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Branding Colours & Graphic Design For Business

Changing the colour of your branding can be a bold step. But you need to first ask yourself if you want to select a new colour or modify the existing look by adding a colour. This is based on the principal of whether or not you want customers to associate the old with the new, keeping with your traditional look or launching into a new business persona.

For example; you could have an existing car company that uses yellow in it’s logo and stationary - do you want to update the colour and refresh your brand by moving to a yellow and blue combination? Or completely start over and go with a green? Making this choice will be making a statement about your business. Are you wanting to blast off in a new direction and make a bold new decision about the look of your company, or keep with your existing look and feel while updating and letting your clients know you are changing with the times?

Branding is something we are here to assist with, but not a business decision that that should be taken lightly. We advise you to think very carefully about the colours that best represent you and the products and services you offer, and we will use our expertise to assist this decision and update your identity through design and creative innovation.

If you are a product-based company, do your products have colour and brand connection? This is an area where your consumers will make unconscious choices on which brands they buy, based on colour effectively communicating with a brand. An example of this would be if you were a toothpaste producer - your consumers would expect a blue or a green colour, perhaps with a highlight of yellow or orange. They would not react well to brown, red or black packaging as those colours do not associate well with toothpaste in the minds of consumers. This is a tricky situation, in which your product needs to stand out from it’s competition, but also must maintain a colour - brand connection.

In a similar fashion you would not use blue or green to package a bread product - but there are always exceptions to the rule. As we control the process from design to print, we understand the print processes that are involved in creating your brand and packaging, and as such we can assist with innovations in design, colour and investing some new life into your business and the image you wish to portray to your consumers.

Contact us to discuss investing new life into your company, products, branding and printed stationary and signage. We are graphic designers, web designers, and print specialists with years of experience in helping New Zealand business grow.

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