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CASE STUDY - Global Hire

We were approached to design a logo and develop the website for a New Zealand IT recruitment agency; Global Hire.
The brief was for a visually appealing logo which was unique and memorable and effectively represents the business sector. 


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Jon Tarr - Design Commentary

GlobalHire actually came to me with a logo design from Fiver which they were not happy with. It consisted of a large G with a world map inside of it.  Maps, globes and atlas designs are a cliché trope for many logos using the word ‘global’ — and are often associated with travel sectors. Where as recruitment is primarily about people and I felt this was a better focus.  I also wanted to create a better connection with their tag-line; Talent Beyond Borders. I first designed a simple logomark of a person stepping out of a circle. So the graphic was literally an individual stepping beyond the border.  This concept was refined into a map-pin to further emphasise the 'beyond location' theme. 

christchurch logo design for global hire

logo design christchurch for global hire auckland

logo design christchurch for global hire auckland

As I wanted to use the mark in place of the O in the word GLOBE, the design of the other letters needed some specific thought. To give emphasis to the circle, the other letters take a tall, narrower form. I design them to be simple, uniform and even so they are not competing visually with the circle mark. Also, so they appear neat and easily readable when scaled down to a small size on-screen. This was for a website project after all.

I kept the colouring simple; black & bright-blue. Making the ‘HIRE’ blue allows for a neater, closer, more even gap between the words. But it also creates an additional message above the blue tag-line; Hire Talent Beyond Borders. Keeping the colours simple also means it can be easily inverted for an alternative colourway. 

logo design christchurch for global hire auckland

christchurch logo design for global hire auckland

christchurch website design for global hire in Auckland

christchurch web design for global hire Auckland

With the logo design finalised we proceeded to design and develop the website which can be viewed here globalhire.co.nz
The site features a custom, easy-to-use admin panel, social media and Google analytics integration.
We developed a staff module and an employment module integrated with Job Adder.


“We value the creativity and viewpoints you bring to the table. Your input played a crucial role in shaping a logo
that truly reflects our brand identity and resonates with our audience. And, I like the concept you proposed as a whole and the brand story we are going to tell to our audience — there's no doubt about that.” 

Charitha Dias, CEO - Global Hire