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Sidekick is a app project that we were engaged to design and a develop for iOS and Android mobile platforms.
The app connects people in your area with other like-minded people for activities and events. 


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Jon Tarr - Design Commentary

As a social app that connects people, the logo needed a friendly, approachable, personal look. Hand-scripted lettering is gives a personal touch and I designed the letters to be fun and informal at the time time.

A key feature of the design is utilizing the two i’s in the logotype to represent two people ­— each in corresponding colours. They represent two different individuals connecting with each other, bridging the gap between them. The curve above represents this social connection. Perhaps a digital message — but could be throwing a ball in the park!

I came up with a simple tagline; Find someone to kick it with. Which I thought was quite fitting, casual and fun. ‘Kick it’ being a casual slang term which is specifically meaningless, but it does mean doing something together. Which is what the Sidekick App is all about. 


sidekick logo sketches

logo design for sidekick app

sidekick application development


The logo design set the tone for the next stage of the project; designing the internals of the application.
These were developed into native Apple iOS and Android software apps to download from their
respective app-stores. We also designed a website to showcase the product, marketing materials and
even an promotional video which you can view below. 


sidekick app development screen designs

sidekick app marketing design material

sidekick app website design

"Great work on the logo design. 
And the two faces is perfect. Definitely sold on that!!"

Harry Whitwell - Sidekick App