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10 Ways to Promote Your New Mobile App

It’s hard to imagine a time in our life without mobile apps. But now more than ever, mobile apps are where users spend most of their time online. 

And now that you've spent all this time & money to build your app, you can't wait to see the user numbers flood in. Unfortunately, building an app is only half of the battle.

Getting users is usually a much longer and more difficult process. That's why your new app needs a strong marketing strategy to bring users into the app and keep them engaged. 

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So here are 10 of our favorite mobile app marketing strategies that are proven to get results.

10 App Promotion & Marketing Strategies 

1. Get creative with social media

Social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok allow you to show off your app to billions of people around the globe.

Run paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok to show off the best version of your app.

Follow up paid ads with organic content, user-generated content (UGC), and influencer marketing to answer questions, show off additional features, and more. 

2. Build dedicated landing pages

If you're driving traffic to your website, make sure the landing page matches the traffic.

Fill it with catchy headlines & descriptions, videos, customer reviews, and clear calls to action (CTAs).

And with plenty of marketing channels available, there's sure to be one that works for your app. Try social media, Google Ads, organic search traffic, email, and more!

3. Create a video

Videos are the future of content, especially for social channels. Videos have higher engagement rates across almost all platforms compared to images. 

If you really want to get creative, work with an influencer in your niche to make the video. Influencers can then promote it to their audience and ultimately drive more users to your app. 

4. Optimise your App Store or Google Play listing

Think of app stores like search engines. If your app is optimised for the keywords and trends that users are searching for, you improve your visibility in search results.

Determine which keywords potential customers are searching for and incorporate them into the app description, subtitle and more.

Combined with an eye-catching logo, the right optimisation techniques can help you jump to the top of the results page.

5. Make your app social

Creating a community within your app is one of the most effective ways to increase user retention. Give users the power to communicate with each other and watch the magic happen. 

6. Think old-school marketing

It’s not all about digital marketing . Whether it’s on billboards, flyers, or direct mail, traditional marketing strategies are still effective in promoting your new app.

7. Advertise on TV & other streaming platforms

Hundreds of millions of people watch some form of television every day, whether it be cable or through a streaming service.

Though a bit more expensive, these visual advertisements can be very effective for your mobile app.

People tend to watch TV with their devices close at hand, so your app could be downloaded before the ad break finishes!

8. Update your app

Your app isn't perfect. There will be bugs, complaints, and critiques that need to be addressed.

Update your app as needed to generate positive reviews and prevent any negative reviews. 

9. Seek out expert reviews

Every business sector has influencers who hold a lot of sway with your potential customers.

If you’re confident in your app’s quality and effectiveness, an endorsement from these individuals will strengthen your credibility amongst your target audience and bring thousands of new users to your app.

10. Focus on retention

We've talked a lot about user acquisition, but retention is just as important.

The amount of daily active users is a critical ranking factor for apps. Keep users engaged and loyal with a sense of community, gamification, and habit-promoting techniques.


With hundreds of app marketing tactics available, the possibilities are endless. Get started with these 10 strategies, and see what works for you. But before you spend all your time & money on marketing your app, make sure that you have a great app that people will enjoy. 

Activate Design is a design and software development agency. This sets us apart from other companies—we provide a seamless process from design and development, through to completion and delivery of your app. Click here to find out more about mobile apps, or contact us for a free quote.

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