Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in Christchurch

Increase traffic to your website, increase enquiries, increase sales.

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Activate Design can design smart, modern, professional websites. We can also 'tune' your website to perform well in google searches and increase rankings for keywords specific to your industry. We can develop strategies and techniques to drive lots of traffic to your website. We can review, monitor and report on your website performance. This is called search-engine-optimisation or 'SEO'.

Search Engine Optimization to increase rankings is a complex field and dynamic as the 'rules' and 'goal posts' are constantly changing. The following information will help to explain SEO and how important it is for your online success.

Search engine optimisation is not web design

Search Engine Optimization is treated as a completely separate service from website design. As such, SEO is not a component which is undertaken with your initial website development but a separate service. The reason for this is because the level of SEO is different for each and every business. A website must first be built, filled with content and then monitored before we can know the areas required for search engine optimization. We can then design a specific strategy for optimizing your website, increasing rankings, increasing traffic and increasing 'conversion rates'. To get it right, there is a lot more involved then just adding keywords.

Driving people to your site is only half of it, once they are there, you want them to do something, buy something or contact you. The number of people that do this called your 'conversion rate'.

A common mistake is to get a website designed and up and running and then sit back and hope that people will stumble across it, which is unlikely without good search engine rankings. Like a shop hidden down a dark alley with no signs or directions, nobody knows you are there, the amount of customers that walk in the door are minimal. A successful website owner will pro-actively market their website and develop an on-going SEO strategy to increase rankings, increase traffic and increase conversion rates. We can help you achieve this.

what is Search engine optimisation?
- An analogy

Search Engine Optimization is a bit like Car Racing. To compete, first you need a car (website). The best cars for racing are ones which are well-built, easy to work on and have a lot of good tuning potential. Like well designed cars, we build well designed websites which don't just look nice on the outside but have good tuning potential for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to achieve results (increase rankings).

So you have your new car it works well, it gets you from A to B and it looks good and you get lots of comments from your friends. Then you decide you want to get competitive on the race track with it.

Search Engine Optimisation Christchurch

Out of the yard, some cars perform better than others and you pay for what you get (just like websites). To gain an edge on your racing competitors, you need to begin finding things to tweak and tune to achieve better performance. Learn what sort of race you want to be in, find the areas to improve and monitor the success of your changes to achieve results. Each change can add a little bit of horsepower here and there. Over time your track times get faster and faster until you are number one on the grid.

Search Engine Optimization is just like this. We do an analysis of your website and research what your competition is like. We then design a strategy for tuning your site to perform well in a category which will return good 'race results' ie. traffic and conversion rates.

We can help you win your race. But it will take some time and effort to get there.