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Professional email addresses for business

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If you’re serious about starting or growing your business, you need a professional email address that is attached to your domain.

When someone searches for your email address, you don’t want them to find something like yourname@gmail.com. It looks unprofessional.

Instead, you’ll want to provide them a business email address that is attached to your website’s domain name. For example, if your company’s website is yourbusiness.com, your business email address might be something like one of the following:

  • name@yourbusiness.co.nz


  • [first initial][last name]@yourbusines.co.nz


  • [first name].[last name]@yourbusiness.co.nz

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Benefits of Having a Business Email Address

As already mentioned, a business email address is a sign of professionalism. In addition to that, a domain-hosted email address can provide a host of other benefits. 


If your business has several employees, a consistent email address format is essential.  It establishes trust with customers, vendors, contractors, etc., and makes it easier for them to understand who they’re communicating with.

Imagine a customer has filed a customer service ticket, and they get a response from sportsplayer123@gmail.com claiming to be a customer service agent for your company. 

Instantly, a sense of distrust and unprofessionalism is established. 

Furthermore, if your business has multiple departments with several employees in each, you can create email accounts for entire departments such as contact@yourbusiness.co.nz or service@yourbusiness.com.


Let’s say Nikki owns a business: Mountain Climbing Guided Tours; and her website domain is mountainclimbinguidedtours.co.nz.

Now imagine her email address is nikki@mountainclimbinguidedtours.co.nz.

Pretty long right?

But with domain email hosting, she has complete control over the email address destination. To shorten the address she could simply abbreviate the address to nikki@mountaintours.co.nz or even shorter, nikki@mcgt.co.nz.

Business Systems & Growth

Let’s say you hire a new employee. 

Imagine how much easier it would be for team members to communicate with their new colleague if all email addresses followed the same format, rather than having to learn everyone’s own unique address. 

Not to mention, some software applications & integrations require a business domain email address to use.

Advertise Your Website

Having a business email address is one of the simplest ways to advertise your website. Unless you decide to change the formatting, a business email address is commonly formatted as @yourdomain.co.nz or @yourdomain.com. 

Thus, if you are reaching out to potential customers or vendors, having your domain name present in the email address will make it that much easier for them to locate your website online. 

Changing Providers

Let’s say you begin your email hosting services with Google. But suddenly, you’re unhappy with the service, costs, etc. 

If you decide to change email hosting providers, you can still maintain the same company email addresses. 

But if you decide to change providers with an email such as yourbusiness@gmail.com, you’ll have to change your email address. This might require you to update customers & vendors of your new address, and spend time updating subscriptions or other business-related items with your new address. It’s simply a hassle.

Email & Technical support, Dedicated Email Hosting, and Peace of Mind 

Here at Activate Design, we can host your professional domain email address on our secure, New Zealand-based server. 

If you have a website hosted with us, then email hosting using the same domain becomes complimentary. How easy is that? 

Keep your website, emails and domain management all in one place and we have friendly, knowledgeable staff here to help with setup, queries, ongoing support and assistance to ensure your brand is supported by secure, professional hosting services.

We offer excellent support, providing assistance with email setups for a variety of email clients, including outlook, mac mail, webmail and more.

Our support site also has guides on troubleshooting and how to use our website content management system, with which you can update your own website content and images independently.

Visit our ActiveHost Support Site for more information on website hosting and costs, to contact us for assistance, or if you’re an existing customer you can log in to view and pay your hosting invoices, renew your domain names with credit card or internet banking, send support tickets for your website, and order new hosting or domain services.

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