10 "Must-have" Mobile App Promotion and Marketing Strategies

It’s hard to imagine a time in our life without mobile apps. But in this new age, mobile apps have brought new sources of revenue & marketing opportunities, creating an entirely new frontier of business.

But it’s a jungle out there in the app world and your cherished new mobile app could easily get lost in the digital vines without an integrated mobile app marketing strategy. The purpose of most mobile apps is to extend your company’s presence into the mobile space, providing your customers with a new and convenient way to access your products. So a successful mobile app marketing strategy needs to be well crafted, ensuring that you can reach your marketing objectives.

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Here are 10 of our favorite mobile app marketing strategies, ranging from subtle persuasion to blatant promotion, that are proven to get results.

10 App Promotion & Marketing Strategies 

1. Social Media

Social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok allow you to reach large audiences and connect directly with them. Through organic content, paid ads, and influencer marketing, you can highlight the benefits of your app to millions of potential users.

2. Landing Page

Develop a great landing page that focuses on your app. Fill it with catchy headlines & descriptions, videos, customer reviews and clear calls to action (CTAs) and drive traffic to it from social media, paid ads, search engines and other marketing channels.

3. Product Video

For some apps, a product video is a great tool for showing off your app and promoting it through Facebook Ads and YouTube clips.

4. App Store Optimisation

Improve your visibility in app search results to get noticed. Determine which keywords potential customers are searching for and incorporate them into the app description, subtitle and more. Combined with an eye-catching icon, the right optimization techniques can help you jump to the top of the results page.

5. Make your App Social

In-app sharing is a powerful way to promote your app to your users and it has also been shown to increase the likelihood that users will keep using the app.

6. Promotional Material

It’s not all about digital. Whether it’s on billboards, flyers, or company merchandise, if you’ve gone through the trouble of developing a mobile app, traditional marketing strategies are still effective in promoting your new app.

7. Update Your App

Every app needs updates and you need to keep on top of any issues and negative user feedback to ensure word-of-mouth marketing remains positive.

8. Expert Reviews

Every business sector has influential online commentators who hold a lot of sway with your potential customers. If you’re confident in your app’s quality and effectiveness, getting a positive online post from these individuals can strengthen your credibility amongst your target audience.

9. Keep Users Coming Back

The amount of daily active users is a critical ranking factor for apps. Keep users engaged and loyal by using subtle behavioural design tricks like variable rewards, gamification and habit-promoting techniques.

10. TV Advertising

If you have the budget—promotion through TV advertisements can be very effective for your mobile app, especially if it’s uptake is encouraged through competitions or limited time offers. People tend to watch TV with their devices close at hand, so your app could be downloaded before the ad break finishes!

With hundreds of app marketing tactics available, the possibilities are endless. Get started with these 10 strategies, and see what works for you. But before you spend all your time & money on marketing your app, make sure that you have a great app that people will enjoy. 

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