Modern Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Modern Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Print is not dead. Just to put that statement right there, out in front.

At Activate Design we are web designers and web developers, we make software applications for iPhones and iPads and even iPhone versions of websites and iPad versions of websites. We know the technology because we develop the technology and THROUGH this technology the marketing of your company is accessible, FAST, available on a variety of platforms and EASILY UPDATEABLE!

But is all this technology better than traditional marketing methods?

I think to answer that question we need to look at how our consumers shop for the products and services that they need. But I can tell you this, our graphic designer is kept VERY busy creating flyers, brochures, business cards and banners for local Christchurch business and many other business around New Zealand. Print is very much alive and kicking.


1. Radio Ads. People still listen to the radio and radio advertising still works.

2. TV Adverts. Most of us still watch some television, so that method of advertising remains relevant.

3. Circulars. Most of us still receive circulars, so print will continue to have this edge on marketing for as long as we can put up it filling up our letterboxes.

4. Flyers. We still like to pick up a flyer when it takes our interest, so printing is ever popular. By this I do not refer to circulars, but the brochures we see available in our salons, our coffee shops, our art shops, video rental stores, even our hardware stores. The printing of flyers will endure because it is less "in your face" than television or radio advertising - which is harder to ignore and therefore MORE ANNOYING. Advertising by the use of flyers retains a customers sense of privacy, allowing them to browse products/services in their own time, and offering them something free that they can take away with them. Also giving you the chance to add your website address, physical address, contact details and other information to further tempt them to you. If a brochure is done right, a customer may pin it to their wall or stick it on a fridge - which is a sure sign that YOUR PRINT MARKETING IS A SUCCESS!

5. Business cards. You don't have a business card? Contact us quick! Business cards are a tool that will forever endure, and whether you believe me or not you should have business cards on you right now! You never know when someone you meet will want to grab your details in a second - after all, handing over a card takes a second of your time, it takes a lot longer to add a note or contact into a cellphone!


1. Websites. For an increasing number of us, the internet is the FIRST place we check to find products, services, contact numbers, business trading hours, maps, and a whole lot more. If it were up to me, websites would be on the top of the marketing methods list. You've just got to have one these days, because if you don't - your competitors sure will, and you've lost customers before you even knew they were looking for you.

2. eCommerce Websites. In addition to just having a website, selling from your website (as in, having an eCommerce website) is just taking the convenience that one step further. Having a personable website is pushing your potential even higher! And what I mean by personable is that you need to let your customers know that there is a person there, behind the scenes - in case anything goes wrong with a sale, and just so they know who they are dealing with. For me, one of the off-putting thing about eCommerce sites is that there are no names or faces for me to associate the business with. It's like doing business with a machine! And what happens if the machine breaks? You need to sell your products online but just as importantly, you need to sell you, your business, and the sense that your business, products and services can be TRUSTED. Trust me on this.

3. Video advertising through websites / youtube. What better way to show how to use your products, to demonstrate your knowledge, to add interest to a product or service, to direct people to your site, to make people laugh (or cry) and share your video with others than to get our snazzy team to create a short video to showcase your awesomeness. Just saying, there's a lot of untapped potential there... How would your company benefit from a short video? Take a look at our Website Video page for more info.

4. Facebook and Twitter. With both of these marketing platforms, the technology is continually developing to make this FREE marketing worthwhile for your business. Adding these as links to your site is also of benefit, and nowdays you can even stream your tweets through your site - very appealing if done right. (We can do it right - contact us today.)

Now let's take a wee stroll into ;


strolling... strolling...

1. Downloadable Coupons - coupons can now be downloaded or sent to cellphones. This negates the need for a printed coupon and means a customer can simply show a coupon from their phone to get a discount. Companies are getting ahead of this technology by creating online vouchers to send to their clients.

2. iPhone websites / iPad websites / Mobile sites - these are reduced versions of your website that we can create, so that your customers can easily view your website on their own portable technology, encouraging sales and visits and marketing your products.

3. eCommerce websites / websites selling products online - in the realms of convenience eCommerce sites are growing ever more popular. From used goods to beauty products to ordering your groceries, the popularity of buying online is a growth industry so if this is something your business has the potential to do - contact us today so we can work with you to create an eCommerce site for you.

These are just a few things that are going to have an impact on how we shop and whom we choose to buy from. Are you ahead of the game? Are you keeping up? Would you like to contact us to talk about how we can put a rocket pack on your company and boost you into the technology age? Sound like fun? It sure does to us because marketing through BOTH traditional and modern technology is what we do... is what we do darn well.

Even if this is all new to you, give us a call to discuss the future of your business. As well as marketing we can refresh or rebrand your business, design your stationary, offer an EASY TO USE email marketing system so you can contact your client base, we can design, develop and host a website for you, we can do almost anything given a chance! We have the team, the passion and enthusiasm and the skill - now we just need YOU!

See our Graphic Design Portfolio and our Website Portfolio for further proof of how awesome we are.. in case you're not yet convinced.

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