Branding is highly critical for success in today's busy market place. Your logo will be at the forefront as to whether your business is noticed, whether it is considered and whether it is remembered.

Your brand says a lot more than just your business name. It should capture the essence of what your business is about and what sort of business you are. Logo design is a complex field - it is not easy to convey the values, industry, personality and professionalism in a simple, unique graphic.

Good logo design is a graphic solution to a communication problem. It should quietly and perfectly reflect who you are and communicate what you want to say in a simple, unique and memorable way. It is not just about choosing a nice font to display a name - anyone can do that. Nor should it be about crowd sourcing; casting a net out to get dozens of generic graphics and choosing one of them to stick on your letterhead. There is a good reason why successful companies turn to professional design agencies like us to listen and craft something that properly captures and reflects their unique identity. 

  • We do not outsource your design project. You deal directly with our highly experienced brand designer.
  • We just love logos and treat each logo project like our own.

why choose activate for your logo design?

  • We have been designing brands professionally for 15 years. Over this time we have created hundreds of logos for businesses and organisations across all industries.

  • We design our logos in-house. That may sound logical but you would be surprised how many other companies simply farm out your job to design-crowds overseas. This is significant as the design will not be tailored for your specific requirements. Do you really want to try and launch into the market with a generic logo, designed by a inexperienced student from a random country? Someone whom you have never spoken to and knows nothing about your business or your market.

  • Jon Tarr is our logo designer and creative director and you can liaise directly him! No middleman to pay for, no mis-communication. Fast, efficient and effective logo design. Jon lives and breathes logos and has been designing for companies across all sectors for 15 years. His articles on branding have even been published by global tech publications like Smashing Magazine. Check out his work.
  • We don't just grab a generic logo template and put your name on it and tweak the colours. We start with a pencil and paper and sketch our logo designs by hand before finishing on a computer. 

  • We take branding very seriously, we live and breathe logo design everyday and have been doing so for 15 years. This experience is worth paying for. A professional brand is not an expense, it is an investment in the success of your business.

  • We are as experienced in print as we are in website development. This means that we know how brands should be created to work as well in print media as it should on-screen, an important distinction to make as the two are radically different. This means we know what Pantone inks need to be used for print and signage that will match your online colour scheme.
  • We create all our logo files using vector graphics. These are mathematical drawings rather than pixels like a photograph. This means it is infinitely scalable to any size and will work on any medium; print, web, signage, clothing / embroidery etc.

  • After we have designed your logo, we can then apply this across to branded print materials, website development and social media and application design and development. This provides a level of brand consistency and efficiency not often found by companies as affordable as ours. 

  • We put a great deal of thought and consideration into our logo designs and can explain exactly why each detail is the way that it is. We will only show you a logo design if we love it ourselves and believe that it is the right thing for your business.