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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services in Christchurch

Got A Website But Want To Increase Enquiries And Sales?

To do that you need more traffic, and to get more traffic you need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Here is a brief overview of what SEO is. To find out more, visit our SEO page.

What Is Search Engine Optimisation or  SEO?

The term SEO covers a wide variety of processes to optimise your website, and we do this to allow a search engine to more efficiently index your website, which will increase traffic through your website and in turn, increase your ‘conversion rates’ on your website. Each optimisation is industry-specific and requires a tailored campaign and some very dynamic thinking. It is a process of tweak and measure to achieve results, which is why we strongly recommend it as an on-going process to achieve the best results for your website.

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What Does S.E.O. Involve?

SEO is not specific to one task but includes many different methods of literally - optimising the information on your website so that search engines, such as Google, can see exactly what it is that you offer, in effect - pointing your target market directly to you. It is also a means of increasing your search engine rankings, and by this I mean whether a search engine places you on the first page of their ‘search results’ or the fortieth.


What Are Conversion Rates?

Driving people to your site is only half of the process, once they are there, you want them to do something, buy something or contact you. The number of people that do this called your ‘conversion rate’.

A successful website owner will pro-actively market their website and develop an on-going SEO strategy to increase rankings, increase traffic and increase conversion rates.


We can help you achieve this.  


How Much Bang For Your Buck?

It is near impossible to create one website SEO Package that will suit everybody, because first, you need a website, up and running, that we can measure your traffic against. We need to track and measure the areas in which your site is not performing as well as it could, and where we can improve your visibility to your potential clients. Here at Activate Design, we have created three packages that we believe will offer various levels of website optimisation - Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The differences between them are simply the number of services we offer in each package because as mentioned, there are many, many ways of optimising a website, some of which I will explain here to give you an insight into the kind of work involved ;


H1 And H2 Tags - these are the headings used on your site. If these headings are graphics or part of an animation sequence, chances are that the search engines cannot even see them. Headings are an opportunity to utilise keywords as your websites’ unique signposts, that are being overlooked.


Image Alt Tags - where an image loads can be underlayed with descriptive text that includes important keywords for both the search engines to read and in case your image doesn’t load, there is still a chance to show some information. Another benefit of Alt Tags is for where new technology comes in, where website surfers with visual impairments can now use modern software that enables them to hear the description of an image, instead of view it.


How Do Search Engines Work?

The way search engines used to work is to only scan the ‘Metatags’ of your website. Meta tags are descriptions or keywords in the background workings of your website, not visible on your website, that explain what you do. Because these metatags depended on the honesty of the person writing them, they were not very reliable, and so search engines have had to evolve to scan through ALL the information on your site.

The search engines do not see your images, they do not see graphic content, they scan through the code that your site is made up of. A large aspect of optimising your website is optimising the code on your site, and the difference between an older website consisting of pages and pages of code, and a newer site consisting of say, one page of code, written far more efficiently, can mean the ease or difficulty for a search engine to index your site and rank it well, or badly.

Another way of thinking about how and why a search engine indexes or scans through your website, is that it’s about incentivising websites to clean up the website, to encourage progress and the continued internet evolution. If you think of a search engine as grading each website it indexes - like a points system where a search engine is going to give you say, 2 points for clear headings, 5 points for the ease and efficiency that it could actually view your website’s information, but several demerit points for any mistakes in the coding, and demit points for an excessive amount of code to search through. I can’t say exactly how they work, as each search engine has its own way of grading the information that it is scanning, or more correctly - indexing, and these processes are constantly evolving.

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What Are Some Examples Of SEO?

Genie Clean is a website client of ours who chose the SEO Silver Package for 1 month.

The results he gained from one month alone were fantastic, and the client was more than happy with our service and the new business that resulted in the increased traffic through his site.

In the four keyword topics that this client choose to optimise, three ended up on the first page of search engine results and the fourth on the second page, which is excellent.

Another website we have recently provided SEO services for is Heavy Diesel Parts & Services (HDPS). They also went with our SEO Silver Package, resulting in their selected key terms all showing up as first page results.

To clarify - like a jump in result placements their key search terms jumped 24, 55, and even 76 placements to be included on the first page of results. This means that previously if you searched for terms such as “Caltex lubricants”, you would have had to scroll through pages and pages of results before you came across them, now they are on the first page of results, and lets face it, very few people scroll through pages and pages of results, they usually select from the first ten, which is where HDPS are now ranking.

To put it clearly, having a nice website is only half of the process, SEO is the driving force behind getting traffic through your site. It’s about numbers and rankings, and we’re the people to see.

Search engine optimisation is an extraordinary field of expertise. To perform well in google searches it is a total combination of a large variety of factors. If anyone tells you ‘it’s all about meta-tags’ or ‘it’s all about back-links’ then they are kidding you. We know the magic behind SEO and if you are serious about wanting a high-ranking website and would like to avail our seo services then you need to talk to us.

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