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the soul quarter case study banner



The Soul Quarter is a fine dining restaurant offering a modern Louisiana, French style menu with South and Latin American
influences. Our client wanted this logo to look very modern and progressive — something different!

jon tarr profile picJon Tarr - Design Commentary
I usually start by writing out the words many times, looking for opportunities provided by the letters. In this case, I found that the L and the R could share the same character. Which was a unique opportunity and certainly something different to what I would usually do in terms of format.

I was careful to make each curve share the an equal radius. As I like to try and build in as much symmetry as possible. Symmetry is pleasing to the eye — and what the eye likes, the brain remembers. 

Kerning (space between letters) was a bit of a challenge with the R and the T. 

I removed the left arm of the T entirely, and slightly shortened the R to reduce the white space between those letters.

the soul quarter logo design sketches

the soul quarter logo business card design

the soul quarter logo design presentation


The result was certainly a progressive, modern and interesting design. Although it does create some somewhat awkward dimensions.
This goes against the usual rules of logo design that I adhere to in terms of proportion and dimensions. However, as 
long this limitation is understood and dealt with creatively — the result can actually be quite striking and unique. 

Ultimately the unusual shape can become an advantage as long as the placement is creatively considered.
I haven't designed many (any) logos which can be rotated 90degrees and still work equally well.


the soul quarter christchurch

the soul quarter christchurch

the soul quarter christchurch

the soul quarter christchurch logo

the soul quarter christchurch


“Hi Jon, thank you — this looks great. I really like it!”

Josie Baker - The Soul Quarter