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snakebite brewery case study banner



SnakeBite Brewery is a hospitality venture in Franz Josef, specialising in Asian dishes and New Zealand craft beers. They asked us to
design a brand that said; ‘Asian Beer Cafe’ — in a bespoke, hand-crafted look with a nod to an Asian style.


jon tarr profile pic

Jon Tarr - Design Commentary

Having something to to do with a snake was an obvious choice. I designed the snake in a shape that was an s and b for SnakeBite. To achieve a ‘hand crafted’ look which felt authentic, I actually used paints and brushes.

The design of the snake needed a particular balance. It needed to be more of an s but not too much so that the b was lost.

After drawing many options the final shape was then scanned and recreated in vector graphics on the computer. I made some paint backdrops adding in some hops and 'craft beer' written in Chinese characters.

The resulting logo was just what the client was looking for and remains a popular venue in the Franz Josef area.

snakebite brewery logo design working

snakebite brewery logo design sketches

snakebite brewery logo design


I’m a big proponent of ‘doing it for real’ when it comes to this sort of work. There are a lot of things that
separate this sort of logo design with the online ‘logo-template-builder’ crowd. Firstly it’s the creative
idea and secondly it’s the method. 


snakebite brewery franz josef

snakebite brewery design franz josef



"Thanks Jon we really like the design you have done. 
..Actually we were all a bit blown away by it to be honest!"

Adam Haugh - SnakeBite Brewery