles and Registration functionality and Subscription functions including integration with Stripe Payments.
• Individual Routes and Exploration Routes with Points-of-Interest Modules.
AdventureTokens™ Module; A geocaching system for users to claim collectible achievement points.
 Advertising Modules. Affiliates Modules. Google Maps Functionality and PDF route downloads.

The website admin panel was designed to provide straight forward management of these functions.



The AdventureToken™ Module is a fun, social, geocaching system for users to claim collectible achievement tokens and collect points in their user profiles. 

Members can discover and locate specified remote places of interest through Adventure Guide. These geo markers are placed at interesting spots such as historic locations, old mining relics, iconic lakes, intriguing landmarks, and more. 

If members reach the destination, they can claim their individual token by taking and uploading a photograph as proof.

Each token has a certain amount of points based on how remote and difficult it is to get to and these are added to the user profile and website database. The Latest AdventureTokens™, Latest Claims and Points Leaderboard is displayed automatically on the website. 



adventure guide nz website app development

app development christchurch for adventure guide new zealand

The Adventure Guide website and Navigator App is enjoyed by many off-road adventurers. User testimonials are overwhelmingly positive and a credit to the great work by Adventure Guide and Activate. Here are just a few of the comments:

“If you are considering an adventurous tour of the South Island then you must check out Adventure Guide. This is the site I used to plan my journey, the most comprehensive site of its type I have ever seen and well and truly gets my vote. Everything from easy gravel tracks to real challenging terrain all for the taking. Highly recommend” - Lyndon Poskitt

"A magnificent app, which my mate and i used each evening to plan and confirm our motorcycle route for the following day. Reckon I'll be using this app for a long while, as I work through all of the roads." - PJ Mathias

"Incredible app and website, have enjoyed scanning through the map before rides now to see what tokens i can claim." - Jeremy

Visit: Adventure Guide
See the Navigator App on Google Play