10 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Mobile App Development

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Mobile apps are taking over; not only in areas of social media and telecommunications, but also in business, shopping, and commerce. 

Investing in mobile app development for your NZ business is essential for its growth. Here are ten reasons why.

1. Reach a Global Audience

In the digital age, nearly everyone has internet access, and most internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile application development  allows businesses to reach a global audience and connect with customers from all over the world, promoting market expansion and increasing opportunities for business growth.

2. Accessibility

Having a website for your business is great, giving customers a place to learn about your business, make purchases, and more.

However, investing in mobile app development will let you virtually put your business in their pocket. Mobile apps allow customers to access all they need about your business in one tap, anywhere and anytime.

3. On-the-Go Advertising

Whether at home, commuting, or at work, mobile applications let consumers access a customer-friendly place for your business. This easy accessibility and regular use of your app will reinforce your business and brand, making consumers more likely to come to you for purchases.

4. Brand Recognition

Mobile app development can do wonders for brand promotion. Application development will land your business in the Google Play and iOS app stores, leading to many potential customers who are searching for the services you offer to stumble upon it and download. 

A great, well-developed, user-friendly mobile app will leave a lasting impression on customers and help build a reputable brand.

5. Value Creation

Having a mobile app makes businesses’ products or services more trustworthy for customers. 

96% of the top 50 online retailers in the UK and 94% of top 50 retailers in the US had at least one mobile app.

It also makes businesses more professional, as most companies nowadays have mobile applications.

6. Social Platforming

Investing in mobile app development can give your business exposure in many ways.

One of these is making your app a social platform.

First of all, you can add features like posts, forums, and in-app messaging that allowing customers to interact with each other, discuss and review products, and help build an active community centered around your product or service.

7. Increased Customer Engagement

Mobile apps give consumers a seamless, all-in-one experience with your business, putting your business right in the palm of their hand.

When compared to web browsing, average users spend over 4x the amount of time using apps as they do websites. That means you have over 4x the amount of opportunities to engage with your customers.

8. Better Customer Experience

A good mobile app should provide customers with everything they need to know about your products, and an easy way to learn more if necessary (customer service, FAQs, etc.).

Consumers will be able to make mobile transactions, get notified about offers and announcements, view product reviews, and so much more, all without entering a single store.

9. Increased Sales and Mobile Transactions

Thanks to services like Amazon, eCommerce is growing faster than ever.

According to an Internet Retailer case study, adopting a mobile-focused marketing approach for 500 companies resulted in an 80% increase in sales, with 42% of mobile sales coming from applications. 

If you’re looking to grow your business, developing a mobile app is essential.

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10. Easier Market Research


Market research is essential to good business.

Mobile apps can quickly and effectively collect consumer data and consumer preferences. Learning what content users most interact with will help determine the future types of content to develop, using data to drive content strategy.


Activate Design has a firm understanding of the application design and development process and can help you maximise the opportunities this new exciting media has to offer your business.


To know more, visit our app development service page.


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